Opening Ceremonies

What am I getting myself into? Starting blog=freaked out Cinnamon.

The blogs I have been addicted toobsessed with, reading lately are impressive. Like seriously intimidating. I mean I am reading some really cool stuff. Its like reality TV, but completely opposite b/c its REAL and not on TV.

These chicks (and some dudes) are legit. They are f.u.n.n.y, like I LOL (a lot) funny.  They have all these awesome accomplishments (1/2 marathons, back to back weekend marathons, major poundage lost,  Iron Man Tri’s, etc…) And did I mention, they are funny?

The longest I have run (last week) was 1.5 miles. I dream of running 3. In a row. Without stopping to walk. Or puke. Seriously, that’s my goal for right now. How can I even compare myself or compete with this newfound blogging world (which is like its own little private secret community…everyone knows each other it seems, seriously…but more on that later…)

But I keep telling myself, I’m not trying to compete with anyone but myself. My goals and accomplishments are just as important b/c really doing anything is better than nothing right? And really, this is just the beginning. I know I can meet my goals. I know b/c I have done it before. I have never been what I would describe as “athletic” but I have walked 60 miles, rocked a triathlon and learned to ride a bike in my 30’s (without training wheels.) Not to shabby if I do say so myself. Plus, I have Philippians 4:13 in my head at all time. So I say to my goals- Hey goals…BRING IT.

And you know what else goals…? I’m gonna write this all down in a very public way in order to stay accountable. ohhhhh burn! (or FACE if you were a kid in the 80’s) Yep, that just happened.

Let’s do this.

Could I GET any cheesier? Probably.