Friday Favorites

in no particular order….

Favorite thing I ate this week:

I did not eat both of these. I took K-dawg out for a pre-13th b-day treat and he was nice enough to save me from eating both of them by scarfing down the one on the right. (Yes that is a whole, giant reeces PB cup in the middle of his

Favorite thing I heard this week:
“its like trying to dig a hole in water” 

Think about it. Funny.

Favorite thing I saw on Pinterest this week:

This IS my life.

Favorite blog post I read this week: 

anything by Hungry Runner Girl.She cracks me up.

Favorite thing I saw this week:

started with two…

and then a third joined in the “let’s give mom pitiful eyes and see if she can resist” group

(arrow added b/c since Tobes is black as night he blends in) I step on him all the time which has nothing to do with the fact that he is the dumbest dog on the planet and can’t get out of your way.

Favorite thing that happened this week:
(well it hasn’t really happened, but it will tonight) my honeybunch comes home after being gone for a month! I’m excited to see that silly grin in person again!

 What’s up with my crazy look in the back ground?

Favorite sermon

Awesome podcast by Matt Chandler about how God is a just judge. Very thought provoking and really spoke to me this week.

Favorite thing a friend told me:

That she is getting baptized! Wow…I was instantly blessed by this news and so excited for her!

Favorite (weirdly crazy) thing that I saw on the internet this week:

I was reading an article for step-parents and this popped up in the corner…
in case you cant read that, it says “Moms who Kill their Kids”

WTH?!?! And it says “recommended for you”?  I do not even know what to think about that. I am amused and disturbed all at the same time.

What were some of your favorites for the week?