Alright…don’t go all crazy thinking that is a really inappropriate title considering that my husband just came back on Friday after being gone for a month…. šŸ˜‰ I know, I know, I just couldn’t resist!

Here isĀ someoneĀ else who was pretty excited about him being home.

She snuggled right into his pile of clothes and then looked at us like “what”? (Don’t mind hubbys oddly left leaning toe)

Saturday was for sleeping in and gym time with my returned workout partner. We busted out a ridiculously slow quick mile on the TM and did a killer upper body workout that I am paying for today. Yowzas!

Then we were booked for Christmas parties on both Sat and Sun. Bring on the white elephant baby!! This is where the scoring comes in….

Christmas party #1…we scored this beauty thanks to our strategy of working together to get it stolen for the 3rd time, (thus rendering it ineligible from being stolen again)…we were both amazed with our brilliance in the heat of the moment

Yes, you read right, Cotton Candy Vodka. mmm hmmm…

Then we scored this beauty today

I foresee a game of drunk darts in our near future?

I also got my new BIC Bands in the mail this weekend! SCORE indeed! I got this one and this one. I’ve heard about these on numerous blogs and they are indeed amazing. I have never been able to find a headband that won’t slip off my head so I was a little weary, but these really came through. Stayed right on my head and comfortable to boot. I usually wear a hat when I run but I’m thinking that is forever retired now!

What did you score this weekend?Ā