I hit a milestone during my workout today. I ran for 30 min! Not all in a row mind you, (let’s not get crazy here) but I ran for a TOTAL of 30 minutes during my run workout. I don’t honestly know if I have ever done that before.

It was one of those days where even before I started, I knew it was going to be a good workout. Love those days. Those are the days that help me keep going.

I did a 5 min warm up walk and then ran 10 min, walk 3, ran 10, walk 3 and finished with ANOTHER 10 min run. Whew! I know right? Craziness. Please save your applause until the end of the post. Cool down walk and I was done in 45 min. 3.14 miles covered.

Red face and all. Yowza that's a big fivehead!

So much of me wants to just run faster so I can cover more ground more quickly and be done faster…that is just so logical right? And efficient. However, my body is not ready for that yet so I have to pace myself and keep telling myself that I will get there. No one just wakes up and can run like that right? Well, OK probably lots of people can but those people are awesome mean and we don’t want to be like them anyway right? I just tell myself that to feel better…what?

Boom. True.

The album that I have absolutely been digging lately for my fun run workouts is Torches by Foster the People. Not a typical run music I would say, but they have some really catchy tunes and I like to turn their lyrics into inspiration to keep me going.

Houdini: Focus on your ability, focus on your ability, now focus on your ability, Focus on your ability

Cinnamon version: same, you can’t go wrong singing that while you are dying on the treadmill sweating it out

I would do anything for you: Ohhhh lala, I’ve fallen in love and its better this time than ever before
Cinnamon version: Ohhhh lala, I’ve fallen in love (with running)and its better this time than ever before

Waste: When the muscles in our legs aren’t used to all that walkin’
Cinnamon version: When the muscles in our legs are used to all that runnin‘!

Color on the Walls: One shoe, two, gonna kick with my new shoes I’m gonna kick until I need new shoes
Cinnamon version: One shoe, two, gonna run with my new shoes, I’m gonna rununtil I need new shoes

Color on the Walls: Don’t stop, Don’t stop, Don’t stop talking to me
Cinnamon version: Don’t stop!, Don’t stop!, Don’t stop! (this song is particularly helpful at the end)

Color on the Walls: I run, they run, everybody run run, and we’re all just having fun
Cinnamon version: same…too fun to change!

As you can see Color on the Walls is a great running song!

and my favorite….

Life on the Nickel: yet again I’m hustling, hustling, hustling
Cinnamon version: then again I’m awesome, awesome, awesome

SERIOUSLY it sounds like that is what they are saying. Check it out, you will agree with me.

I started the day with some chocolate oatmeal that I got from here.
Then I whipped up this baby for lunch.
Spinach, avocado, tomatoes, bell pepper for crunch, scoop of cottage cheese and some S&P and splash of balsamic vinegar.

Taco soup in the crock pot for din. Tuesday success!

What songs/albums do you love to listen to for motivation?

In-betweens and 1st’s for 2012

Yesterday I did a quick 30 min uphill walk on the TM followed by my strength training workout.

I have found that if I try to run every other day I end up limping in pain don’t do so well. Cardio-wise I am usually fine, but my quads and shins are usually so sore that I can’t keep going for fear of injury. However if I put at least two (three is ideal) days in between runs, I seem to do much better. Problem is, my laziness schedule doesn’t always warrant being so precise in my workouts and/or I just dont get in as many run workouts as I would like during the week.

I figured I could work to solve this problem by inserting heavy uphill walks in between the running workouts so I can get a good cardio workout in without destroying my legs in the process. I also figure this is a good idea as I attempt to transition to running outside instead of on a treadmill. I know there are like a billion more benefits to running outside as opposed to the snoozefest of a treadmill, but honestly, running outside intimidates me. The gently rolling massive hills. The fact that the pavement doesn’t move along like a treadmill does? I mean honestly…it would be so much easier if it would just do that for me. The fact that I would FOR SURE get hit by a car. I mean its just so much safer inside a gym. Really. And where would I put my iPod, water bottle and towel? Sigh.

I will get there. I have to. Why you ask? (Ok, I know you didnt really ask, but work with me here)…

I am about to register for my first (of many) 5K’s for 2012!! Me and the hubs are gonna do it and my goal is to run the entire time. Even if it takes me an hour, I wanna keep running!! It’s only three measly little miles right?

How many days to you like to have between runs?

Have you signed up for any races yet in 2012?