Reverse Straddle Lunge Exit

Yesterday was step class. Hence the title. Looks something like this:

Minus that big smile

or maybe this?

minus the leotards and tights? C'mon people this is not Flashdance. Or the 80's.

so in reality, we all really look much more like this:


ding ding ding, that's a perfect replication of our class

right down the the matching outfits.

Seriously though, I love step class. I used to do it all the time with I lived in the Q and started taking an awesome class a couple of years ago when the gym by my house opened. Unfortunately due to all of my wedding planning and general laziness time constraints, I haven’t been in a while. I thought I would have forgotten a lot of the stuff, but it turns out that step class is right up there with riding a bike and…well…anyway….you just don’t forget. However I did manage to “two knee repeater, reverse straddle lunge, hop step home” my way in to barely being able to walk today.

All day today I kept wondering if it was physiologically possible for my calves to actually turn to stone. Google said NO, but I’m still not convinced. I mean, what does Google know anyway? Only everything, Not much the last time I checked.

So what is the last thing you want to see when you somehow manage to get out of your desk and hobble like your legs are broken walk to the bathroom?


What to do, what to do?

1)Hobble all the way back to the desk, wait five min and then hobble all the way back? I think not.

2)Go down/up the one flight of stairs to the bathroom there? Ummm yeah, no, that’s not happening in my condition.

3)Take the elevator up/down the one floor to the bathroom there? And be that guy? You know, the one who takes an elevator down or up one floor?  Psshhhhh….no way.

4)Hang out like a creep in front of the bathroom and take pictures and wait until it opens again? Yeppers. Sounds like the perfect plan to me.

Today was a long day at work and obviously a rest day with regard to working out (how did you know?) So we made a trip out for Pho for din. I like to say PHO FO SHO! Even though that’s not really how you are supposed to say it, I think I am hysterical when I do, so humor me.