Friday Favorites 12/16/11

Ok Ok I know its Saturday, but I had a little bit of this going on in my house last night….so not a lot of time to make sure this went out on time.

This is what birthday parties for 13 year old boys look like apparently?

Favorite thing I ate this week:

CC SBerries

These were probably the best chocolate covered strawberries I have ever had in my whole life. They had coconut covered ones too but we all know how I feel about coconut.

Its the consistency not the flavor. Don’t hate.

Favorite thing I heard said this week:
Kyle to Paul: “Your armpit smells really good”.

He does wear Axe, so I must admit, they do smell pretty good most of the time. Idk what it is about that stuff but the commercials don’t lie.

Favorite thing I bought myself this week: 

Thank you Etsy! 

Favorite thing I got out of a sermon I listened to this week:
Being a Christian means behavior modification, but behavior modification does not indicate true, genuine Christianity

Favorite thing I saw this week:

it was like it was on fi..ya

Favorite blogger of the week:

Monica over at Run, Eat, Repeat. 
Love her posts and sense of humor!

Favorite thing I saw on Pinterest this week:

you have the tune in your head now don't you?

Favorite pic of one of my million dogs from this week: 

doesn't it look like she is wearing a giant hat? She does have a British accent when she barks...

Favorite annoying corporate term of the week:

“resetting expectations”

and last but not least…

Favorite thing I scored from a work meeting this week:

There were these awesome salted chocolate caramels in there…not anymore!

What were some of your favorites from this week?