Friday Favorites 12/23

Favorite workout: The one I did today where I ran TWO WHOLE MILES in a row without walking. Never done that before and can’t wait to do it again!

Favorite Christmas gift I got in the mail and had to open right away:


I think they put crack in it. Seriously. I have been having withdrawals for four years since I moved away from Albuquerque. Thank you so much Amanda!!  (note…we did NOT put this on the tacos we made that night, although now that I am saying that, it sounds kind of good….)

Favorite Sermon: Gospel Centered Worship

John 4:6

Three barriers to worship
1) Digging in the wrong wells- making “stuff”, money, comfort, relationships, sex, respect and success our gods instead of going to Him, the eternally satisfying well
2)Unconfessed, unrepentant sin in your life
“Why is this such a big deal?  Because you were created to worship and without worshiping Jesus, you will be worshiping something, but whatever that something is will not be able to hold up under the weight of your expectations of it.  So to repent and confess is to violently pursue our own joy and the glory of God”
3) Ignorance- you can’t worship what you don’t know
” So what has happened is we’ve been allowed to create in our own minds our version of Jesus that we worship.  And worship always suffers when man is exalted and God is belittled.  Worship explodes from this reality: you are a rebellious, wicked, sinner and God has loved you in Christ.  There are no secrets from Him, and yet still He pursued and saved you.”

Favorite email this week from an employee:
This is regarding my vacation which I am planning to take from 9th January- 27th January, 2012 (15 working days) since something urgent came up at home. Its my younger sister’s marriage and I need to attend it. 

Favorite type of Christmas cookie:

someone needs to send me some of these too!!

Favorite Christmas Carol

O Holy Night

Favorite pic of the dogs:

I call this "face off for the toy until we fall asleep"

Favorite present wrapped by my husband:

I like to call it the present that satisfies our diversity initiative, but really I guess its just efficient. He used up every last bit of scrap paper that we had! I wonder to the lucky recipient will be???

Favorite color I have seen on a SMART car:

beep beep

it was like a lime-ish color. Never seen anything like that before on a SMART. Mom, you should look into this for yours! Very stylish.

and last but not least…

Favorite thing I saw when I went for my first run outside since I have been training again: 

it was breathtaking!

You can’t see it really well in the pic, but that is Mt. Rainier back there. So beautiful. How can you not love living here when you see this randomly on a cold winter morning?