2011 in a nutshell

no! this is me in a nutshell….Austin Powers reference? No? Ok, moving on…..

2011 was exactly like I thought it would be. One of the biggest years of my life.

Why is that? MARRIAGE occurred!

Overall it feels like 2011 was a year of two halves….the first half being all about the wedding, planning, preparing, anticipating. The second half was all about what happens next…

All of it was freaking awesome.


Started the year off right on the 2nd with a day of celebrating Paul’s birthday at the spa. Massages and Facials. Lots of crying took place, 98% most of those tears took place on Paul’s face b/c of the facial (extractions are just so…whats the word…invigorating? no, that’s not the word I’m thinking of….) and also the men’s bathroom at the spa was not near as nice as the womens bathroom. Guys want 8 showerhead showers and steam rooms and curling irons and lotions in their bathroom too!! Geeze!

fresh faces and massaged bodies = cheesy camera shots

Engagement pics also took place in January. Here are a couple faves:

I've had so many people tell me this one is "just sooo us"

We had these taken in Downtown Seattle which is where we “met-up” on our first date…we originally met online AND neither of us were serial killers! Sweet!

In case you were wondering, our photographer for engagement, family and wedding pictures is Angie Arms. She is the BOMB!


Trip to Alb to celebrate my birthday and also for Paul to meet the rest of the fam and friends. He passed inspection and was given the stamp of approval (even by Grandma!) WINNING!

Sandia mountains, trying to get a pic of the view (and us) and failing miserably...at the view, not at us. We look pretty cute I think.

The day we got back from Alb, this happened.

poor little purple passion


Decided Paul needed a commuter car for all his driving back and forth (70 miles each way) to my house

Hello Mini!!


Tulip Time!!

Annual Tulip festival in Skagit county

took some family pics

found our rental house to live in after wedding!

that steep driveway is my archnemesis!


finalized seemingly never ending wedding details, took another trip to Alb for my bridal shower, and had a co-ed wedding shower in Seattle with friends…

I had my "test" wedding make-up done that day...that's why my face is all fancy shcmancy

co-ed wedding shower means one thing. Guys dressed in toilet paper. #goodtimes

lots of kitchen supplies for all the cooking I will be (avoiding) doing


June ended before it began. I found a renter for my condo quicker than I expected and had to get all of my stuff moved out BEFORE the wedding which wasn’t originally planned. So now that was happening the week before wedding. Yikes! Got it all taken care of though thanks to my awesome friends. Then….

Family came into town, plans came together, rehearsal dinner took place.

Boom! Happiest day of my life- June 10th, 2011.

Honeymoon in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Don't we just look so relaxed and happy (and tan)? Is that what happens on honeymoons? Who knew?


Super chill month. We needed it. Played some softball, that’s about it.


In August we went camping. Every time I see this photo I think of the 1800’s. No idea why.

Paul and I also spent a lot of time on our bikes at a trail near our house.


Did a sprint Triathlon

Caught a  cold

Maroon 5 concert (while sick with above mentioned cold)

Was hired as a teacher at Bellevue College in the continuing education department. First class that I will teach is in Feb 2012!

That's me!!


Began hosting small group at our house on Monday nights. Got new tires for Purple Passion, Death Cab for Cutie concert, quick overnight trip to Oregon

Not sure why I have ZERO pictures of any of the above? #fail


Paul away at training most of month (sad face)

Was invited to do a guest lecture for an Introductory HR class at Eastern University

Did a  service project with our group from church

My good friend Nancy came for a visit and we went to see The Nutcracker. It was….different, but still really good!


Paul came back from training…HAPPY FACE!

Started this blog!

Ran two miles for the first time ever in my life

Whew! Yep, another awesome year in the books.

Can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for me, my goals and my family!

What was your funnest memory from 2011?