For your entertainment and punching running in the face!

I rocked my run today. In fact this is pretty much how I felt about it.

ha! this is my new shirt that came in the mail today thanks to SkinnyRunner.

I didn’t really go into my run today with a specific plan, my hips were still kind of sore from this weekend’s 5k , but overall I was feeling good and itching to run. FAST.

I started out with a slow mile, a little bit of a faster 2nd mile and then ended out the last mile with some sprints. My goal was to beat my 5K PR of 42:45. I came close. 42:46.

ONE SECOND. Seriously? But I got over feeling like I wanted to puke felt awesome, I ran fast and I was a happy camper.

In addition to my awesome tunes that I was jamming to, I had some entertainment going on in front of me. A girl on the elliptical directly in front of me was wearing a shirt that looked exactly like this:

Maybe she gets really hot?

I also saw a lady running on the Tmill in a full on sweatshirt. I don’t get this. Why do people wear long sleeves and sweatshirts while running indoors on the treadmill? Someone please explain b/c I am constantly baffled by this phenomenon. Bikram running perhaps?

Speaking of that, I purchased a coupon for 5 sessions of Bikram yoga at the urging of my two friends who swear by it. I’m pretty scared that I am going to suffocate or melt into a pile of nothingness while suffocating, but I will try anything once! Updates to come once I find the time to actually get to the class.

And for your entertainment, some post workout photos taken in the locker room. My crazy hair alone proves that I had a rockin workout.

Tomorrow I begin teaching my class at Bellevue College. I’m nervous and super excited all at the same time. I hope I have lots of super awesome students who bribe me with candy and gifts can’t wait to learn all the awesome stuff I want to teach them.

MR- Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

I was a big fan of the first Sherlock Holmes movie. So much so that I thought there was already a second movie and this new one was the third. Not sure how I came to that conclusion, but nonetheless I was excited to see the second installment. Guy Ritchie directing and Robert Downey Jr….yes please! Guaranteed pure entertainment through and through.

This second installment didn’t disappoint. Lots of excitement, neat camera tricks and cool slow motion action, funny dialog etc…despite all of that however, through most of the movie, I honestly had no idea what was going on.

Completely lost.

Someone was trying to blow stuff up. Some lady’s brother was pretending to be someone else. There was a cool train scene. A wicked cool chess scene near the end that was more of a mind game between two ridiculously intelligent masterminds than an actual (snoozefest) chess scene.

There isn’t a lot of depth to these movies even though I think they want to come across as if there is. The campy dialog and interesting way the movie is filmed make it seem like a fancier movie than it really is. But in the end, it’s a good time.

Two hours to enjoy your popcorn, candy and soda or your Subway sandwich home made popcorn if you are that person who likes to sneak your own food into the theater.

Your mind won’t be blown, but you probably won’t feel like you totally wasted your time either.

Overall rating: Medium popcorn/Medium drink

Race Recap: Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k

Did my first virtual 5k thanks to The Boring Runner and it was epic!!

If you don’t know what a virtual race is you should be ashamed of yourself (just like I didn’t up until about a month ago) its basically where a blogger hosts a virtual race and everyone who wants to participate just does the race on their own and then reports back on the experience. You can pretty much do it whenever and where ever you want as long as it is the general timeframe of when it’s being held.

This sounded like a great plan to me so I signed up (great news, virtual races are FREE!) Running on the street outside doesn’t have to cost you $30+! HA!

I can say now that for the first time I actually feel like a runner.

I’m about to bust out some #runnerterms just to prove how runner-ish I am actually feeling.

Friday night we unintentionally #carb-loaded for dinner on the way to Paul’s work to find his wallet. (Don’t worry, we found it. But it was after I had to pay for dinner. Hmmmmm.) He forgets its all the same account. 

Then I unfortunately had some pretty serious #GIissues during the night so our planned run for the morning was thwarted until the afternoon.

We went to a friends house and built this

but decided we wanted to do an outside run and really freeze our thorns off instead of spending time on the #dreadmill.

We made our way to the Cedar River Trail but we had to wait to get started so I could #locatesatellites on my #Garmin405

We did a #downandback and turned around at 1.60 so we could have a .10 cool down before we got back to the car.

I ran the entire time until we turned around. When I say run I mean more like a jog/bounce but it wasn’t walking and that is all I cared about.

When we turned around I walked for .10 of a mile so I could blow the nose but then I wanted to get going again. I was bound and determined to get this thing done running the majority of the time.

My legs felt good. My breathing felt good. If I started to get a little uncomfortable, I backed off a little and slowed down. My goal wasn’t speed, it was consistency in finishing the whole thing without walking again.

Paul stuck with me the whole time. He did some #fartlek’s while I trudged along.  Husband of the year. It felt so good to have him there with me. He kept telling me how proud he was of me. It was very motivating. Sheesh I love that guy.

At about 2.80 I couldn’t believe it. I knew I could finish out the whole thing running. I wasn’t going to die. Bring on the #runnershigh.

Finished in 44:49 with an average pace of 14:29. Two minutes slower than the last 5k, but I feel like I walked at least half of that one so I am really proud of this one.

Even celebrated with a practice #snotrocket


Here are my #splits

Mile 1: 14.07
Mile 2: 15.25
Mile 3: 14.14

Slow as molasses, but seriously I don’t care.  I consider today the first day I really feel like a runner.

Next race is Feb 11th. Can’t wait to see what that one brings!

When did you first feel like a runner? (If you run of course) 🙂

11 {Eleven} (one, one)

I was recently tagged by this girl to do a little survey of sorts. (Thanks Kristen!**)  Just a fun little way that bloggers and readers can get to know each other better. I’m a sucker for surveys. Why you ask?

Umm, duh b/c they are all about you!! Who doesn’t love to talk about themselves? Statistics say 94% of people love talking about themselves and we all know how accurate statistics are. 

**Note. I totally messed up Kristen’s blog title in my post yesterday. It’s Confessions of a (not so) domesticated newlywed. I know its only a little difference but I wanted to make sure I got it right!! 😉

So here’s how it goes. I’m supposed to share 11 general things about myself and then answer Kristen’s questions at the end. Then I am to tag some other bloggers to do the same, except I will add in my own questions at the end. Got it? Let’s go.

11 Things
11. I’m obsessed with personality assessments. MBTI, DISC, Strengths Finder, Love Languages, Spiritual gifts….I think they are so helpful in helping you identify what your personality is like and how you can use that to better relate to others. I secretly would like to somehow make a career out of talking about, teaching and facilitating these types of sessions. I guess its not so secret anymore.

10. I wore glasses/contacts for 18 years and then got lasik and it was one of the top three best decisions I have made in my life thus far.

9. I was in a sorority in college. Sorority’s are not like they appear on the movies (well not all of them anyway.) They are really cool organizations that do a lot of philanthropic work. They also teach you how to relate to lots of different people  and personality types and generally how to belong to a sort of community. In my opinion, college was a much better experience having been a part of this group and I am sad that they often get a bad rap.

8. I love professional football but don’t enjoy college football. Not sure if it is b/c I just know more about the pro teams or there are less of them, but I can watch pro football and enjoy every moment of it, but have absolutely NO interest whatsoever in college football.

7. I recently gave up diet coke. I mostly gave it up just to see if I could and went just over a month without having even one. Tried to have it a few times since then and can’t handle it any more. I occasionally have Diet Root Beer or Diet DP just to have something other than water or tea, but for the most part I think Diet Soda might be a part of my past. I used to have at least two every day around noontime (religiously) so I consider this to be a great accomplishment.

6. I don’t think I have ever seen a picture that represents such truth as this.

5. I love salad. Like LOVE. I could eat it every day and sometimes do. My salads have evolved over the years and now that I am older I enjoy being more creative with them and just kind of throwing in whatever I have around. I prefer to eat it in a bowl and not a plate and like them to be pretty hearty. I don’t typically find that I get hungry two hours afterward either (which I know is a major reason why people make fun of salad).

Salads from just this week alone…

4. Open doors drive me bonkers. Cabinet doors in my house, open locker doors at the gym. Doors in the house that should be closed but aren’t. Just looks so “unfinished” to me and I will always close them. I recently discovered that I have married into a family that doesn’t close cabinet doors. Like ever. God help me.

3. I love my newly married/engaged class at church and the small group we have at our house on Monday nights. The fun, study and fellowship is such a blessing to me and I want everyone to be a part of a group like these so they can feel the same way!!

2. I never learned how to ride a bike as a kid. Well my dad tried to teach me but it was hard so I gave up.  When I decided to do a triathlon, I had no choice. I learned when I was in my 30’s, fell A LOT (still do) but despite that, I love it!!

1. My parents got my name from Mission Impossible the TV show from the 70’s. They were not hippies. There was a character on the show named Cinnamon and they thought that was just groovy. Otherwise I think I would have been Crystal. I have only met one other Cinnamon in person during my lifetime, although lots of people tell me about other Cinnamon’s that they know. My husband’s first kiss (when he was like 5) was actually with a girl named Cinnamon! What are the odds of that??? The first and last girl he will ever kiss, named Cinnamon.

apparently he can’t. BOOM!  🙂

Kristen’s questions:

1) What is your favorite dessert? ANYTHING chocolate. If that is not available, then something lemony.   If only carrot cake is available I am highly offended. Who puts veggies in sweets? You don’t see broccoli cake and there shouldn’t be carrot cake either. It’s just not right. IMO. 😉

2) Who do you most admire? Matt Chandler. He is a pastor out of Texas and he is just awesome. His humor, his relate-ability and his directness are all qualities that I admire.

3) Would you rather: Bungee jump or sky dive? sky dive all the way. Espeically after that story of the girl whose bungee cord broke the other day. No thank you.

4) If you were on death row (pleasant topic, right?), what would be your last meal?creamy garlicy gorgonzola pasta with juicy sliced steak on top with a side of buttery grean beans and molten chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert

5) Dogs or Cats? I am allergic to cats and they are usually big ‘ol jerks, so dogs all the way for me.


6) What accomplishment are you most proud of? Teaching a college class at the University of New Mexico

7) What is your favorite guilty pleasure TV show? Fashion Police on E! Paul loves it too. Don’t you Paul?

8) What is your most embarassing moment? When I instant messaged a person on accident. I was talking ABOUT that person in the instant message and it was a complimentary insult. I know, ouch.

I don’t think she bit her computer, but this pic made me literally laugh out loud.

9) What food do you love but you are scared to prepare for yourself? Thai food. I love red and green curry and Pad Ke Mao but have NO IDEA where to even start and am totally positive that I was screw it up!

10) What is your biggest fear? being annoying and/or people not liking me

11) Name the movie or TV show that makes you laugh the most? The New Girl. Hi.lar.ious.

My questions:
1) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
2) If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
3) What got you into blogging?
4) Do you prefer movies in the theater or at home?
5) What is your favorite color?
6) What does a typical Tuesday night look like at your house?
7) What is your favorite childhood memory?
8) What is your favorite nut butter?
9) Do you sleep with or without the covers?
10) What time do you get up in the morning?
11) Name one thing you have always wanted to do and just haven’t done yet.
I’m tagging:
Maren from Marens Morsels
Theresa from Fueled by Wings!
Heather from Runaway Ranchwife
Cortney from Nerd on the Run

Friday Favorites 1/27

Didn’t have a FF last week due the the snopocalypse and this has been a slow week, so only a few to share…but I have a survey coming up later that has some fun stuff in it too so all together…good times.

Favorite salad this week:

Thai cruch salad from CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) In the words of Rachel Ray, YUM-O!

Favorite new salad dressing: (I am detecting a theme here…)

You have to REALLY like cilantro to like this, b/c it basically makes your whole salad taste like cilantro which is A-OK in my book.

Favorite guilty pleasure:

I think these went away for a while and they are making them again? I feel like I didnt see them in the store in For.Ev.Er and then all of a sudden, like a beautiful gift from God, they were there staring at me from the frozen food aisle of Wally World. I think there was even a light beaming on them. Ok maybe not but that is what it seemed like at the time.

Favorite blogger: 

Kristen from Confessions of a (not so domesticated) newlywed. She posts helpful information, great recipes and just seems like an overall really cool gal. I always look forward to her posts!

Favorite way to end the day after a REALLY hard day at work:

Kyle even joined in since he had such a hard day at school.

J/K. He had some cran/grape juice and got a big kick out of the fact that it was the exact same color as our Mimbres Red. So he haaaad to go get a fancy glass so he could be fancy like us. Funny kid.

Favorite thing I read in an email:

Each and every one of us was born with a nature that loves to rebel and feed a natural “bent” toward selfish, wrong choices. However, when we come to Christ, we receive a new nature that naturally desires to obey God. The result is internal civil war. The Apostle Paul struggled with sin just like we do today. In his letter to the church at Rome, Paul describes his frustration with his own sin: “I don’t understand myself at all, for I really want to do what is right, but I don’t do it.  Instead, I do the very thing I hate” (Romans 7:15, NLT). Sound familiar? I will never forget the first time I read those ardent words written by this zealous man of God. I was so relieved! It sometimes seems as if I am the only believer engaged in major battles with sin. Paul’s words, however, assure me that I am not in this battle alone. Neither are you, girlfriend. The reality is that as long as we live in this broken and fallen world, our sinful nature and our God nature will constantly be at war.

This was from a daily newsletter that I get and it really spoke to me and provided me comfort.

Favorite dog pic:

Chloe decided to join me again for some evening work I had to get caught up on. She is ON the dining room table, ON my laptop bag. NO IDEA how she got situated there. 😉

What was your favorite thing from this week?

MR- Contraband and Life in a Day


I really wanted to like this movie. It was eh. The best part about it was Giovanni Ribisi trying to be a ominous bad guy. Only problem was that he kept getting beat up my Mark Wahlberg. The bad guy should scare you because hes the bad guy. He shouldn’t be bloody and on the floor the whole movie. Nonetheless it was entertaining to watch Ribisi attempt to be a greasy, tattooed thug trying to fill the shoes of his absent (dead? killed doing thug things? who knows? ) and seemingly better liked thug brother.

The story centers around Chris Farraday (Wahlberg) who used to be a bad smuggler guy but has changed his terrible ways after getting married and having some kiddos. Problem is, his wife’s misfit younger brother is still in the biz. And he sucks at it. So therefore he’s gotta do “one last” run to make up for the brothers incompetence.

The movie was dark and gritty and wanted to be more intense and dramatic than it was. It was interesting to see some of the inner-workings of the big carrier boats, and the shipping/smuggling focus was something that I haven’t seen before. What I have seen before was a tired plot where half of it you can see coming and the other half isn’t really surprising at all.  Wait..isn’t that the same thing?

I was actually a little bored at one point. Never a good sign.

Lots of “lets act like we are really tough bad guys” language and some blood, but nothing over the top.

Overall Rating: Small popcorn, small drink

Life in a Day

I had seen previews for this for a while but somehow missed it at the theater so we took it in on Netflix. It’s a documentary (if you can call it that) of all kinds of video footage that was taken from real people from all across the world on July 24th, 2010. Baiscally telling the story of everything that happens on earth in the period of one day.

Intriguing concept, no?  I have always been fascinated by things that occur at the same time/day that we are unaware of.  Or just thinking about “I wonder what so and so is doing right at this very moment?” Even as I type this or as you are reading this, other things are happening to friends, family, movie stars, athletes, strangers all over the world that you are completely unaware of. But they are still happening. How cool would it be to know exactly what was happening to them at the same moment you were doing a specific something? This movie (kind of) does that.

And my now my brain is tired.

It doesn’t follow any one particular story although a few different people show up more than once throughout the movie. It literally is just video footage that was submitted by people all over the world and then they edited it to follow a typical day. It started with the early morning went through breakfast, morning, lunchtime etc…and just chronicles what the various people were up too. No one story is highlighted and no one person or thing is on long enough for you to get attached.

Watching the movie and knowing that everything I was watching took place during the same day in history was pretty cool. Makes me wonder what I was doing on that day. After all I was doing something at the same moment all these people were doing what they were doing.

OK I think I have geeked out enough about this concept. I think its cool. I think you will too.

Overall rating: Large popcorn, large drink

Snot rockets and 5k’s

This morning and out the door to the gym.  Kill me now.

Yes, yes I took that this morning and not yesterday afternoon in attempt to fool you. I can hardly believe I was even awake enough to take a picture.

Did 2.3 miles on the T-mill in around 32 min.  No beautiful pic of the treadmill b/c I was rudely interrupted by my bowels halfway through and the t-mill time reset. BOO. 2 minutes is enough time for #1 but not #2. TMI? I know, I know….but that’s how it goes. We’ve all been there right?

Not a great run mostly due to this.

Usually when I get sick, the runny nose/mucus sticks around for a looooong time. My nose usually runs anyway when I run, so now it’s like twice as bad. Very frustrating as it really interferres with my breathing and concentration. Woe is me.

After the run, I was lamenting to Paul about my runny nose woes and he was all, “why don’t you just snot rocket?” Total guy, right? I might as well grab my crotch and kiss my biceps too.

I was like, “I can’t snot rocket on the treadmill silly! They will kick me out of the gym for sure.” But then I thought, I honestly don’t think I would snot rocket anyway, even if I WAS outside. I am pretty sure I have tried it before but usually end up looking like this.

I can’t get enough projection for some reason. Maybe I just need to practice.  Either way I have to do SOMETHING. What do you think? Am I doomed? It’s either learn to snot rocket or just resolve to carry tissues with me on every run? Sigh…

In other news, 3 more 5k’s are on the books. High five.

I’m doing my 1st virtual 5k! The Boring Runner is putting this one on.

This will be my 1st virtual race and I am super excited for it. I think Paul and I are going to go run around the neighborhood that is being built near our house.

Next up is the Love’em or Leave’em Valentines Day Dash on Feb 11th.

That jumping girl is waaaay to happy!

And lastly, the St. Patricks Day 5k on March 17th.

Fun times and most likely lots of snot rockets!!

Do you snot rocket? Or have a runny nose when you run? What do you do about it?

What is your next race?

Holiday Recap 2011

I know this is a little delayed, but I AM getting it done faster than the 43% of people who don’t’ take their Christmas lights down until March.  So really I’m ahead of the game.

Also, 79% of all statistics are made up.

Our holiday season through pics:

first tree I have had in years. I guess that is what getting married does to you? Makes you all domestic and stuff. Ugh. I mean YAY!!

Santa has to wear sunglasses in Seattle? hmmmmm

cheesy tourist photo even though we live here? Nah. Oh it's free? Sweet, we will take it!


coolest tree E.V.E.R?

my stack 'o presents. Obviously no one else's stack was important due to the lack of pictures of them

honey got me a map. I heart maps.

he is very emotional when opening gifts. Hates tearing the beautiful wrapping paper.

all my loot. yes that is a forever lazy. SCORE.


you can't even see his head. totally works.


K-dawg got everyone awesome bandanas. $1 each at Wally World. Kid knows how to shop. Everyone loved them.

Guinn also...ahem....."loved" his squirred from G-Ma. ***G-ma...please stop getting him squirrels. There are children in the house. Its just not right.

three pies for four people is totally normal right?


We haven't eaten in like 5 min and we are super cute.......pleeeeaseeeeee

two "small" slices count as one regular right?

"ok, you bite his ankles and then when he falls down we can climb up his body and get to the good stuff"

time to play in the snow!


I may or may not have had a snowball thrown at me

bear climbing

and bear planking

apparently bears eat children? who knew? Gloomy Bear knows.

it really is true about animals looking like their owners…..

had to be super stealth ninja to get that shot! they looked too much alike to not get it though!

Small towns =close parking spots. We were just coming out of the movie theater and our our car is the silver one. Usually we have to walk like 15 min to get back to our car in the big city.

went to Starbucks to hang and Pauls Mac died…CRISIS. Oh wait, we have all these other electronic devices. Crisis averted. We don’t have to have awkward coffee conversation after all. WHEW!

Gretchen (dog) telling Kyle- “you really should do something about that breath. Have you tried a dental chews? They worked wonders for me”

He used to play hockey. Showoff.

full time fancy airport gate

Happy Holidays from P&C. This shot just might make the 2012 Christmas Card. It will at least be a runner up. I NEVER look at the camera the right way!!

Pool prayer and the end of snow week

Paul and I hit the pool tonight. I’m so glad I have a husband who is all about going to work out and train b/c all I wanted to do this afternoon was take a nap and go see a movie. But noooooooo. We HAD to go to the gym. Ugh. But of course afterward I felt great and was glad that we went. I hate it love it when he’s right.

Crazy one eyebrow all super high. The cap does weird things to your face. At least that’s what I tell myself.

btw’s that is a long haired swim cap. Finding out that they made these is probably one of the main tipping points in me actually doing a triathlon. The agony of getting a regular cap over all my super thick hair and onto my head was quickly becoming a major deterrent to me getting in swim workouts. I figured other people had to have this same problem and viola! I discovered my best friend. I love Google.

We each did 16 laps (800m). This is the distance of a sprint triathlon so the fact that I can do that comfortably now in January is great considering we probably won’t be doing any triathlons until the summertime. I currently do a breast stroke but am working my way up to doing a crawl (freestyle) for the full 800m.

Something I love doing in the pool is praying. I pray for a different person or people in my life for every lap I do. It’s a great way to pass the time and take my mind off of the workout. And it’s almost a full 20-30 minutes of dedicated prayer time without any real distractions. I love it and it’s one of my favorite reasons to do pool workouts other than just the awesome feeling of being in the water gliding along.

I did my prayer time tonight with the exception of the last two laps. All I could think about was peanut butter. A big yummy creamy spoonful of peanut butter. mmmmmm.

So our internet is up and our cable is back in business! I know there are still people in our area without power, so I consider us blessed! It is really amazing and humbling to see the amount of damage that some snow and ice can do. Everywhere we went we saw hundreds of trees that had cracked or had come out of the ground or had branches that broke off from the pressure of the ice. There will be remnants of this week for a long time to come.

Here are the final pictures from our “week in the snow”.

This is what this tree looked like under all the ice…

and what it looked like when the ice had melted…

These trees line the entrance to our neighborhood

And then a little further down the street

I have a video of the sound the trees were making when the ice was melting. The sound of the ice and snow crashing down and the branches cracking off and falling to the ground was SO LOUD. I would insert the video but I’m not quite tech-y enough to do that. BOO.

In addition to all the mayhem that was going on OUTSIDE, here is a little of what was going on INSIDE.

This is my makeshift office #1. Chloe decided she needed to help me get my work done.

Could we have more computers in one little tiny space??? OF COURSE we could but we decided to take it easy on the gadgets that day….

Makeshift office # 2. Chloe decided she needed to be right by my side in case I had a question on how to do something in a spreadsheet or power point. She is my go-to gal for that kind of stuff.

Who needs bowls when you have an awesome floor to eat off of? See how that rawhide stick is closest to Chloe? Just how she likes it.

Our awesome Friday night dinner out on the town was at The Rock and this was on the back of all the booths. Paul and I made a point to sing each and every one of these songs at the top of our lungs to thoroughly embarrass Kyle.

Neighborhood watch

We saw this while driving in a neighborhood and could not figure out why in the world it was there

“Warning, children on a see-saw!” ???? This was in front of a house with no see-saw anywhere in sight and no park either. hmmm

One word only needed for this next one

Delish. Well ok, maybe two words. MORE PLEASE.

And last but not least…quite a bit of this happened


If you have kids, what do you do to embarras them?

Do you like gelato? What is your fave flavor?

Any idea what that see-saw sign is all about? 

Look whats baaaaack! (and rough workouts)

The sun made an appearance today! We missed it so much and we cried like babies when we saw it again were so very happy that it decided to come and visit us even if it was just for a bit. We wish our cable would do the same, but we will find a way to make due with some blue sky for now.

Whaaaat?? Yes, that’s right. I don’t care if it is only sunny for like half an hour. Our eyes aren’t used to the sun and need all the protection they can get!

This has been one crazy week. It feels like nothing and everything has happened.

Here are the highlights of the week:

  • I haven’t physically been to work in over a week
  • I haven’t driven my car in over a week
  • I made every attempt to be in sweats, pajama pants, workout pants, and leggings at every moment possible
  • Slept into to at least 7:30 pretty much every day and even later on days we were officially off work
  • Had a different breakfast every day of the week and they were all scrumdiliumptious
  • We ate at home every day for lunch and dinner except for Friday when we decided to go out for a night on the icy town and eat some greasy food
  • We saved a ton of money by switching to Geico eating at home every day and by not having to drive our loooong commutes to work
  • I didn’t put on a shred of make up for almost a week and my husband still loves me
  • The puppies were super annoyed happy that we were here with them all day every day

So you would think with an awesome week like this where we were pretty much were trapped in our house for a few days without cable/internet that we would be super productive, right? NOPE.

  •  I did not deep clean my house from top to bottom, I didn’t even clean the bathroom
  • I did not wash all the sheets
  • I did not organize and clean out two closets that need exactly that
  • I did not do awesome cross-training workouts on the days we couldn’t go to the gym
  • I did not take inventory of our pantry
  • I did not meal plan for the next month to get it out of the way and then make a corresponding grocery list to make sure we have everything we need when we need it
  • I did not finish my wedding scrapbook which has been on my to do list for at least three months
  • I did not finish two books

I DID however….

  • Start one book

Since we have a brand new teenager in the house and even though he hasn’t acted like a typical “teenager” at all in the past month I figured I better get going on this one. I think I might need to read it once a year to ensure that it stays fresh in my mind. Only about four chapters in and already it is fantastic!

  • Ironed two shirts that have been sitting sadly and staring at me for three weeks. But I really only did it so I could say I did it here on this post. 
  • Cleaned out my iTunes

I have been wanting to do this Completely clean out and organize my iTunes library. It was a MESS and since there is word on the street that a new computer is in my near future shhhhhhh I figured I would take the opportunity to not be distracted by shiny objects on the internet (aka…fun blogs) the internet and get this done.  I also spent a lot of time organizing my pictures etc…on my external hard drive and also flickr before our internet went out.

This is what the gym looked like yesterday

No power!!

But we called this morning and the power was back up today. YAY! I can get my four miles in as planned.

I was pumped. I was ready. I was excited. Then I started running.

  • My first problem was that the gym was PACKED. So many people were there. I think this contributed to the fact that it was hotter than the sun in there.
  • My second problem is that I had to pee. BAD. After 1 mile I had no choice, I HAD to go. Luckily I got back to the t-Mill in under the 2 min time it gives you before it re-sets. Had 10 seconds left. Fist pump.
  • My third problem is that I am still getting over my chest/head cold. I could NOT catch my breath. I was wheezing and snotty. I went through all three Kleenexes that I brought with me. It was dreadful.

After the initial mile that I ran, I couldn’t run more than .20 of a mile at a time. Then I would walk for .10 or .20. I did that for the remaining three miles. It was SO SO SO hard. But I finished. I got there. And I know that I had some things going against me and that this was not a normal run. By the time we left I think I finally had convinced myself of that.

The clock had reset so imagine a 6 in front of that 3. I promise I didn’t finish four miles in three minutes. 🙂

not as tomato-y faced today, I think my shirt distracts from it. If I were wearing a white shirt…hello tomato!!!

More pics to come of the craziness that went down this week as soon as our internet is back up. (They say tomorrow????) You can only live at Starbucks for so long until they kick you out you have to go back to normal life and be productive.