AWW (Awesome workout weekend) and 2012

Well I went and did it again. I ran 2 miles on the treadmill. Without stopping. Well OK fine, I actually HAD to stop once b/c my shoelace came untied at about 18 min and I didn’t want to end up like this so I figured I better stop to get it taken care of.

no one wants to be this guy. he's animated and STILL can't stay on the TMill?

I was feeling super frisky so I decided to make this my “long run” day. A whopping four miles. With 5k numero uno coming up in two short weeks, I gotta do everything I can to get myself in gear.

this is frisky Cinnamon hmmm...maybe I felt more frisky than I looked?

It was a great workout. Finishing the 2 miles wasn’t easy, especially with the “great shoelace incident of 2011” getting in the way. When I get in the groove I can’t have anything disrupt it (wiping sweat, drinking water, changing song on iPod…) or it totally throws me off for a good 30 seconds or more. Does this happen to anyone else? It really bothers me and I’m assuming it will get better with practice, but idk?

I finished the 2 miles in 26 min. For the third mile I walked a bit and then did speed intervals from 2.5-3. I alternated walking and sprinting (6.2) for .10 of a mile each until I got to 3 miles. Then I walked for .25, ran 2.5, repeat to finish up the four miles. Did some cooling down and finished in exactly an hour.

I wonder what people in the gym think of me when I take pics of the Tmill?

I'm like a tomato!!

It’s not like I was running fast, so I have no idea what is up with my crazy hair? Hot mess, I tell ya.

Today I am super duper sore, (calves, shins and quads) so I did a relatively easy 30 min on the elliptical to get somewhat of a sweat going and to get my muscles warmed up for a good stretch. Stretched for a good 15-20 min afterward and then did 50 crunches.
Overall an AWW.

2012 GOALS
I’ve given a lot of thought to goals for this next year, b/c I have always been a goal setter and achiever and I think its important to always have some sort of goals to look forward to. What better time to set some new ones than the beginning of a fresh, crisp, clean new year.
This year has been tough though, really for one reason alone. I have no idea where we will be living in 2012.

yes, that is Poland and no we won't be moving there, its just the only image I could find to drive home the point, OK?

There is a potential move in our somewhat near future due to Paul’s job, but we have really no idea where we might end up or even when we might find out.. This makes planning things rather difficult.

Thanks captain obvious.

So essentially this year could potentially entail a move to a new city, moving to a new house, getting a new job, making new friends, leaving old friends, selling a condo (or becoming a remote landlord)…

or it could include none of that

or some of that


So with that in mind, I’ve narrowed down a few things to focus on, three of which are my “priority”

1) Focus on marriage and family and work continually to be the wife and step-mom that God intends me to be

2) Loose a total of 50 lbs by year end
These things will be a part of this one:

  • Run in at least 4 or 5 5K’s and eventually hit a PR of 35 min or less.
  • Run a 10k and complete it running most or all of it
  • Do 2+ sprint triathlons and complete in under 2 hours
  • Do at least one 50+ mile bike ride
3) Continue blog and add content, personalization and (hopefully) readers.

Focus on teaching and do more research on how to transition into that on a more full time basis

I figure all of these things can be done no matter where we are living. Sure the stress of all the changes could throw a kink in timing, but overall I think all of these things are accomplish-able.

Just kidding, I’m looking forward to this year and all of the challenges it will bring. Should be a fun ride!

Did you make any resolutions or just say no?!?!