Almost? and fancy running

Welcome to the gym in January!

It hasn’t been this busy since…well…last January.

I catch myself giving people the “I’ve been coming here for months, newbie” stare scoping people out and trying to guess who is a “get fit in (fill in the year)” person, but I can never tell. At the end of the day, they are still there, gettin their sweat on, first time or thousandth (that’s a word right?) and that’s all that matters, right? Look at me being all positive. Now stop hogging the treadmill. Thanks.

So I had one goal and one goal alone today.

Run 30 min. No stopping.

I ALMOST made it. Did a 5 min warm up and then ended up taking two one minute walk breaks before I got to 30 min. Everything was good (breathing, shins, feet, etc…) except I was having this weirdly awful pain that felt like knives were stabbing me in my lower back on the left. It pretty much stopped within 15 seconds of walking and took about three minutes to come back after I started running again.

I have had some lower back pain during running before, but this was really concentrated more on one side and was waaaaaayyyyyyy a little more intense than before. Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions on what this might be or how to make it never ever happen again?

By the time I finished out the 30 min I was at about 2.5, so I decided to do two quick sprints for a .10 of a mile to finish out. Finished everything in 44. That included the warm up and cool downs.

I had to be super stealth picture taker of both the first and last pic…it admittedly does feel weird to take pictures of things people wouldn’t normally take pictures of in public places. Its not like I can wear a sign around my neck that says “Its for the blog” explain to people what I am doing, so for now I just pretend I am a ninja and my only mission (should I choose to accept it, which I DO) is to take awesome blog pics.

not sure what that look is? Complacency? Exhaustion? Hunger? who knows...

I’m pretty sure someone was bending down to pick something behind me? That is why it looks like a butt is coming out of my ear. And btw’s…I didn’t wear the earrings to run. I’m not that fancy.

On a side note…I noticed one other funny thing that I do now when I’m at the gym, that I never did before…I’m constantly wondering “I wonder if that girl/guy has a blog?”

If you are a blogger, have you ever stared down strangers in an attempt to determine if they are also a blogger or am I just crazy?

Any weird, out of the blue aches and pains happen to you while running? 

Do you wear earrings to run? 

MR- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Book before movie. Movie before book. What to do, what to do……

There are usually two camps of people out there when it comes to books that are made into movies.

1) Those who adamantly refuse to see the movie until they read the book
2) Those who want to see the movie first and then read the book later, or never

I typically fall in the second camp. Mostly because if I’ve read the book first, all I can think about when I am watching the movie is how they changed this, or wait, that person didn’t do that, or hold on a second here, he didn’t say that or OMG they left THAT PART out??? I find it almost impossible to really enjoy the movie for what it is or what its intended to be apart from the book.

I went counter to my usual with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I had some time while the hubby was away for a month and wanted to get caught up on some reading.I had heard about this book for what seems like years and so I thought I better jump on the bandwagon and get to it already. I actually started the book about a year ago but it was so slow at the beginning that I couldn’t stick with it. However when I saw this preview (arguably one of the best movie trailers of all time, yes I WILL go there) for the movie, I picked it back up and really couldn’t put it down.

I was very interested to see how they were going to translate the book to the big screen. I must say they did a VERY good job. Minor changes here, a few parts left out which in my opinion made sense and the ending was altered. Not enough to make me feel cheated, but enough to probably make some hardcore book fanatics mad.

The opening sequence (the credits) was awesomely epic. Its really hard to describe what it was other than “artistic”, but the song and the artistry of it was captivating. Totally set you up for what you knew would be an exciting ride of a movie.

I thought the movie flowed really well, maybe a little slow in the beginning which follows the pace of the book. The German/Swedish accents (it was hard to tell which was which) were kind of come and go, but they did a great job of casting. Even though the majority of the main actors were recognizable to american audiences, they all had a European feel to them.

Director: David Fincher. Fight Club. The Social Network. Seven. Need I say more?

Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara were both perfectly cast. I had been reading for a while about casting Lisbeth and the struggles they had with it, but I feel like she did a fine job portraying the sullen yet genius character of Lisbeth Salander, probably one of the more complex women characters in cinema in a long time. A relative newcomer, Rooney completely embodied Lisbeth.

I love Daniel Craig as James Bond and now I love him as Mikael Blomkvist. He was just made for these roles.

Again, its very hard for me to look at the movie independently of the book, but Paul saw it with me and he seemed to follow along with it OK even though its a complicated entanglement of a few different stories (with lots of crazy Swedish and German names added in to complicate things make it easier to follow along with). The climax was disturbing and uncomfortable in the movie, more so in the book, the resolution was mostly true to the book and it set up predictably for the next two books that will inevitably be made into movies as well.

I haven’t seen the Swedish films, although I have heard that they are fantastic. I would be interested to see how much they differ and compare the acting as I have heard the Swedish casting was superb.

This probably goes without saying but this is not a kid-friendly movie. Lots of adult themes and a disturbing story-line.

I can’t decide if I should read the next book The Girl who Played with Fire before seeing the American movie that will inevitably be made the Swedish movie. What’s a girl to do??????