Friday Favorites 1/6/12

Favorite Christmas gift:

Bluetooth headphones! Hated dealing with the cords…These are soo awesome and when I start running outside they will also serve as ear warmers?! love them! Thanks to my honeybunches for getting them for me.

Why do they have a little colorful sticker on them you don’t really care about ask?

b/c Paul got himself some too! So we have to be able to tell them apart. He has blue sticker b/c he is a dork boy.

I think this looks like he's about to sneeze, no idea what is going on with his face!

Favorite thing I found myself saying to a manager this week at work:

“Well, maybe it’s time to tell the employee to take the toy monkey home and not to bring it to work again”

seriously, this is my life. 

Favorite phone call I got this week:
A recorded voice-mail from my health insurance asking if I had a pap smear recently and if not, I should call my health provider and schedule one. I mean that’s nice of them and all, but just seemed very random….

Favorite candy from the holiday season:
Salted caramels from my friend Peggy at work. Man I was sad when I ate all of them in one sitting the last one.

my mouth is watering just looking at it- Peggy I have a birthday coming up......

Favorite Blogger:
Marens Morsels

She is super fun, has a super cute blog and says super fun things like “holy cannolli”

Favorite Sermon:  Incarnation and Implication

“There should be no such thing as an arrogant Christian. An arrogant, judgmental, boasting Christian simply reveals that he doesn’t understand his own faith. We all once walked among them. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. There is none who are righteous. There is no one who does good. We read a couple of weeks ago that we all, like sheep, have gone astray. There isn’t anyone in here who has a résumé who God is interested in hiring.”

Favorite dog pic:

I think she looks dead. How in the world do they get sooo comfortable? BT dubs those are Pauls legs she's in between...

Favorite thing I ate this week:

In a week where I have fro-yo at some point, I don’t think anything else would ever win. We went for Paul’s b-day, great excuse for fro-yo along with the fact that it was a Monday.

some red velvet cake, chocolate peppermint and vanilla bean yogurt are under all that

Favorite movie I saw this week:

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (review coming soon!)

What were some of your favorites from this week?