Running in other countries…

….is unfortunatley NOT easier than running in the US. Bummer.

Hubs and I went on a little get away to Canada (or as we like to call it Cananannda) this weekend.

More on that later. First I want to tell you about my first run in another country.

We really wanted to get an outside run in before the 5k next weekend. What a great opportunity since the beautiful Stanley Park was just right down the road from where we were staying.

We found a nice loop around a lake inside the park that was just over a mile.

we ran around that three times

It was around 45 degrees and cloudy. We were just happy it wasn’t raining b/c it had rained pretty much all day the day before.  Glass half full.

Started out with a brief warm up walk and stretch. My real goal was to make it the first whole mile without stopping.


That was a milestone. Haven’t ever ran a whole mile without stopping outside running on “real” ground before. I was pumped.

2nd lap I ran about half and had to take a brief walk break to blow my nose. Then one more brief walk break before finishing up.

Paul was nice enough to basically walk with me the first two laps. He is so much taller than me (longer stride) and has been in the Army for like ever, so yeah he is just a tad bit stronger runner than me.

He took some pics while we were making our way around the lake.

very nice surface to run on although rather muddy from the day before rain

there were swans all over the place...dodged many a pile of green swan poop

Vancouver! Eh. or Aye. not sure how you spell it?

he was scared b/c I was chasing him and look at how fast I am!! he's a goner!

On the third lap we ran at our own pace. Paul finished the mile in like 8 min I think? Sheesh. Me= Jeally. Jeally= Jealous.

On the plus, he was able to get some pics of me finishing up.

here I come...blink and you might miss me!

pictures lie. I was totally running.

The third mile was around 14 min. Not bad considering I walked three times. Didn’t get a totally accurate time for the first two laps, but overall I am felt really good about my first 3 miles outside.

Pretty excited to see what happens at the 5k on Saturday!

all DONE and all smiles. Sweaty and sore, but still smiling

Have you ever run in another country?

What have you had to dodge while running?

MR- Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible has always had a special place in my heart. It’s essentially my namesake. I wouldn’t be ME without it. But that is a story for another day.

I think I only saw the first two MI movies and then kind of lost interest in the third. BUT, when I saw the preview for this one, I will admit, I was kind of little kid excited about it. I might have even pulled on Paul’s sleeve and said, “can we go, can we go??? Pleeeeeasssseeee!!”

Not sure what it was that had me so excited, it just looked like a good time. Tom Cruise flying off of giant buildings in Dubai, cars flying over him as he lands on the ground, lovable Simon Peg doing something…well, lovable.

I was IN.

I highly enjoyed it. I don’t really remember anything that I particularly loved about the previous movies other than the neat tricks they do with face (like literal face) masks, but this one I would gladly see again.

Plot line? Eh. There are some bad guys that are gonna do some bad things, like blow up the whole world or something (I’m not kidding) and who is gonna stop them? TC thats who. And his new friend Jeremy Renner of recent Hurt Locker fame. Oh and don’t forget the pretty girl, Paula Patton and the funny sidekick guy, Simon Pegg. Mix in a dash of fun and a whole scoop full of fancy gadgets and toys and you have got yourself one non-stop action packed 133 minutes.

Oh and if you are a Lost fan, Sawyer is in it too. For the WIN!

The acting was fine, nothing to write home about and the action really was non-stop. Time flew by and almost left you wanting more. The best part (as with any movie that centers around secret intelligence and government spy groups) are the toys and gadgets and fancy schmancy cars and pens and lipsticks that they use to kill the bad guys. Just plain fun.

I don’t remember a lot of foul language, but of course there is a lot of violence, not the gratuitous kind, but still…people die.