Totally Terrible Tuesday

at least I know how to use alliteration?

Everything was going great today up until about 3pm. I was feeling good, rested and ready for my afternoon treadmill workout.

Then it all went downhill. Fast.

We had to separate someone at work. I work in HR and this is something that is normal and part of my job, but it happened rather quickly and lets just say that when I went to work this morning I wasn’t planning on ending my day that way.

It threw me off. I ended up leaving later than I wanted to leave. My head started to hurt on my long commute home (hazard of the job looking at computer screen all day) and then my stomach started hurting. Blech.

Despite all that I wanted to keep to my plan and get my run in. I figured the workout would make my head feel better and de-stress me a little bit.

me trying to be positive pre run

Then I got to the gym and realized I didn’t bring the right socks. So I had to wear my regular socks that I wore to work under my tall boots. How embarrassing.

a picture can tell you so much!

If I were a super sleuth, I could determine so much by this pic:

1) This person wears socks that are possibly too tight?
2) This person forgot to bring appropriate socks to the gym
3) This person recently had a incident with a shoelace and therefore now always ties in double knots
4) This person recently ran in mud? Possibly in Canada?

I must have still been sound asleep when I packed my gym clothes this morning b/c in addition to not bringing socks, I brought pretty much all the wrong clothes to run in.

I used to run in t-shirts but have found that I get too hot, so I have been opting for sleevless shirts instead. Well, I brought a t-shirt today for some unknown reason.

I also brought pants that are too big for me. I know, I know, call the waaaam-bulance. Poor girl with her pants that are too big for her.  They are supposed to be form fitting, and they don’t have a drawstring so pretty much they were inching their way down my body the instant I started really walking fast. And then running? Fuuu-get-a-bout it.

They also had a tag in the back that felt like it was scraping off a small section of skin. #lovely.

My stomach hurt the ENTIRE time. I think we all know what’s I’m getting at here…I won’t go into the gory details.

My shins were sore and my breathing was off. I couldn’t concentrate.

Basically everything was off. Nothing was working the way it should. I had hopes of four miles but finished a measly two and only ran about half of that.

On the plus (if there is one in this giant sob story) the time that I DID run, I ran at about a minute faster pace than I normally do. I think I really just wanted it to be over with so I could go home and eat a tub of ice cream, crawl under the covers and cry and never come out, stare at the wall blankly, well I guess just go home so it would all be over.

I didn't even finish at at even number. I just hit stop. Over it.

sad face Cinnamon

I think I’m just gonna call it “one of those days” and opt instead for a run on Totally Terrific Thursday instead?

What would you be able to determine from a picture of your feet?

How do you recover from an off day? 


10 responses

  1. The good news is, you still took your booty to the gym and did your thing instead of going home and missing a day at the gym! Since today wasn’t the best, I know yyoi will bring the right shirt, socks and umph! Lol

  2. Why didn’t you just run without socks? I know, kind of gross but I do it sometimes, lol. Also… Always always always pack your bag the night before! Kudos for keeping up with it though. Hats off to you!

    • I almost always to pack the bag at night too!! I was doomed from the start! LOL. I considered for a second running without the socks and then decided against it. I might try it next time if it happens again. Which it better not. Anytime soon anyway. 😉

  3. Blah. Some days are just like that. The stars all line up to make your life miserable.


    You persevered anyway. And that is an accomplishment in itself, no matter how fast your run was or how tight your socks were 🙂

  4. Rx for bad day recovery: Thank God for giving you so many excellent reasons to appreciate good days.

    When I look at my feet, I see SAS shoes … the sure sign of someone who is more about comfort than style.

  5. Good job for still doing your run. Had I had such a bad day at work, felt awful, then forgotten all my usual gym stuff I definitely would have skipped that workout. Plus your time was bomb dot com! I always run fast when I’m ready for my workout to be over too. Hope you feel better!

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