Back with a vengeance!

Sorry about that last picture only post. I’m trying to figure out this Flickr business and trying to get the pics posted directly into the blog without having to download them to my computer first. A little birdie aka…one of the blogs I read…said this could be done, but my somewhat technilogically challenged self can’t figure it out.

Aaaanyyy whoo….

I’m back baby!! (Seinfeld reference for the oldies mature folk out there)

This morning Paul dragged me out of bed kicking and screaming and I headed to the gym for a morning workout. I’m not a huge morning workout person for reasons I will go into later, but this morning was good. I was feelin it.

Warmed up for 5 per the usual and then busted out two miles straight. Felt good. Felt strong. Felt like I could have probably gone longer had we not had to leave in order to get home, showered, eat and commute to work. (Those would be some of the many reasons I’m not a huge morning worker outer.)

I had some good socks on today!

Those feetsies just ran two miles.

the time blinks on the TM when you are done so I had to take like fifteen shots before I finally got one that worked.

Forgot to get a pic of my tomato face. I’m sure you all will survive.

Are you a morning or afternoon worker outer? Or none of the above? 

“getting our Groupon” weekend

It’s no secret that I am addicted to Groupon.

I’m actually going through Groupon withdrawals right now. I am super hesitant to buy anything since I don’t know how long we will live here. We need to find out already so I can sign up for the emails for that city, get my credit card out and all will be right with the world again.

I’m also trying to use up all of our current “deals” before they expire and well, before we expire. Not like dying, don’t get all morbid on me.

I had two deals for one night stays at 1) a spa/hotel in Bellingham and 2) a hotel in Vancouver. Since B-Ham is only like an hour away from V-Couver, I obviously brilliantly decided a weekend getaway was on tap.

Friday afternoon we made like a baby and headed out.

Please don’t stop reading, I will most likely keep telling bad jokes and making myself laugh I promise I will stop.

Got up to Bellingham just in time for dinner and went to the Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro (hey! they like alliteration too!) at the suggestion of a good friend, foodie and former resident to B-Ham.

appetizer cuz we were starvin marvins....this was seriously the most delish thing I have had in seriously like a long time. Seriously. So simple and so GOOD.

that is a blue cheese vinaigrette that you can't see on this. Yowzas I need to figure out how to make that. And then make a gallon of it and put it on everything.

After din, we headed to our 1st hotel of the two hotel weekend. This place was the JAM. I know that is a weird way to describe a fancy spa place, but I just don’t know how else to say it. It was fantastic.

Woke up Sat morning and the first thing Paul says is “I have four words for you. Tem. Pur. Pe. Dic.” I swiftly informed him that it is not four words. Silly. It’s two. Tempur. Pedic. Duh. 🙂

We are majorly slightly obsessed with our tempurpedic bed. Its getting to the point where its unhealthy to be so in love with an inanimate object we might have to only go to hotels that have them. ITS THAT GOOD. But I digress…

We went to breakfast (which came with our deal) and it was…well…here look at this pic and YOU tell me how I think it was.

hello grapefruit!!

I went back for two helpings of the melon/fruit medley. Wow was it good.

Oh and the bacon was IN the eggs. How have I not done this before?

Got all the pics of the hotel and surrounding area in the morning b/c it was like 4pm when we got there so of course it was pitch black. Kidding, that’s a little pacific northwest humor for ya there. No? Ok, moving on…

front of hotel

back of hotel from out by the water

view from our room

We enjoy staring pensively out to the water. Its very soothing.

Aaaand it was time to go.

On to Vancouver we went. Made it across the border quickly and were on our way to hotel #2.

When we got there lunch time it was. And all of a sudden I am channeling Yoda.

grilled Cesar with a herbed flatbread with balsamic. yes please.

Then we realized that there was a “sea bus” that went directly from our hotel across the water to downtown Vancouver. Sign us up.

While waiting for this sea bus to arrive I took this:

my vote for ugliest pic of the year. Didn't even notice the chair until I looked at the pic later. #BOO

Off we went to explore in city. This is what we saw:

maple syrup. lots of maple syrup


steam clock

our next Tri?

for some reason this sign cracked us up.

ummmmm....what's wrong with this picture? 10 pts if you get it right.

Being on the lookout for misspelled signs is exhausting. Dinner time!

That's a big fat "W" in that froth in case you couldn't tell.

southwest chicken salad

garlic fries

We took our “sea bus” back to our hotel and were feeling a little giddy…

Only one beer each. Lightweights.

…and decided we needed something sweet to cap off the night. So we hunted down some gelato. It’s no fro-yo, but it will do.

Maple (of course) walnut and double dark chocolate on the bottom. Paul's double raspberry in the background.

I should have had two scoops of the double dark chocolate.

Woke up missing our tempurpedic again. If we could figure out how to make travel size tempurpedics we would be instant millionares.

Breakfast at the hotel before our epic workout in Stanley Park.

All in all a fantab groupon weekend!

Are you addicted to Groupon? 

Have you ever been to Canada?