Back with a vengeance!

Sorry about that last picture only post. I’m trying to figure out this Flickr business and trying to get the pics posted directly into the blog without having to download them to my computer first. A little birdie aka…one of the blogs I read…said this could be done, but my somewhat technilogically challenged self can’t figure it out.

Aaaanyyy whoo….

I’m back baby!! (Seinfeld reference for the oldies mature folk out there)

This morning Paul dragged me out of bed kicking and screaming and I headed to the gym for a morning workout. I’m not a huge morning workout person for reasons I will go into later, but this morning was good. I was feelin it.

Warmed up for 5 per the usual and then busted out two miles straight. Felt good. Felt strong. Felt like I could have probably gone longer had we not had to leave in order to get home, showered, eat and commute to work. (Those would be some of the many reasons I’m not a huge morning worker outer.)

I had some good socks on today!

Those feetsies just ran two miles.

the time blinks on the TM when you are done so I had to take like fifteen shots before I finally got one that worked.

Forgot to get a pic of my tomato face. I’m sure you all will survive.

Are you a morning or afternoon worker outer? Or none of the above? 


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    • Thanks!! It’s something I would like to get better at. I feel so much better getting it over with in the morning. Don’t have to work up motivation to do it in the afternoon plus I just feel better all day after working out in the morning.

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