Magnuson Series MLK 5K

First 5k of 2012 DONE!


The race was at 10am so we had plenty of time in the morning to get ready without feeling rushed. Up, eat, hydrate, bathroom (x3) all at a somewhat leisurely pace.

I was feeling pretty good and really ready. I have done some 5k’s in the past when I was triathlon training, but wasn’t really super serious about them. Really just wanted to practice running the distance outside. This year though, I have some goals that I want to reach and this was the first step towards achieving some of those.

The forecast was for rain and possibly snow, so that was the only thing that had me slightly worried. But everything else (stomach, legs, energy) was good, so I was feeling good and ready to do this.

The Magnuson series is a cool series of races that I found online that they hold at Magnuson park in Seattle. They do a different race every month of the year. They do 5k, 10k and 15k and some months they even do Duathlons. This one was in honor of MLK day and registration without a t-shirt was only $12. Sweetness.

We arrived in plenty of time to get our bibs and then turn into ice cubes instantly get back in the car. It was FREEZING. Temperature wasn’t too horrible (for living in Seattle) but there was an awesome wind coming off the water. So So So cold. And it wasn’t raining raining, but it was misty and just basically miserable.

I haven’t done much training outside and none really in rain and wind, but I was still just excited to start running and get going. There were a ton of people there. Way more than I was expecting. I find the crowds energizing though, and also I have this irrational perfectly understandable fear of coming in dead last, so I figure the more people there, the better chance I have of NOT being last.


Paul was pumped and ready to go too.


I had my new Garmin ready to go, but this was the first time using it and since I am such a novice I totally blew it and didn’t get my time at the end. Sad face.


It was COLD!



Finally it was time to start, so we got out of the car and headed to the start. Paul and I said our good lucks and then we were off!

Started out and instantly the entire crowd passed me pretty good and in the middle of everyone and then at about half a mile everyone kind of thinned out. I warmed up right away which was great, but the misty rain  and wind was not fun. I had to walk up one brief but steep hill and also to blow my nose, but other than that I made it to mile 1 marker running the whole time.

Then it got rough. Right after mile 1 we basically ran a pretty long stretch into a strong headwind. Added to that, my legs were feeling like bricks. Or tree trunks. I was trying to figure out which one they felt more like, and I think I finally settled on tree trunks.

I kept giving myself marker goals. Like “just run to that bench and then you can walk for a few seconds.” Or “just keep running until you get to mile two and then you can stop for a bit.” “Just keep running until this song is over.”

Hey, it’s the little things right?

I found that I ended up in a little group of about 6 people and we were all going around the same pace. I would pass them, they would pass me but overall we all stayed pretty close together. Made me feel better than just being out there all alone and dead last.

The last mile wasn’t as bad as the 2nd for a couple reasons. Only a short portion of it was in the direct rain and wind, and it was the LAST mile. Hallelujah.  Almost over. More than halfway done.

I find that an awesome motivation mantra I tell myself lately when running and its getting difficult is “just  few more minutes and you are done. you have the whole rest of the day to walk, lay around, sit, sleep, whatever….you just have to do this for a few more minutes. it’s nothing in the grand scheme of things.” I know that since that is so long its probably not technically a mantra, but throw me a bone here…

It works every time. Keeps me going.

The very end was a short down and back. Once we got to the turn around I told myself, “run all the way to the end, you can totally do it.”

And I did.

I could see the clock and I just wanted to get to it.

Paul was waiting and got some good shots.


That’s me in the green. Kyle saw me and joined me to finish.


Finish time 42:47. Pretty much in line with my training treadmill time and I am proud of this for a few reasons.

1) I think its slightly easier to run on the TM b/c (to a degree) its helping you along

2) No hills unless you choose to add them in which I haven’t really done yet

3) No rain, wind, cold and mud and other people to get in your way and throw you off

So I count this as a win.

I was super emotional after it was all over. I was disappointed that I couldn’t figure out my new watch. I was really wet from the rain and my legs were really heavy. We went back to the car b/c there wasn’t really anywhere for us to go that had cover and when we got in I just started crying. Not really sure why, I think it was just really stressful and I was just needing a release. After about 20 min or so I was better though and excited about what I accomplished.

Time for food at that point so we stopped for something that was really delicious good and healthy for us.



Got good and muddy.

Headed home to shower and relax and watch the Olympic Marathon trials.

Hey at least I didn’t end up like this guy!



They were literally rolling him off of the course. I mean he DID just run a marathon so….I guess I can throw him a bone too.

Now I’m on the hunt for my next one…Wanna get to a PR of 40 next. I know I can do it!!

9 responses

  1. Congratulations!!!! And you’re right … you can keep improving your PR! Push yourself but also take care of your body. It’s such a fine balance between being patient with yourself and pushing yourself! 🙂 (And I still haven’t figured out that balance like I would want haha!)

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  3. Way to go! I ran my first offical 5k in April of last year and have come such a long way. I had treadmills but have to use them living in New Hampshire…running is such a release cant wait to follow along your journey!

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