Snow day part 1

I say “part 1″ because allegedly we will be getting another 4-9” of snow tonight and tomorrow. So will there be a part 2? Only God and the Doppler radar know for sure.

I love snow just not in Seattle. Its so hilly around here that even a little bit of snow and ice on the massive hills can leave you completely stranded in seconds. Its also a good 45 min to and from work, so therefore, when it snows, I stay home.

Thankfully I have a job where I can work from home if need be. I don’t normally prefer working at home but from time to time it’s OK. Paul stayed home and worked as well. But poor Kyle, he only had a 2 hour late start at school. We laughed and laughed felt really awful about that.

Breakfast was cinnamon rolls that we pulled out of the freezer in order to make room for our Costco purchases yesterday. I didn’t take a pic, but this is basically what it was.

That’s flour and sugar in case you couldn’t tell. No elicit drugs here. Unless you count Alka Selzer cold. Then in that case, yes, lots of that here today since I’m feeling a bit under the weather.

Some working went down and then lunch happened.

My yummy salad

Paul’s salad. That’s the last of the Dions ranch dressing. I’m nice to share it with him huh? If anyone from Abq wants to send me more, I won’t be sad.

Shared edamame. One of our Costco purchases and ultimately why the cinnamon rolls had to come out of the freezer. Biggest bag of edamame I have ever laid eyes on.

Worked some more….and then this happened.

Don’t worry they both survived and no one has pneumonia. They are super pissed fluffy and yummy smelling now.

Yesterday we hit the pool. Legs were still a little sore from Saturday’s run, and it’s about time to start pool training again anyway. It felt soooo good to get back in the water. Paul and I both did 600 m and then sat in the spa for a while. Didn’t get a pic of me during workout, but I’m sure it looked something like this.

INTENSE. Totally not me.

All that swimming and the fact that I think I am catching a cold and my body was not feelin’ good today. Super sore glutes, quads, calves and shins. Decided to go back to the spa to sit and stretch tonight.

Hoping to get in a run tomorrow. I’m actually *GASP* looking forward to it.

I ran every other day for two solid weeks leading up to the 5k. That is another first for me. It’s been three whole days and I MISS it. I wanna get back out there and see what I can do next. Bring the straight jacket, I’m officially crazy loving it.

If I’m not buried in snow or tissues, it will happen.

What do you think of snow?

What is your favorite thing to get at Costco?

How do you torture your pets?

6 responses

  1. My favorite thing at Costco IS Costco 🙂 I love the hotdogs & coke for $1.50. I love the Edamame; the rotisserie chicken for $5; the black bean burgers; the hummus and babaganoush; the lemon juice; Need I go on???

  2. I’m not down with Costco but those salads and edamame look delicious! Chloe’s pic is hilarious and that’s how I feel about SNOW! Looks purty but Yikes so much for moving to Seattle. It appears the dusty, rocky desert is still the sunniest winter option. Stay Warm!

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