Look whats baaaaack! (and rough workouts)

The sun made an appearance today! We missed it so much and we cried like babies when we saw it again were so very happy that it decided to come and visit us even if it was just for a bit. We wish our cable would do the same, but we will find a way to make due with some blue sky for now.

Whaaaat?? Yes, that’s right. I don’t care if it is only sunny for like half an hour. Our eyes aren’t used to the sun and need all the protection they can get!

This has been one crazy week. It feels like nothing and everything has happened.

Here are the highlights of the week:

  • I haven’t physically been to work in over a week
  • I haven’t driven my car in over a week
  • I made every attempt to be in sweats, pajama pants, workout pants, and leggings at every moment possible
  • Slept into to at least 7:30 pretty much every day and even later on days we were officially off work
  • Had a different breakfast every day of the week and they were all scrumdiliumptious
  • We ate at home every day for lunch and dinner except for Friday when we decided to go out for a night on the icy town and eat some greasy food
  • We saved a ton of money by switching to Geico eating at home every day and by not having to drive our loooong commutes to work
  • I didn’t put on a shred of make up for almost a week and my husband still loves me
  • The puppies were super annoyed happy that we were here with them all day every day

So you would think with an awesome week like this where we were pretty much were trapped in our house for a few days without cable/internet that we would be super productive, right? NOPE.

  •  I did not deep clean my house from top to bottom, I didn’t even clean the bathroom
  • I did not wash all the sheets
  • I did not organize and clean out two closets that need exactly that
  • I did not do awesome cross-training workouts on the days we couldn’t go to the gym
  • I did not take inventory of our pantry
  • I did not meal plan for the next month to get it out of the way and then make a corresponding grocery list to make sure we have everything we need when we need it
  • I did not finish my wedding scrapbook which has been on my to do list for at least three months
  • I did not finish two books

I DID however….

  • Start one book

Since we have a brand new teenager in the house and even though he hasn’t acted like a typical “teenager” at all in the past month I figured I better get going on this one. I think I might need to read it once a year to ensure that it stays fresh in my mind. Only about four chapters in and already it is fantastic!

  • Ironed two shirts that have been sitting sadly and staring at me for three weeks. But I really only did it so I could say I did it here on this post. 
  • Cleaned out my iTunes

I have been wanting to do this for.ev.er. Completely clean out and organize my iTunes library. It was a MESS and since there is word on the street that a new computer is in my near future shhhhhhh I figured I would take the opportunity to not be distracted by shiny objects on the internet (aka…fun blogs) the internet and get this done.  I also spent a lot of time organizing my pictures etc…on my external hard drive and also flickr before our internet went out.

This is what the gym looked like yesterday

No power!!

But we called this morning and the power was back up today. YAY! I can get my four miles in as planned.

I was pumped. I was ready. I was excited. Then I started running.

  • My first problem was that the gym was PACKED. So many people were there. I think this contributed to the fact that it was hotter than the sun in there.
  • My second problem is that I had to pee. BAD. After 1 mile I had no choice, I HAD to go. Luckily I got back to the t-Mill in under the 2 min time it gives you before it re-sets. Had 10 seconds left. Fist pump.
  • My third problem is that I am still getting over my chest/head cold. I could NOT catch my breath. I was wheezing and snotty. I went through all three Kleenexes that I brought with me. It was dreadful.

After the initial mile that I ran, I couldn’t run more than .20 of a mile at a time. Then I would walk for .10 or .20. I did that for the remaining three miles. It was SO SO SO hard. But I finished. I got there. And I know that I had some things going against me and that this was not a normal run. By the time we left I think I finally had convinced myself of that.

The clock had reset so imagine a 6 in front of that 3. I promise I didn’t finish four miles in three minutes. 🙂

not as tomato-y faced today, I think my shirt distracts from it. If I were wearing a white shirt…hello tomato!!!

More pics to come of the craziness that went down this week as soon as our internet is back up. (They say tomorrow????) You can only live at Starbucks for so long until they kick you out you have to go back to normal life and be productive.

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