Pool prayer and the end of snow week

Paul and I hit the pool tonight. I’m so glad I have a husband who is all about going to work out and train b/c all I wanted to do this afternoon was take a nap and go see a movie. But noooooooo. We HAD to go to the gym. Ugh. But of course afterward I felt great and was glad that we went. I hate it love it when he’s right.

Crazy one eyebrow all super high. The cap does weird things to your face. At least that’s what I tell myself.

btw’s that is a long haired swim cap. Finding out that they made these is probably one of the main tipping points in me actually doing a triathlon. The agony of getting a regular cap over all my super thick hair and onto my head was quickly becoming a major deterrent to me getting in swim workouts. I figured other people had to have this same problem and viola! I discovered my best friend. I love Google.

We each did 16 laps (800m). This is the distance of a sprint triathlon so the fact that I can do that comfortably now in January is great considering we probably won’t be doing any triathlons until the summertime. I currently do a breast stroke but am working my way up to doing a crawl (freestyle) for the full 800m.

Something I love doing in the pool is praying. I pray for a different person or people in my life for every lap I do. It’s a great way to pass the time and take my mind off of the workout. And it’s almost a full 20-30 minutes of dedicated prayer time without any real distractions. I love it and it’s one of my favorite reasons to do pool workouts other than just the awesome feeling of being in the water gliding along.

I did my prayer time tonight with the exception of the last two laps. All I could think about was peanut butter. A big yummy creamy spoonful of peanut butter. mmmmmm.

So our internet is up and our cable is back in business! I know there are still people in our area without power, so I consider us blessed! It is really amazing and humbling to see the amount of damage that some snow and ice can do. Everywhere we went we saw hundreds of trees that had cracked or had come out of the ground or had branches that broke off from the pressure of the ice. There will be remnants of this week for a long time to come.

Here are the final pictures from our “week in the snow”.

This is what this tree looked like under all the ice…

and what it looked like when the ice had melted…

These trees line the entrance to our neighborhood

And then a little further down the street

I have a video of the sound the trees were making when the ice was melting. The sound of the ice and snow crashing down and the branches cracking off and falling to the ground was SO LOUD. I would insert the video but I’m not quite tech-y enough to do that. BOO.

In addition to all the mayhem that was going on OUTSIDE, here is a little of what was going on INSIDE.

This is my makeshift office #1. Chloe decided she needed to help me get my work done.

Could we have more computers in one little tiny space??? OF COURSE we could but we decided to take it easy on the gadgets that day….

Makeshift office # 2. Chloe decided she needed to be right by my side in case I had a question on how to do something in a spreadsheet or power point. She is my go-to gal for that kind of stuff.

Who needs bowls when you have an awesome floor to eat off of? See how that rawhide stick is closest to Chloe? Just how she likes it.

Our awesome Friday night dinner out on the town was at The Rock and this was on the back of all the booths. Paul and I made a point to sing each and every one of these songs at the top of our lungs to thoroughly embarrass Kyle.

Neighborhood watch

We saw this while driving in a neighborhood and could not figure out why in the world it was there

“Warning, children on a see-saw!” ???? This was in front of a house with no see-saw anywhere in sight and no park either. hmmm

One word only needed for this next one

Delish. Well ok, maybe two words. MORE PLEASE.

And last but not least…quite a bit of this happened


If you have kids, what do you do to embarras them?

Do you like gelato? What is your fave flavor?

Any idea what that see-saw sign is all about?