Holiday Recap 2011

I know this is a little delayed, but I AM getting it done faster than the 43% of people who don’t’ take their Christmas lights down until March.  So really I’m ahead of the game.

Also, 79% of all statistics are made up.

Our holiday season through pics:

first tree I have had in years. I guess that is what getting married does to you? Makes you all domestic and stuff. Ugh. I mean YAY!!

Santa has to wear sunglasses in Seattle? hmmmmm

cheesy tourist photo even though we live here? Nah. Oh it's free? Sweet, we will take it!


coolest tree E.V.E.R?

my stack 'o presents. Obviously no one else's stack was important due to the lack of pictures of them

honey got me a map. I heart maps.

he is very emotional when opening gifts. Hates tearing the beautiful wrapping paper.

all my loot. yes that is a forever lazy. SCORE.


you can't even see his head. totally works.


K-dawg got everyone awesome bandanas. $1 each at Wally World. Kid knows how to shop. Everyone loved them.

Guinn also...ahem....."loved" his squirred from G-Ma. ***G-ma...please stop getting him squirrels. There are children in the house. Its just not right.

three pies for four people is totally normal right?


We haven't eaten in like 5 min and we are super cute.......pleeeeaseeeeee

two "small" slices count as one regular right?

"ok, you bite his ankles and then when he falls down we can climb up his body and get to the good stuff"

time to play in the snow!


I may or may not have had a snowball thrown at me

bear climbing

and bear planking

apparently bears eat children? who knew? Gloomy Bear knows.

it really is true about animals looking like their owners…..

had to be super stealth ninja to get that shot! they looked too much alike to not get it though!

Small towns =close parking spots. We were just coming out of the movie theater and our our car is the silver one. Usually we have to walk like 15 min to get back to our car in the big city.

went to Starbucks to hang and Pauls Mac died…CRISIS. Oh wait, we have all these other electronic devices. Crisis averted. We don’t have to have awkward coffee conversation after all. WHEW!

Gretchen (dog) telling Kyle- “you really should do something about that breath. Have you tried a dental chews? They worked wonders for me”

He used to play hockey. Showoff.

full time fancy airport gate

Happy Holidays from P&C. This shot just might make the 2012 Christmas Card. It will at least be a runner up. I NEVER look at the camera the right way!!

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