MR- Contraband and Life in a Day


I really wanted to like this movie. It was eh. The best part about it was Giovanni Ribisi trying to be a ominous bad guy. Only problem was that he kept getting beat up my Mark Wahlberg. The bad guy should scare you because hes the bad guy. He shouldn’t be bloody and on the floor the whole movie. Nonetheless it was entertaining to watch Ribisi attempt to be a greasy, tattooed thug trying to fill the shoes of his absent (dead? killed doing thug things? who knows? ) and seemingly better liked thug brother.

The story centers around Chris Farraday (Wahlberg) who used to be a bad smuggler guy but has changed his terrible ways after getting married and having some kiddos. Problem is, his wife’s misfit younger brother is still in the biz. And he sucks at it. So therefore he’s gotta do “one last” run to make up for the brothers incompetence.

The movie was dark and gritty and wanted to be more intense and dramatic than it was. It was interesting to see some of the inner-workings of the big carrier boats, and the shipping/smuggling focus was something that I haven’t seen before. What I have seen before was a tired plot where half of it you can see coming and the other half isn’t really surprising at all.  Wait..isn’t that the same thing?

I was actually a little bored at one point. Never a good sign.

Lots of “lets act like we are really tough bad guys” language and some blood, but nothing over the top.

Overall Rating: Small popcorn, small drink

Life in a Day

I had seen previews for this for a while but somehow missed it at the theater so we took it in on Netflix. It’s a documentary (if you can call it that) of all kinds of video footage that was taken from real people from all across the world on July 24th, 2010. Baiscally telling the story of everything that happens on earth in the period of one day.

Intriguing concept, no?  I have always been fascinated by things that occur at the same time/day that we are unaware of.  Or just thinking about “I wonder what so and so is doing right at this very moment?” Even as I type this or as you are reading this, other things are happening to friends, family, movie stars, athletes, strangers all over the world that you are completely unaware of. But they are still happening. How cool would it be to know exactly what was happening to them at the same moment you were doing a specific something? This movie (kind of) does that.

And my now my brain is tired.

It doesn’t follow any one particular story although a few different people show up more than once throughout the movie. It literally is just video footage that was submitted by people all over the world and then they edited it to follow a typical day. It started with the early morning went through breakfast, morning, lunchtime etc…and just chronicles what the various people were up too. No one story is highlighted and no one person or thing is on long enough for you to get attached.

Watching the movie and knowing that everything I was watching took place during the same day in history was pretty cool. Makes me wonder what I was doing on that day. After all I was doing something at the same moment all these people were doing what they were doing.

OK I think I have geeked out enough about this concept. I think its cool. I think you will too.

Overall rating: Large popcorn, large drink