11 {Eleven} (one, one)

I was recently tagged by this girl to do a little survey of sorts. (Thanks Kristen!**)  Just a fun little way that bloggers and readers can get to know each other better. I’m a sucker for surveys. Why you ask?

Umm, duh b/c they are all about you!! Who doesn’t love to talk about themselves? Statistics say 94% of people love talking about themselves and we all know how accurate statistics are. 

**Note. I totally messed up Kristen’s blog title in my post yesterday. It’s Confessions of a (not so) domesticated newlywed. I know its only a little difference but I wanted to make sure I got it right!! 😉

So here’s how it goes. I’m supposed to share 11 general things about myself and then answer Kristen’s questions at the end. Then I am to tag some other bloggers to do the same, except I will add in my own questions at the end. Got it? Let’s go.

11 Things
11. I’m obsessed with personality assessments. MBTI, DISC, Strengths Finder, Love Languages, Spiritual gifts….I think they are so helpful in helping you identify what your personality is like and how you can use that to better relate to others. I secretly would like to somehow make a career out of talking about, teaching and facilitating these types of sessions. I guess its not so secret anymore.

10. I wore glasses/contacts for 18 years and then got lasik and it was one of the top three best decisions I have made in my life thus far.

9. I was in a sorority in college. Sorority’s are not like they appear on the movies (well not all of them anyway.) They are really cool organizations that do a lot of philanthropic work. They also teach you how to relate to lots of different people  and personality types and generally how to belong to a sort of community. In my opinion, college was a much better experience having been a part of this group and I am sad that they often get a bad rap.

8. I love professional football but don’t enjoy college football. Not sure if it is b/c I just know more about the pro teams or there are less of them, but I can watch pro football and enjoy every moment of it, but have absolutely NO interest whatsoever in college football.

7. I recently gave up diet coke. I mostly gave it up just to see if I could and went just over a month without having even one. Tried to have it a few times since then and can’t handle it any more. I occasionally have Diet Root Beer or Diet DP just to have something other than water or tea, but for the most part I think Diet Soda might be a part of my past. I used to have at least two every day around noontime (religiously) so I consider this to be a great accomplishment.

6. I don’t think I have ever seen a picture that represents such truth as this.

5. I love salad. Like LOVE. I could eat it every day and sometimes do. My salads have evolved over the years and now that I am older I enjoy being more creative with them and just kind of throwing in whatever I have around. I prefer to eat it in a bowl and not a plate and like them to be pretty hearty. I don’t typically find that I get hungry two hours afterward either (which I know is a major reason why people make fun of salad).

Salads from just this week alone…

4. Open doors drive me bonkers. Cabinet doors in my house, open locker doors at the gym. Doors in the house that should be closed but aren’t. Just looks so “unfinished” to me and I will always close them. I recently discovered that I have married into a family that doesn’t close cabinet doors. Like ever. God help me.

3. I love my newly married/engaged class at church and the small group we have at our house on Monday nights. The fun, study and fellowship is such a blessing to me and I want everyone to be a part of a group like these so they can feel the same way!!

2. I never learned how to ride a bike as a kid. Well my dad tried to teach me but it was hard so I gave up.  When I decided to do a triathlon, I had no choice. I learned when I was in my 30’s, fell A LOT (still do) but despite that, I love it!!

1. My parents got my name from Mission Impossible the TV show from the 70’s. They were not hippies. There was a character on the show named Cinnamon and they thought that was just groovy. Otherwise I think I would have been Crystal. I have only met one other Cinnamon in person during my lifetime, although lots of people tell me about other Cinnamon’s that they know. My husband’s first kiss (when he was like 5) was actually with a girl named Cinnamon! What are the odds of that??? The first and last girl he will ever kiss, named Cinnamon.

apparently he can’t. BOOM!  🙂

Kristen’s questions:

1) What is your favorite dessert? ANYTHING chocolate. If that is not available, then something lemony.   If only carrot cake is available I am highly offended. Who puts veggies in sweets? You don’t see broccoli cake and there shouldn’t be carrot cake either. It’s just not right. IMO. 😉

2) Who do you most admire? Matt Chandler. He is a pastor out of Texas and he is just awesome. His humor, his relate-ability and his directness are all qualities that I admire.

3) Would you rather: Bungee jump or sky dive? sky dive all the way. Espeically after that story of the girl whose bungee cord broke the other day. No thank you.

4) If you were on death row (pleasant topic, right?), what would be your last meal?creamy garlicy gorgonzola pasta with juicy sliced steak on top with a side of buttery grean beans and molten chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert

5) Dogs or Cats? I am allergic to cats and they are usually big ‘ol jerks, so dogs all the way for me.


6) What accomplishment are you most proud of? Teaching a college class at the University of New Mexico

7) What is your favorite guilty pleasure TV show? Fashion Police on E! Paul loves it too. Don’t you Paul?

8) What is your most embarassing moment? When I instant messaged a person on accident. I was talking ABOUT that person in the instant message and it was a complimentary insult. I know, ouch.

I don’t think she bit her computer, but this pic made me literally laugh out loud.

9) What food do you love but you are scared to prepare for yourself? Thai food. I love red and green curry and Pad Ke Mao but have NO IDEA where to even start and am totally positive that I was screw it up!

10) What is your biggest fear? being annoying and/or people not liking me

11) Name the movie or TV show that makes you laugh the most? The New Girl. Hi.lar.ious.

My questions:
1) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
2) If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
3) What got you into blogging?
4) Do you prefer movies in the theater or at home?
5) What is your favorite color?
6) What does a typical Tuesday night look like at your house?
7) What is your favorite childhood memory?
8) What is your favorite nut butter?
9) Do you sleep with or without the covers?
10) What time do you get up in the morning?
11) Name one thing you have always wanted to do and just haven’t done yet.
I’m tagging:
Maren from Marens Morsels
Theresa from Fueled by Wings!
Heather from Runaway Ranchwife
Cortney from Nerd on the Run

4 responses

  1. I love The New Girl, too. My husband can’t stand it … he can’t believe the show is actually a success haha! 😉

    I was in a sorority, too! I was hard-core involved for 2 years, and then some drama went down and I ended up quitting (along with 2 of my friends). But while I was in the sorority, I really enjoyed it!

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