MR- Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

I was a big fan of the first Sherlock Holmes movie. So much so that I thought there was already a second movie and this new one was the third. Not sure how I came to that conclusion, but nonetheless I was excited to see the second installment. Guy Ritchie directing and Robert Downey Jr….yes please! Guaranteed pure entertainment through and through.

This second installment didn’t disappoint. Lots of excitement, neat camera tricks and cool slow motion action, funny dialog etc…despite all of that however, through most of the movie, I honestly had no idea what was going on.

Completely lost.

Someone was trying to blow stuff up. Some lady’s brother was pretending to be someone else. There was a cool train scene. A wicked cool chess scene near the end that was more of a mind game between two ridiculously intelligent masterminds than an actual (snoozefest) chess scene.

There isn’t a lot of depth to these movies even though I think they want to come across as if there is. The campy dialog and interesting way the movie is filmed make it seem like a fancier movie than it really is. But in the end, it’s a good time.

Two hours to enjoy your popcorn, candy and soda or your Subway sandwich home made popcorn if you are that person who likes to sneak your own food into the theater.

Your mind won’t be blown, but you probably won’t feel like you totally wasted your time either.

Overall rating: Medium popcorn/Medium drink