For your entertainment and punching running in the face!

I rocked my run today. In fact this is pretty much how I felt about it.

ha! this is my new shirt that came in the mail today thanks to SkinnyRunner.

I didn’t really go into my run today with a specific plan, my hips were still kind of sore from this weekend’s 5k , but overall I was feeling good and itching to run. FAST.

I started out with a slow mile, a little bit of a faster 2nd mile and then ended out the last mile with some sprints. My goal was to beat my 5K PR of 42:45. I came close. 42:46.

ONE SECOND. Seriously? But I got over feeling like I wanted to puke felt awesome, I ran fast and I was a happy camper.

In addition to my awesome tunes that I was jamming to, I had some entertainment going on in front of me. A girl on the elliptical directly in front of me was wearing a shirt that looked exactly like this:

Maybe she gets really hot?

I also saw a lady running on the Tmill in a full on sweatshirt. I don’t get this. Why do people wear long sleeves and sweatshirts while running indoors on the treadmill? Someone please explain b/c I am constantly baffled by this phenomenon. Bikram running perhaps?

Speaking of that, I purchased a coupon for 5 sessions of Bikram yoga at the urging of my two friends who swear by it. I’m pretty scared that I am going to suffocate or melt into a pile of nothingness while suffocating, but I will try anything once! Updates to come once I find the time to actually get to the class.

And for your entertainment, some post workout photos taken in the locker room. My crazy hair alone proves that I had a rockin workout.

Tomorrow I begin teaching my class at Bellevue College. I’m nervous and super excited all at the same time. I hope I have lots of super awesome students who bribe me with candy and gifts can’t wait to learn all the awesome stuff I want to teach them.