For your entertainment and punching running in the face!

I rocked my run today. In fact this is pretty much how I felt about it.

ha! this is my new shirt that came in the mail today thanks to SkinnyRunner.

I didn’t really go into my run today with a specific plan, my hips were still kind of sore from this weekend’s 5k , but overall I was feeling good and itching to run. FAST.

I started out with a slow mile, a little bit of a faster 2nd mile and then ended out the last mile with some sprints. My goal was to beat my 5K PR of 42:45. I came close. 42:46.

ONE SECOND. Seriously? But I got over feeling like I wanted to puke felt awesome, I ran fast and I was a happy camper.

In addition to my awesome tunes that I was jamming to, I had some entertainment going on in front of me. A girl on the elliptical directly in front of me was wearing a shirt that looked exactly like this:

Maybe she gets really hot?

I also saw a lady running on the Tmill in a full on sweatshirt. I don’t get this. Why do people wear long sleeves and sweatshirts while running indoors on the treadmill? Someone please explain b/c I am constantly baffled by this phenomenon. Bikram running perhaps?

Speaking of that, I purchased a coupon for 5 sessions of Bikram yoga at the urging of my two friends who swear by it. I’m pretty scared that I am going to suffocate or melt into a pile of nothingness while suffocating, but I will try anything once! Updates to come once I find the time to actually get to the class.

And for your entertainment, some post workout photos taken in the locker room. My crazy hair alone proves that I had a rockin workout.

Tomorrow I begin teaching my class at Bellevue College. I’m nervous and super excited all at the same time. I hope I have lots of super awesome students who bribe me with candy and gifts can’t wait to learn all the awesome stuff I want to teach them.

3 responses

  1. A few thoughts……

    Love the shirt! I want one. Except I haven’t punched running in the face yet, so guess I’ll have to wait.

    I hated Bikram Yoga. Hated, hated. It’s much different than just regular hot yoga (Vinyasa) in that it’s the same 26 poses each time and the ABSOLUTE worst part is you can’t talk and there is NO music. WTF? Maybe you’ll like it. Sorry to poop on your sessions, but just letting you know to warn ya….

  2. I think some people still believe that sweating more = losing more weight. So they wear lots of clothes to make them sweat. I, on the other hand, do the exact opposite b/c I like to sweat as little as possible (of course when you’re running, you’re going to sweat regardless!).

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