And it continues…

So we are on day four of snowpocalypse of 2012 and I am in Starbucks writing this b/c our cable/internet went down yesterday about 4pm. Sadness.

We went into a slight panic and then remembered that we could still watch DVD’s since the power wasn’t out. WHEW! We didn’t have to sit and stare awkwardly at each other around the candle light and “bond”.

In all seriousness though, it was kind of nice to be completely disconnected for an evening, well…and most of today and for who knows how long.  We are very thankful that our power didn’t go out all together b/c we know for so many people around the area it had. The lights flickered about a million times throughout the day and gave me heart palpitations every time, but we are still in business and hoping to stay that way.

Here are a couple shots of what we are dealing with.

everything was frozen solid yesterday. The poor trees were hanging down so far b/c of the weight of the ice.

the car was frozen solid!

Today it has warmed up to a balmy 45 degrees and has rained some which is thankfully melting a lot of the ice and some of the snow. We sat this morning and listened to the trees in our neighborhood. The ice and snow crashing down and breaking branches. It was surreal. On our way to Starbucks we saw sooo many trees hanging in the streets under the weight of the ice and cables and power lines all over the roads as well. Its a freezing cold HOT mess.

I have a lot more pics to share, but cell phone service is pretty spotty as well so haven’t been able to upload anything.

I am sitting here seriously considering booking a trip to Hawaii. Seriously, I’m about to click “purchase”.

I NEED this….

Where do you wish you were right now?

Snow Day round two

Well it happened. Woke up to about 6 inches of the white stuff. And it continued to snow most of the day.

This was my feeling about it on Twitter

For all of you who don’t know, MRE = Meals Ready to Eat. You know the ones all dehydrated in a bag like the astronauts use. I’ve never actually had one, and thanks to our Costco trip the other day hopefully it will stay that way.

Had to work from home again due to the snowpocalypse except the joke was on me today b/c Paul didn’t have to actually DO any work and Kyle got the day off from school. That will teach me. 

But seeing this in my email this morning brightened my day right up.

OVER 1000 bought!! Christmas shopping for 2012…DONE.

Still not feeling all that well so Alka Selzer cold with a side of kleenex was on the menu for the day. In additon to these yummy things:

Breakfast: 5 min steel cut oats with banana, blueberries, chia seeds and a dollop of chocolate dreams peanut butter.

Lunch: grilled cheese and turkey on sandwich thin, tomato soup and 2 cuties. Did you know cuties were for kids? I hate that commercial. I love cuties and should not be discriminated against just b/c I made it past 10 yrs old!

Threw the dogs in the snow and all they did was make yellow snow and then instantly  head back to the door. #partypoopers. Literally.

While I did some more work the boys warmed up and watched Tangled. TANGLED.

Chloe did some warming up too

Paul was super excited to get out and drive in the snow and scare the crap out of me drive safely to the gym. Managed to squeak out running one mile during my two mile workout on the T-mill. Mostly b/c it felt like I was swallowing knives. Hopefully I sweated (is that a word? no red line, so I’m guessing yes!) out all of the crud and will feel like not wanting to chop my head off a million bucks tomorrow.

The gym was DEAD. No one wanted to risk their life to get their workout in? Wussies. We are hardcore I guess. And by we I mean Paul.

Dinner was an awesome new recipe I found here. 

Cream Cheese Chicken Chili

1 can black beans
1 can corn, undrained
1 can Rotel, undrained
1 package ranch dressing mix
1 tsp cumin
1 Tbsp chili powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 8 oz package light cream cheese
2 chicken breastsDrain and rinse black beans. Place chicken at bottom of pot, then pour out whole can of corn (undrained), rotel, and black beans. Top with seasonings and ranch mix. Stir together. Place cream cheese on top. Cover with lid and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Stir cream cheese into chili. Use 2 forks to shred chicken. Stir together and serve.
Man oh man was it good. And soooo easy. Took me like 5 min to put it all together in the crock pot. It was a hit with the boys too. They all slurped it right up. I predict this will be come a staple in our newly formed household.
Paul whipped up these bad boys for dessert.
Lemon bars. Reason # 423 why I married him.
Would you risk your life in the snow to get your workout in? 
Do you have a shakeweight? 

Snow day part 1

I say “part 1″ because allegedly we will be getting another 4-9” of snow tonight and tomorrow. So will there be a part 2? Only God and the Doppler radar know for sure.

I love snow just not in Seattle. Its so hilly around here that even a little bit of snow and ice on the massive hills can leave you completely stranded in seconds. Its also a good 45 min to and from work, so therefore, when it snows, I stay home.

Thankfully I have a job where I can work from home if need be. I don’t normally prefer working at home but from time to time it’s OK. Paul stayed home and worked as well. But poor Kyle, he only had a 2 hour late start at school. We laughed and laughed felt really awful about that.

Breakfast was cinnamon rolls that we pulled out of the freezer in order to make room for our Costco purchases yesterday. I didn’t take a pic, but this is basically what it was.

That’s flour and sugar in case you couldn’t tell. No elicit drugs here. Unless you count Alka Selzer cold. Then in that case, yes, lots of that here today since I’m feeling a bit under the weather.

Some working went down and then lunch happened.

My yummy salad

Paul’s salad. That’s the last of the Dions ranch dressing. I’m nice to share it with him huh? If anyone from Abq wants to send me more, I won’t be sad.

Shared edamame. One of our Costco purchases and ultimately why the cinnamon rolls had to come out of the freezer. Biggest bag of edamame I have ever laid eyes on.

Worked some more….and then this happened.

Don’t worry they both survived and no one has pneumonia. They are super pissed fluffy and yummy smelling now.

Yesterday we hit the pool. Legs were still a little sore from Saturday’s run, and it’s about time to start pool training again anyway. It felt soooo good to get back in the water. Paul and I both did 600 m and then sat in the spa for a while. Didn’t get a pic of me during workout, but I’m sure it looked something like this.

INTENSE. Totally not me.

All that swimming and the fact that I think I am catching a cold and my body was not feelin’ good today. Super sore glutes, quads, calves and shins. Decided to go back to the spa to sit and stretch tonight.

Hoping to get in a run tomorrow. I’m actually *GASP* looking forward to it.

I ran every other day for two solid weeks leading up to the 5k. That is another first for me. It’s been three whole days and I MISS it. I wanna get back out there and see what I can do next. Bring the straight jacket, I’m officially crazy loving it.

If I’m not buried in snow or tissues, it will happen.

What do you think of snow?

What is your favorite thing to get at Costco?

How do you torture your pets?

The Secret is out….

She may look like a sweet little princess of a dog. 7lbs of pure cuteness and love.

But don’t be fooled, she has been known to bring 100lbs dogs to their knees with her snarl and snap.

Out of our pack of three, she rules. Queen. Alpha.

Guinness and Toby know their place

All rawhides are hers. She doesn’t even eat them, she just keeps them.

If someone steps out of line….

Paul says she is like the little annoying sister that always gets her way.

Funny thing is, she is scared of EVERYTHING. Loud noises, feet, the doggie door. But don’t tell Guinness and Toby….

Magnuson Series MLK 5K

First 5k of 2012 DONE!


The race was at 10am so we had plenty of time in the morning to get ready without feeling rushed. Up, eat, hydrate, bathroom (x3) all at a somewhat leisurely pace.

I was feeling pretty good and really ready. I have done some 5k’s in the past when I was triathlon training, but wasn’t really super serious about them. Really just wanted to practice running the distance outside. This year though, I have some goals that I want to reach and this was the first step towards achieving some of those.

The forecast was for rain and possibly snow, so that was the only thing that had me slightly worried. But everything else (stomach, legs, energy) was good, so I was feeling good and ready to do this.

The Magnuson series is a cool series of races that I found online that they hold at Magnuson park in Seattle. They do a different race every month of the year. They do 5k, 10k and 15k and some months they even do Duathlons. This one was in honor of MLK day and registration without a t-shirt was only $12. Sweetness.

We arrived in plenty of time to get our bibs and then turn into ice cubes instantly get back in the car. It was FREEZING. Temperature wasn’t too horrible (for living in Seattle) but there was an awesome wind coming off the water. So So So cold. And it wasn’t raining raining, but it was misty and just basically miserable.

I haven’t done much training outside and none really in rain and wind, but I was still just excited to start running and get going. There were a ton of people there. Way more than I was expecting. I find the crowds energizing though, and also I have this irrational perfectly understandable fear of coming in dead last, so I figure the more people there, the better chance I have of NOT being last.


Paul was pumped and ready to go too.


I had my new Garmin ready to go, but this was the first time using it and since I am such a novice I totally blew it and didn’t get my time at the end. Sad face.


It was COLD!



Finally it was time to start, so we got out of the car and headed to the start. Paul and I said our good lucks and then we were off!

Started out and instantly the entire crowd passed me pretty good and in the middle of everyone and then at about half a mile everyone kind of thinned out. I warmed up right away which was great, but the misty rain  and wind was not fun. I had to walk up one brief but steep hill and also to blow my nose, but other than that I made it to mile 1 marker running the whole time.

Then it got rough. Right after mile 1 we basically ran a pretty long stretch into a strong headwind. Added to that, my legs were feeling like bricks. Or tree trunks. I was trying to figure out which one they felt more like, and I think I finally settled on tree trunks.

I kept giving myself marker goals. Like “just run to that bench and then you can walk for a few seconds.” Or “just keep running until you get to mile two and then you can stop for a bit.” “Just keep running until this song is over.”

Hey, it’s the little things right?

I found that I ended up in a little group of about 6 people and we were all going around the same pace. I would pass them, they would pass me but overall we all stayed pretty close together. Made me feel better than just being out there all alone and dead last.

The last mile wasn’t as bad as the 2nd for a couple reasons. Only a short portion of it was in the direct rain and wind, and it was the LAST mile. Hallelujah.  Almost over. More than halfway done.

I find that an awesome motivation mantra I tell myself lately when running and its getting difficult is “just  few more minutes and you are done. you have the whole rest of the day to walk, lay around, sit, sleep, whatever….you just have to do this for a few more minutes. it’s nothing in the grand scheme of things.” I know that since that is so long its probably not technically a mantra, but throw me a bone here…

It works every time. Keeps me going.

The very end was a short down and back. Once we got to the turn around I told myself, “run all the way to the end, you can totally do it.”

And I did.

I could see the clock and I just wanted to get to it.

Paul was waiting and got some good shots.


That’s me in the green. Kyle saw me and joined me to finish.


Finish time 42:47. Pretty much in line with my training treadmill time and I am proud of this for a few reasons.

1) I think its slightly easier to run on the TM b/c (to a degree) its helping you along

2) No hills unless you choose to add them in which I haven’t really done yet

3) No rain, wind, cold and mud and other people to get in your way and throw you off

So I count this as a win.

I was super emotional after it was all over. I was disappointed that I couldn’t figure out my new watch. I was really wet from the rain and my legs were really heavy. We went back to the car b/c there wasn’t really anywhere for us to go that had cover and when we got in I just started crying. Not really sure why, I think it was just really stressful and I was just needing a release. After about 20 min or so I was better though and excited about what I accomplished.

Time for food at that point so we stopped for something that was really delicious good and healthy for us.



Got good and muddy.

Headed home to shower and relax and watch the Olympic Marathon trials.

Hey at least I didn’t end up like this guy!



They were literally rolling him off of the course. I mean he DID just run a marathon so….I guess I can throw him a bone too.

Now I’m on the hunt for my next one…Wanna get to a PR of 40 next. I know I can do it!!

Friday Faves 1/13/12

ohhhhh Friday the 13th!! This ought to be a good one.

Favorite thing I ate this week:

I had some version of this salad at least three times this week. Loves it.

romaine, tomatoes, garbanzos, cucumbers, bell peppers, tuna, chia seeds lemon, EVOO, S&P

please note the flying pig and the slinky. My desk is FUN.

Favorite workout:

the one in Canada!!

Favorite thing I did to my nails:


after! Thank you Groupon!

Favorite gift I got for my b-day even though my b-day isn’t for over a month (thanks mom!!):

yeeawwww...check out that baby!

Favorite dog pic:

is she about to do a high dive or some sort of gymnastics move?

Favorite thing that I found randomly on my desk one morning when I got to work:

the terminator. get it?

arrow pointing to other slinky on my super FUN desk.

Favorite email:

From…25 most odd ball interview questions.


“If you could be #1 employee but have all your coworkers dislike you or you could be #15 employee and have all your coworkers like you, which would you choose?”

“Name 5 uses of a stapler without staple pins.”

“How much money did residents of Dallas/Ft. Worth spend on gasoline in 2008?”

Its a fun article, def check it out.

Favorite gift from God:

This is NOT altered in any way. It was I saw like 15 people pulled over to take pics of it on my way home. Such an amazing blessing!

Favorite deal I randomly found while randomly shopping:

These packages were in the 50% off bin simply b/c of Holiday packaging! SCORE! twofer the price ‘o one

Forget AMEX, I never leave home with out this stuff. NEVER.

Favorite haircut: 

CinnaBOMB! Credit goes to Melissa.....for the awesome hair AND nickname! 😉

It was a good week (for the most part)

5K tomorrow…gonna rest up and do some of this tonight…

What were some of your favorites this week?

What are you doing this weekend?

Back with a vengeance!

Sorry about that last picture only post. I’m trying to figure out this Flickr business and trying to get the pics posted directly into the blog without having to download them to my computer first. A little birdie aka…one of the blogs I read…said this could be done, but my somewhat technilogically challenged self can’t figure it out.

Aaaanyyy whoo….

I’m back baby!! (Seinfeld reference for the oldies mature folk out there)

This morning Paul dragged me out of bed kicking and screaming and I headed to the gym for a morning workout. I’m not a huge morning workout person for reasons I will go into later, but this morning was good. I was feelin it.

Warmed up for 5 per the usual and then busted out two miles straight. Felt good. Felt strong. Felt like I could have probably gone longer had we not had to leave in order to get home, showered, eat and commute to work. (Those would be some of the many reasons I’m not a huge morning worker outer.)

I had some good socks on today!

Those feetsies just ran two miles.

the time blinks on the TM when you are done so I had to take like fifteen shots before I finally got one that worked.

Forgot to get a pic of my tomato face. I’m sure you all will survive.

Are you a morning or afternoon worker outer? Or none of the above? 

“getting our Groupon” weekend

It’s no secret that I am addicted to Groupon.

I’m actually going through Groupon withdrawals right now. I am super hesitant to buy anything since I don’t know how long we will live here. We need to find out already so I can sign up for the emails for that city, get my credit card out and all will be right with the world again.

I’m also trying to use up all of our current “deals” before they expire and well, before we expire. Not like dying, don’t get all morbid on me.

I had two deals for one night stays at 1) a spa/hotel in Bellingham and 2) a hotel in Vancouver. Since B-Ham is only like an hour away from V-Couver, I obviously brilliantly decided a weekend getaway was on tap.

Friday afternoon we made like a baby and headed out.

Please don’t stop reading, I will most likely keep telling bad jokes and making myself laugh I promise I will stop.

Got up to Bellingham just in time for dinner and went to the Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro (hey! they like alliteration too!) at the suggestion of a good friend, foodie and former resident to B-Ham.

appetizer cuz we were starvin marvins....this was seriously the most delish thing I have had in seriously like a long time. Seriously. So simple and so GOOD.

that is a blue cheese vinaigrette that you can't see on this. Yowzas I need to figure out how to make that. And then make a gallon of it and put it on everything.

After din, we headed to our 1st hotel of the two hotel weekend. This place was the JAM. I know that is a weird way to describe a fancy spa place, but I just don’t know how else to say it. It was fantastic.

Woke up Sat morning and the first thing Paul says is “I have four words for you. Tem. Pur. Pe. Dic.” I swiftly informed him that it is not four words. Silly. It’s two. Tempur. Pedic. Duh. 🙂

We are majorly slightly obsessed with our tempurpedic bed. Its getting to the point where its unhealthy to be so in love with an inanimate object we might have to only go to hotels that have them. ITS THAT GOOD. But I digress…

We went to breakfast (which came with our deal) and it was…well…here look at this pic and YOU tell me how I think it was.

hello grapefruit!!

I went back for two helpings of the melon/fruit medley. Wow was it good.

Oh and the bacon was IN the eggs. How have I not done this before?

Got all the pics of the hotel and surrounding area in the morning b/c it was like 4pm when we got there so of course it was pitch black. Kidding, that’s a little pacific northwest humor for ya there. No? Ok, moving on…

front of hotel

back of hotel from out by the water

view from our room

We enjoy staring pensively out to the water. Its very soothing.

Aaaand it was time to go.

On to Vancouver we went. Made it across the border quickly and were on our way to hotel #2.

When we got there lunch time it was. And all of a sudden I am channeling Yoda.

grilled Cesar with a herbed flatbread with balsamic. yes please.

Then we realized that there was a “sea bus” that went directly from our hotel across the water to downtown Vancouver. Sign us up.

While waiting for this sea bus to arrive I took this:

my vote for ugliest pic of the year. Didn't even notice the chair until I looked at the pic later. #BOO

Off we went to explore in city. This is what we saw:

maple syrup. lots of maple syrup


steam clock

our next Tri?

for some reason this sign cracked us up.

ummmmm....what's wrong with this picture? 10 pts if you get it right.

Being on the lookout for misspelled signs is exhausting. Dinner time!

That's a big fat "W" in that froth in case you couldn't tell.

southwest chicken salad

garlic fries

We took our “sea bus” back to our hotel and were feeling a little giddy…

Only one beer each. Lightweights.

…and decided we needed something sweet to cap off the night. So we hunted down some gelato. It’s no fro-yo, but it will do.

Maple (of course) walnut and double dark chocolate on the bottom. Paul's double raspberry in the background.

I should have had two scoops of the double dark chocolate.

Woke up missing our tempurpedic again. If we could figure out how to make travel size tempurpedics we would be instant millionares.

Breakfast at the hotel before our epic workout in Stanley Park.

All in all a fantab groupon weekend!

Are you addicted to Groupon? 

Have you ever been to Canada?

Totally Terrible Tuesday

at least I know how to use alliteration?

Everything was going great today up until about 3pm. I was feeling good, rested and ready for my afternoon treadmill workout.

Then it all went downhill. Fast.

We had to separate someone at work. I work in HR and this is something that is normal and part of my job, but it happened rather quickly and lets just say that when I went to work this morning I wasn’t planning on ending my day that way.

It threw me off. I ended up leaving later than I wanted to leave. My head started to hurt on my long commute home (hazard of the job looking at computer screen all day) and then my stomach started hurting. Blech.

Despite all that I wanted to keep to my plan and get my run in. I figured the workout would make my head feel better and de-stress me a little bit.

me trying to be positive pre run

Then I got to the gym and realized I didn’t bring the right socks. So I had to wear my regular socks that I wore to work under my tall boots. How embarrassing.

a picture can tell you so much!

If I were a super sleuth, I could determine so much by this pic:

1) This person wears socks that are possibly too tight?
2) This person forgot to bring appropriate socks to the gym
3) This person recently had a incident with a shoelace and therefore now always ties in double knots
4) This person recently ran in mud? Possibly in Canada?

I must have still been sound asleep when I packed my gym clothes this morning b/c in addition to not bringing socks, I brought pretty much all the wrong clothes to run in.

I used to run in t-shirts but have found that I get too hot, so I have been opting for sleevless shirts instead. Well, I brought a t-shirt today for some unknown reason.

I also brought pants that are too big for me. I know, I know, call the waaaam-bulance. Poor girl with her pants that are too big for her.  They are supposed to be form fitting, and they don’t have a drawstring so pretty much they were inching their way down my body the instant I started really walking fast. And then running? Fuuu-get-a-bout it.

They also had a tag in the back that felt like it was scraping off a small section of skin. #lovely.

My stomach hurt the ENTIRE time. I think we all know what’s I’m getting at here…I won’t go into the gory details.

My shins were sore and my breathing was off. I couldn’t concentrate.

Basically everything was off. Nothing was working the way it should. I had hopes of four miles but finished a measly two and only ran about half of that.

On the plus (if there is one in this giant sob story) the time that I DID run, I ran at about a minute faster pace than I normally do. I think I really just wanted it to be over with so I could go home and eat a tub of ice cream, crawl under the covers and cry and never come out, stare at the wall blankly, well I guess just go home so it would all be over.

I didn't even finish at at even number. I just hit stop. Over it.

sad face Cinnamon

I think I’m just gonna call it “one of those days” and opt instead for a run on Totally Terrific Thursday instead?

What would you be able to determine from a picture of your feet?

How do you recover from an off day?