Love’m or Leave’em Valentines Day 5k

Official time 44:14


Let me say that again.

I ran the ENTIRE time, did not stop once. I may have been running at the same pace that some people were walking, but I did NOT walk once during this race. This has been a personal goal of mine for a LONG time and I can’t believe the day has come that I accomplished it!!

Even though my time in this race was faster, I really wanted to concentrate this time on slowing it down and running the entire time instead of running/walking. I know now that  I can run the distance and so now I can work on time. I would love to get to below 40 min in the next few months and I know I can do it!

Ok let’s back up to the beginning….



English muffin with Nutella, naner and chia. I usually eat a sandwich thin, but today I felt I needed something a little, idk…more.

Had plenty of time this morning since the race didn’t start until 9:30. Lots of time for my coffee to work its magic so we don’t have a repeat of this.

Headed up to Seattle to Green Lake, one of my favorite places in all of Seattle. I remember when I first moved here a few years ago I was super impressed that I had walked around Green Lake. Now I was gonna run it. I’ve come a long way baby.

Got our shirts and hung out in the car for a bit cuz it was brrrrr. Not near as bad as the last race, but still cold.


We got our bibs on, timing chips and took some pre-race photos.



Can anyone say cheeseeeee-yyyyyy? (we can in case you couldn’t tell)


We saw a girl doing yoga poses on the treadmill at the gym the other day but weren’t able to get a pic, so Paul decided to recreate the moment. Except not on a treadmill. And not a girl. But whatev, same general idea.


Headed to the start area, hit up the port-a potties one more time, got some stretching in and then lined up according to pace.



Paul stayed up here and I headed to the back. Running at 8min pace is sooooo last year anyway.


This was where I was in relation to the start. Took a while to actually get to the start since it was so congested.

Mile 1

Felt good pretty much the whole time. Lots of people passed me but I didn’t care. I was just enjoying listening to my music and enjoying how good my body feels when I first start running. I made sure to keep my pace slower and not get to excited b/c I really wanted to run the whole time and didn’t want to jeopardize that.

Mile 2

HARD. Hard hard hard. This is when people around me started slowing down and walking and I knew that I wasn’t halfway done/still had a mile to go. I just kept telling myself that I had all the rest of the day to sit and relax and do whatever else. I just had a little bit more to go and then I would be done. This kept me going even when I wanted to stop.

Mile 3

Feeling better. Knowing I only had one mile to go, I started to really believe I could do it. I could run the whole thing. It was happening. I was around the same basic group of people and one girl by me kept walking, but then when I would pass her she would run again to be in front of me. It was amusing.

Passing girl

Paul PR’ed!!! (24:14) so he ran back to find me and run the end with me. And take lots of pics of me running. Love that guy. Seriously.

6859443657 9772bf1a28

This was it. Only .30 to go. I was gonna do it!!

Garmin time was 46:22 for 3.22 miles. This was mostly due to the fact that I started it when we started, not at the actual start line, and also b/c I forgot to turn it off when we crossed the finish. I kept telling myself not to do that, but of course I did.


Official race results read 44:14. Not faster than the Magnuson race, but I walked a bunch in that one so I consider this a total win!!

We hung around the finish for a bit and got some treats


Yes, that is red velvet cake. I know right?

Before race:


After race:


I think we had a little runners high, no?

We headed downtown to hit up Pike Place for lunch and ended up at Pike Place Brewing Co.

We weren’t fans of our waitress but the food was good.

Waitress rude



Turkey sandwich for me and a spinach salad with chicken for Paulmeister.

When I hit up the b-room, Paul got camera happy.

Paul PR


Wow those two pictures together look like one pic! That is CRAZY. Totally unplanned. But wicked cool.

After we ate we walked around Pike Place (the location of our first date….everyone together now…awwwwwww) and saw these little cuties outside one of the restaurants. I tried to convince Paul that they were obviously abandoned and that we needed to take them home with us, but he told me no. Rude.


Got some awesome fresh produce at the market, an iced coffee and then headed home for some laying around and tv watching.

Next up is the St. Patty’s Day 5k.  I’ve done this one before and if the course is the same its half uphill and half downhill. That ought to be interesting. Hopefully the time I loose going uphill, I can gain back going downhill? Either way I’m gonna shoot for at least 42:00. Any tips, tricks, helpful solutions to get a little faster are always appreciated. 😉

What was your first big “milestone” with running?

10 responses

  1. Congratulations!! That is amazing! I’d say every race has been a milestone of some kind for me (especially since I’ve only done 3 so far, and they were all different lengths). But I’d say the half-marathon was my favorite … I couldn’t believe that I ran the ENTIRE time, and I just felt so amazing after! It was the best feeling in the world … which is probably why I signed up for another half in April. But the training part … yeah, not as much fun as the race itself! 😉

    • gosh I totally agree. The races are always so fun and the training…not so much! But its worth it in the end. Half marathon sounds so intimidating to me, but I feel like that’s probably what I will work up to at some point. I think that would be so awesome to complete that distance!!

  2. Running up hill…DIFFICULT. But totally do-able. For me its my favorite chewing gum, best motivational music (like the kind that has a beat I can keep pace with), music MUST be loud enough that I don’t hear my own panting, & making each object (tree, rock, street sign, etc.) my next goal – ‘if only I can get to that tree I can keep going’. If you can see forward any, try and look for those spots that seem to level off for a bit and think that can be a place where you can recover – but without stopping. Yay for you!

  3. My ONLY milestone running was, let’s see now, 1964 maybe. I was walking with some high school friends through an alley near Central downtown (really stupid) about 10PM (even more stupid) when we realized some really bad looking guys were stalking us. We all took off running and I beat everyone to the first lighted busy street. (I had on 2 inch spike heels at the time.) Have done very little running since.

    Question: What is PR?

    Congratulations! I am so proud of you!! You used to outrun me when you were 3, and I’m sure you still can….

  4. Good job Kid. As you know I don’t run. Last running was when I played football in high school. You know, back when we had dirt floors and kids would ride their horses to school.
    Goat roping was so much fun. Over the last 45 years, if I had an urge to run I would sit down and wonder what got into me. Was it something I ate??
    Good for you. As Spock would say “Live Long and Prosper”

  5. That’s awesome, congrats!!! That was my only goal going into my first 5k (this past spring), just run the whole thing! I did it, and felt so proud of myself afterwards, so I know the feeling 🙂

    I love that your parents commented on this, and more specifically that your dad commented about goat roping, haha!

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