MR- The Vow

Ever since I saw this preview for the fist time, I knew it was a movie that I would have to see eventually. The premise was just too interesting to ignore. Boy and girl fall in love and get married, accident happens, girl forgets boy, he continues to love her and (maybe, maybe not?) win her back. Bring on the tissues!

Plus, the thought of loosing 5 years of your life is also an interesting thing to think about. Until you remember where you were and what you were doing five years ago and then you are glad its Rachel McAdams having to deal with all that and not you.

We went to see this to kick off our Valentines Celebrationand it was fitting for the occasion. It wasn’t the best movie I have seen, and there were some holes here an there that I picked up on. It was also slightly difficult to follow the time line of the story. I think adding the little “3 months later” subtitles throughout the movie would have been helpful.

McAdamas was her normal cute self

and Channing Tatum was well….his cute self as well.

I don’t think he is really known for his acting chops but he did a good job of conveying his love for his sweetie. I wish they would have spent a little more time on the development of their relationship in order to convey the bond that we assumed that they shared, but they didnt dive enough into it for me to really really sense his unwavering love for her throughout her complete and total loss of memory of anything that had to do with him. He also wore a lot of weird sweaters. I mean, I get that they were trying to be stylish, but I don’t think it worked. And since I am a fashion expert, my opinion on this totally matters. 

It was cool to know that it was based on true events, I would love to hear more about the “real” couples story. I’m sure Google can help me with that.

One thing it did really make me think about is what would happen if something like that happened to me or Paul. Both of us were in SUCH amazingly different places 5 years ago that if we knew then what 5 years in the future would look like we would both probably not believe it AT ALL. For one person to have all those memories and the other person not…I shiver at the thought.

Overall this one could have been a little better, but it was still enjoyable and made you think, which I think are two basic elements of any good movie. I know many people love to drool over Channing, but I will drool over my husband any day of the week over him. I mean look at that face…how could you not?
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