Happy B-Day, Facebook style

Birthday stats:

  • HBD shout outs on my FB wall: 73
  • HBD shout out on someones FB status: 1
  • Calls: 4
  • Texts: 3
  • Cards (received in the past week or so): 7
  • E-Cards: 2
  • Coupons from retailers: 3

Def feelin’ the luuuv.

I think it is so incredibly cool how Facebook has helped people to connect in such a way that even makes wishing people a Happy Birthday so much easier. I know some may think that it’s impersonal or has less meaning, but I think the exact opposite. I would say that around 85% of the people that wish each other happy birthday on FB wouldn’t have done so if FB wasn’t around.

It’s right there in front of you…..”today is so and so’s birthday”, and you think, “hey, I haven’t talked to that person in five years (in person) but when I did, I thought they were swell and I can for sure take 15-20 seconds out of my day to wish them a happy day.”

I don’t think that’s impersonal at all. I think its lovely. It’s just another tool to help people stay connected, even if it is only once a year.

I dug back through my FB timeline to see how this year compared to past years. Here is what I found:

2011: 60 FB shout outs, quite a bit lower than this year, but still highly impressive. Makes sense, I get older, I know more people…arrows are for a sampling of my nicknames. My friends are so creative!

2011 B Day FB

2010: 43 friends gave a shout out. WOW! 2010 was a big year for me, I must have made a lot of friends to get such an increase in 2011. Or more peeps used FB. I will go with the former. Arrow= funny.

2010 B Day FB

2009: 43 friends gave shout outs. No change from 2009 to 2010. Slow year for me. 🙂 FB was still new for some stragglers at this point….Jill (arrow) was an example of that.

2009 B Day FB

2008: No stats. Thanks to FB timeline I see that I joined FB in 2008 on Feb 11. Seeing as my birthday was only a few 12 days after that, it wasn’t a big year for my by way of B-day shout outs. 😉

Joined FB

I had a GREAT day today…more info to come RE: the specifics. Try not to be to anxious awaiting all the deets. Yes I say deets and I’m pretty sure that makes me .10 cooler than if I didn’t.

Anyone else’s b-day today? Or in Feb? 

Do you like all the FB shout outs or think its impersonal?