Birthday shenanigans

Well, I did it. I made it through 36 years of life. Did you ever stop to think about that? Whatever you turn, you just COMPLETED that year of life. When you turn 1, you just went through a year of life. Maybe this is totally obvs to everyone out there but I don’t think I really realized that until I was in my 20’s. Either that makes me really slow or really progressive. I will continue to think the latter.

But I digress…(kind of)

Do you ever notice the time as your birthday. I do. ALL THE TIME. I don’t purposely look for it, but I end up seeing it a lot. Not sure if this is something that other people do as well, but if you don’t I bet you will now. You’re welcome. I planned to take a screen shot of my phone at my (birthday) time. Then I forgot. Mostly b/c Kyle came home from school and was well, being Kyle. But I then awoke my phone to check if I had any emails right at the perfect time. I let out a little squeal and Paul looked at me like I had lost it. Buuuuuut I got it! Whew!!


Then Paul figured out what was going on and he got in on the fun too


He liked his a lot b/c it had the time AND the date on it. Fancy Schmancy.

Then I remembered a while ago when I randomly saw this on my speedometer on my car

Car birthday

Yep my milage is exactly my birthday. Luckily I was at a stoplight when this happened and my phone was handy so I could take a pic. Otherwise this moment would have been lost forever. The horror.

Alrighty let’s get to the day itself. I’ve been rambling long enough.

Started out with breakfast in bed from my sweetie. Awww….


Oats with all the goodies and some bacon. And coffee. And one puppy who was confused.

Guinn bkfast

After bkfast in bed, I checked my list for the day

Screen Shot 2012 02 23 at 2 37 58 PM

Sleep in- check. Time to run.

We headed for the gym and got our sweat on. I ran .50 of a mile slowly to warm up and then did my new workout where I am running faster for shorter so I can work up to a 12 min mile. I alternated running for a minute and a half at 12 min mile pace and then walked for a minute and a half. I did that for 30 min and even upped my pace at the end. Then I did some sprints to finish out 5k distance. Finished 3.1 miles in 43.38. Not too shabby. Walked a bit to cool down and stretched and Paul got camera happy.




Next we hit up Starbucks so I could get my free b-day coffee. They will make you whatever you want, so I got a venti, iced, non-fat, light ice white mocha, with whip. I never get this, but I love it. So I gave myself a little b-day treat.


Run 3 miles- check
Get free starbucks- check

Went home and Paul made me lunch while I showered up and got ready


Grilled cheese and turkey on a cibatta bun with a side of carrots.

Then it was time to head out for the best part of the day…massage and facial!

I had a Living Social deal for a massage/facial at Sorella Salon and Spa which is where I normally get my hair done. I had never tried any of their spa services but had always wanted to, so this was a perfect opportunity.


A girl named Emily did my massage and it was great!! She concentrated on my hips and feet which were sore from running. It felt therapeutic and relaxing all at the same time. Erin did my facial and it was probably the best facial I have ever had in my life. She asked me about everything before she used it, she did the best face massage I have ever had, she wasn’t overly chatty and asked if I wanted any extractions (which I didn’t) so I thought that was a great touch. She also didn’t overly pressure me to buy any specific products. It really was relaxing and not stressful which is what it should be anyway!! I would def go see her again and highly recommend her to anyone in the Seattle/Issaquah area!

After I was all relaxed and refreshed, Paul and Kyle picked me up and we headed to dinner. I had a Living Social for that too. Yep, addicted I know.


We went to Snoqualmie to hit up Mabel’s on the Ridge


I’ve been there once before FOREVER ago and remember enjoying the experience. Our waiter Pete was awesome. Kyle was being 13 and Pete just rolled with the punches. He joked around with him and made us all feel very comfortable and at home. Remember our experience at our Valentines Day celebration? This was pretty much the exact opposite. Every time we even took a sip of our tea, our glass was refilled. We had TOO much ice in our cups at all times which is normally the exact opposite problem I usually have at restaurants. I never can seem to get enough ice in my tea.


Kyle insisted on getting hot wings, not realizing what “hot” actually meant. He had to use ice and milk for about 20 min afterward to get his lips to stop burning. Funny kid.




Hurts so good.

Paul had the grilled chicken cesar


I had the blackened salmon cajun Alfredo. It was everything I hoped it would be and more for a birthday dinner.


I couldn’t finish it, so Paul and Kyle helped me. It ended up being the table favorite.


Headed home and hung out in bed to finish out the day. All of the items on the list- CHECK.

Not a bad way to spend a birthday aye? Not sure why I went all Canadian there, but I did. Three more days off until work again. Bring on the weekend!!