Bad puppies and bronchitis

they don’t look so bad right? All sweet and sleepy and stuff?

Until you leave them alone in your room while you have small group and don’t want them begging for food and jumping all over us distracting us from our studies.

Who’s a bad puppy? This guy.

The evidence of bad puppy-ness

SO naughty!! I know it was Guinness, because Chloe will barely jump on the bed by herself much less figure out how to turn TWO trash cans over. She may have contributed to the mayhem once they were turned over, but I know Guinn was the culprit who started it all. Serves us right for not emptying the trash.

This is his “I’m real sorry and I will never-ever-ever do it again until the next time you leave a full trash-can unattended” look.

We weren’t friends for a little while, but then he came and put is head on my arm and looked at me with those eyes and I of course scratched his ears and gave him belly rubs. Cinnamon <—-SUCKER.

The bronchial issues: 

I’m pretty sure that my head cold from last week has turned into bronchitis. Sadness times 10. I was just jealous of Paul and wanted to be just like him? After an super quick exhaustive search on the Google, I found this…

What causes acute bronchitis?

Acute bronchitis is usually caused by a  virus. Often a person gets acute bronchitis after having an upper respiratory tract infection such as a cold (CHECK) or the flu.  In rare cases, acute bronchitis is caused by bacteria. 

Acute bronchitis also can be caused by breathing in things that irritate the bronchial tubes, such as smoke. It also can happen if a person inhales food or vomit into the lungs (umm, gross). (HMMM…I was in Vegas breathing a TON of smoke in b/c of the casinos right before I got sick…coincidence? I think NOT! 

What are the symptoms?

The most common symptom of acute bronchitis is a cough that is dry and hacking at first (CHECK) . After a few days, the cough may bring up mucus. (CHECK)  You may have a low fever and feel tired. (not really, but I do feel kind of more tired than normal) 

Acute bronchitis symptoms usually start 3 or 4 days after an upper respiratory tract infection. Most people get better in 2 to 3 weeks. But some people continue to have a cough for more than 4 weeks. FOUR WEEKS???? I hope not. 


I felt ok on Fri and Sat but on Sunday the coughing and congestion/mucus really got to me and really started wearing me out.  Mornings are by far the WORST. Today I tried this liquid Mucinex stuff and it seems to be working really well. My congestion is less and I don’t feel like I have to cough every 5 seconds. My chest still hurts, but hopefully I will be on the mend soon. Meh.

Do you have bad puppies?

Have you ever had bronchitis? Share your sob story with me so I can commiserate with you! 

15 responses

  1. You know all about MY bad puppies. But then mine were both street urchins, so we gotta cut them some slack. Your thoroughbreds, however, must have skipped a few classes at finishing school.

    And of course I’ve had bronchitis. How else could I have given it to you and Paul???
    (Just gotta love all this bonding and sharing …. )

  2. At least you can have trash cans… my pup – also a somewhat reformed street urchin has a fasination with them. We have to put everything behind closed doors because she can’t overcome the lack of a thumb. This goes for anything food worthy on counter tops/tables. She may be small and not copping to any of it, but she can leap mountains for some protein, carbs or sugar – even sweetened coffee. Yes, we are trained.

  3. OMG! bathroom trash is a must. my dog was a major trash dog when she was younger. one time i came home and she had knocked over the kitchen trash that had half a bag of flour in it (i forget whuy i threw it out) anyway she had thrown the flour all over the place and it had hardened into the carpet in the living room and stuff. UGH huge mess. had to use a shop vac.

  4. What bad puppies!! I don’t know why dogs like eating toilet paper. It’s weird and so many like it. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. OH NO! I hope you get better so soon! That sounds terrible. I love your duvet cover! Ikea? It’s so cute. I have a very bad puppy, who’s not so much a puppy at 8 years old! He LOVES to get into the trash. Dug out some coffee grounds today…!

    • the bedspread was actually Target! Wedding gift. But I think it looks like IKEA too which is fine with me! I love pretty much 99% of their bedding. And I pretty much call all dogs (or animals for that matter) puppies. Idk…I’m a strange bird. 😉

  6. Doggies are too adorable (and I’m sure they know it) to stay mad at for longer than 10 minutes –even when they commit heinous crimes like overturning trash bins.

    We had bronchitis going around the office here. I had it for about 2 weeks before I started taking Mucinex (pill form). It got better a week after that.

    • agreed! The longest I have stayed mad is probably like about 10 min and then I totally cave.
      I know so many people who have the bronchitis right now. I’m glad to hear you are better. Every day I feel better so hopefully I am on the mend!

  7. Whoa! Serious mess! We adopted our dog when he was two, and mostly out of the puppy stage. Knock on wood he’s never made a mess like that before! He did wake up sick last night, which I was less than happy about, but can’t get mad over, really. Hope you are feeling better soon! Bronchitis?! Yuck!

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