Thundershirt to the rescue?

After the great tragedy of Monday night, my bestie Brandy suggested I try the Thundershirt for Guinn and Chloe girl. I of course, had no idea what that was so I Googled it and then instantly bought one. Willpower-0,  Impulse buying- 1.

Basically it is a shirt/harness type thing that “hugs” your dog in all the right pressure points and Blammo! magic occurs and they become less anxious and less well, naughty.

and look, it comes in sylish navy blue rugby. Guinness would settle for nothing less.

It’s supposed to help with all sorts of things including separation anxiety, barking, and nervousness caused by (who would have guessed???) thunder.

I don’t know that separation anxiety necessarily causes Guinness’s love of tearing apart trash, BUT he does do a LOT of barking when the door rings or he hears anything at all that resembles a knock on the door. (Pizza commercials included). He also HATES 4th of July with a fiery passion.  He is nervous and shaking the whole night (and also the following two weeks b/c of all the leftovers). Chloe girl has severe anxiety in the car and constantly shakes and pants the entire time we are driving. Every. Time. This includes the 3 day trip we took to drive from Albuquerque to Seattle. THREE days of panting and shaking. Poor lil thang.

The Thundershirt website makes it sound like this is the greatest thing since sliced dog biscuits, so to make sure I had an unbiased info, I checked it out on Amazon and read the reviews there. Overall they are very positive with the main theme being that this is NOT a end all cure, but it does in a lot of cases “take the edge off.” So I take it to mean that this shirt has basically the same effect as a whisky shooter with a water back?

So I am anxiously (wait…what?) awaiting the arrival of our new Thundershirt to see what if anything this does to curb some naughty-ness around the Wolfe residence! Stay tuned. But don’t be too anxious or I will have to buy you a thundershirt too.

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  1. I’m a little apprehensive about buying stuff like this off the net, especially from the US. Gabi (Italian Greyhound) has a different build than say a Yorkie. Yorkie sized collar fit perfectly, but harness is a bit tight.

  2. I’m so excited, can’t wait to have a nap downstairs without the 3 min bark or growl as Ginn “protects his kingdome”. I think he’s getting tired of being locked in the bathroom.JK. 😉

  3. I’m going to share this with my aunt. Her dog peed on her head the other day during a thunderstorm.

    Kaiser and Scout bark at commercials with a ringing doorbell. Makes me laugh. They also bark at other dogs barking on TV. Best to avoid It’s Me or the Dog on Animal Planet:)

    • peed on her head! Oh my! She def needs one. HA!
      Toby barks any time another dog is on TV. The dog doesn’t even have to bark, somehow he just knows the dog is on the TV and he goes right up to the screen and howls at the screen. Its hilarious. We can’t even get mad at him for it, but yes, no It’s me or the Dog just for that reason!

  4. This is so interesting! Popcorn does get a little antsy whenever I leave him, but he’s in his crate so he’s never had a chance to tear up the trash haha. I can’t wait to hear how this goes!

  5. This is crazy because I had never heard of this and then read about it in Sky Mall LAST NIGHT!! And I literally said “cooper needs that!”. You must tell us everything about if it works it not! How is it tight enough? I’m skeptical…!

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