Vegas rewind

Paul and I headed to Vegas last Wednesday evening to meet up with my parents and check out the Mountain West Basketball tourney in which our beloved University of New Mexico Lobos were playing. In addition to the b-ball games, I was appointed as master tour guide of all things Vegas for Paul who hasn’t been there since he was somewhere between 13-18 (he may not have the best memory, but I love the heck out of him!)

Here is a rewind of what went down. I guess what they say isnt true, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ends up on the internet.

Vegas Fun

We are now officially addicted to Draw Free. This happened in the airport. Nothing says I love you quite like sitting next to each other playing games with each other on your phones.


We decided to jump on the bandwagon and become imitation hipsters.


These are our “crazy Lobo fan” faces


We saw a show. The acts were good, the comedy was a little raunchy for our taste. So I give it a half/half rating.


We weren’t sure who rolled in on this bad boy, but we were sure it was someone awesome. And VIP.


I decided I needed to upgrade to full fledged hipster.


And Paul decided to downgrade. BOO.


We FINALLY figured out what those little cloth straps on his shirt are for!! How did we not know this all along??? (That is a buzzer for a restaurant in case you couldn’t tell what it was.)


I can’t relate to this problem at all given the amount of hair on my head


Vegas Eats

Pretty sure I broke every food rule with this one. Carbs, sugar, carbs, sugar consumed at about 11pm. Bad Cinnamon!!!


Bkfast at the buffet, not too shabs. Can you tell I like my bacon?


Paul and I have a unhealthy love for Chilis but of course there are none in the state we live. But there was one right down the street from our hotel! FTW


Pizza from Serendipity 3 at Cesars before the show. I’m pretty sure they cooked it on the sun it was so hot. We had to wait and blow on it forever to finally be able to eat it. I’m also pretty sure I got a third degree burn on my finger. Apparently eating on the strip, you eat at your own risk.


Probs the most hugemongous shrimp (oxymoron whuuut!!) I have ever laid eyes on.


I have been wanting to eat a French macaron for what seems like a million years now but was having trouble finding them. Buuuut, since I am brilliant I thought, “they will surely have them at the Paris hotel”. And they did. Now I am obsessed and am considering ordering some off of the internet b/c I need to eat more and try all the different flavors.


Smoked shrimp risotto. Creamy. Smoky. Eaten on a outdoor patio in the sun. Ahhhhh LIG.


You can never go wrong with CPK. Greek pizza sub avocado for chicken. I kind of wanted both, but wanted the avocado more so it won out.


Not sure whose hand that is, I’m assuming Paul’s?…gelato at Sugar Factory at the Paris. We had salted caramel and Reeces. Isn’t the color of that raspberry crazy looking?!?


Vegas Drinks

Can you guess whose is who’s? BTW’s, Dunkin Donuts is very impressive these days. I wish we had them here, but alas, we do not.


At the game, they are nice and tidy with their beer. No spillage.


We have both pretty much stopped drinking Coke/Diet Coke, but how can you go to the Coke store and not have some? It’s like going into a candy store and refusing the free sample. It’s just not right.


This picture makes me happy.


Vegas Basketball

Mom was accosting all of the women’s and mens players that we would run into randomly in the hotel. And by accosting I mean hugging and telling them what a great job they did.


Everyone’s a Lobo, WOOF WOOF WOOF


My dad likes to ham it up for the camera. Like father like daughter.



We went to three men’s games and they won all three. The UNM/UNLV game was the most intense though b/c it was a home crowd. BUT there were like 8,000 Lobo fans there so it was pretty even when it came to the cheering.


When they won the tourney, the fans rushed the court.


Vegas Shopping

We spent some hours at a couple different shopping venues and it seemed like we bought so much stuff but I only got two little pics.


These are my new kicks. I feel like people will either think they are super ugs or super cute. Please only let me know if you think they are cute. 🙂 I love them and they are super comfy. Like I dont want to take them off comfy. I have had them on since I bought them. Luckily they are waterproof. And for those of you who can’t tell that I am kidding, I am kidding.


Vegas Sites

gotta love NY, NY


Aria. This wasn’t here the last time I was in Vegas. It is GORG. I totes want to stay here next time around.


They have lots of awesome artwork around and most of the hotel has a water theme which I just loved.


This GIANT art piece was outside. It is made of canoes!


Pretty sure I have convinced Paul that we need one of these in our next house.


Hi Chilis! We miss you and love you and can’t wait to see you again!


There’s a macaron in that building and I am going to find it!




This was our hotel. South Pointe. Its waaaay down the strip and is apparently where the majority of the bball’ers and fans stay, so that’s where we stayed. It was nicer than I thought it would be.


Can you spot the difference in the next two pics?


I know, I’m a freak.

I only got to do this for about an hour or so and I am very excited to do it again at some point. No idea when, but it WILL HAPPEN.


We didnt have time for much gambling, but I did get some in. This about sums it up.

Acronym guide for the non-hipsters out there:

FTW= for the win
BTW= by the way
LIG= life is good
CPK= California Pizza Kitchen

What is your fave part of Vegas?

What do you think of my new shoes? (remember I only want to hear about it if you think they are cute) 🙂

Have you ever had a French Macaron? If so, what is your favorite flavor? 

Movie Monday- Chronicle

I thought this movie was a Vin Diesel movie every time I saw it in the movie listings. I know, I know, that’s a totally different series…But in my defense, the movie poster doesn’t really have any actors on it and is kind of dark and gloom-y looking so….I think I am justified in my wrong assumption.

When I finally stopped to look at the description I realized that it was that one movie where the kids can move stuff with their minds. And then one of them goes evil. Something like that. Looked interesting and is playing at exactly when we had time for a movie. Done.

Extra added bonus, it takes place in Seattle. Love seeing movies that are filmed in my backyard. Even if that backyard is actually like 40 miles from my actual backyard. No bigs.

The story revolves around three teens who make an interesting discovery in the woods during a party and wammo! their lives are forever changed. They suddenly have telekinetic powers and this new discovery entertains and challenges them.

The entire story is told from the perspective of an ever-present camera that teen #1 (Andrew) has decided to carry around with him to document his life. We don’t really understand why he has decided to do this other than that his father is abusive and he maybe wants to document that? The filming is sometimes jumpy and jarring and every now and then it switches from his camera to others who also randomly have cameras (a girl who films everything for her blog, passers-by who are capturing some of the more destructive scenes at the end of the movie etc…). Personally I found it an interesting way to tell the story and I enjoyed the perspective that the literal “behind-the-camera filming” brought to the plot.

I wish there would have been more revelation around what happened to the teens in the woods and how whatever it was that they found enabled them to have these object-moving powers.  Being that these powers and the struggle to contain and harness those powers were the central point of the movie, it would have been nice to have more information about where it came from. I kept waiting for the “big reveal”, but it never really came.

I really enjoyed the fun of this movie, but I think it had the power (pun-intended) to be so much more. With more development of the characters, a back-story to the “power provider” and just MORE development in general it would have been so much better. It could have been a terrific sic-fi masterpiece. A little disappointing, since the idea of obtaining powers to move things with your mind and what you could do (good or bad) with those powers could play out a lot of different ways.

Overall Rating: Medium popcorn, Large drink
(Click on link to see rating description)

I got a PR and am so MAD! (and protein shake)

Wanna know why I am SO MAD!! I ran my 3.1 miles today in 41:28 and I didn’t get a picture to prove it!!!!


41:28 is a 34 second “treadmill” PR. I was all excited about being in the forty one’s and I hit stop but couldn’t tell if it actually stopped, so I hit it again and it cleared the treadmill!!! ARRRGHHHH! I was so upset. BUT not enough to ruin my moment. This was a great run. It felt GREAT. I felt rested, strong, energized and excited to run. Nothing hurt while I was running and my breathing was spot on. One of those runs that you wish they could all be like.

This was my strategy:

mile 1
alternated running 2 min and walking 1:30

mile 2
alternated running 2:30 min and walking 1:30

mile 3
alternated running 3 min and walking 1:30

sprinted last .10 of a mile

All runs were at 5.0 (12 mile pace) and walking at 3.5 with the exception of the last sprint which I did at 6.2

During mile 3 I ran a few times for 4 minutes b/c I just felt like I could run longer so I did. It felt GREAT.

One thing that I do think contributed….look who’s back…..

Shoes reebok

I was just not liking my new shoes. I think I might be kicked out of girl-dom b/c what girl says that??? I realized that I was dreading runs b/c I didn’t want to run in them. And then I woke up and realized that I don’t HAVE to run in them. I know, shocker right? I do have other shoes and can run in those. So I did. I DO think that I probably shouldn’t be running all the time in these shoes, so I’m going to take the Saucony’s back and see what I can find that is somewhere in the middle of lightweight and stability. With the amount of choices they have I am sure they will have something that feels right.


Don’t be fooled, I look all sweet and happy, but inside I was wanting to kick that stupid treadmill for resetting on me. Doesn’t it know I have a blog to write and I need pictures. Sheesh!!

Yesterday I made the yummiest protein shake. I have found that if I have one of these in the morning I stay full for a looooooong time. And the best part is I can drink it on my loooooooong commute so it saves me time. Why I have never thought of this before beats me, but its one (of the many) reason that I enjoy reading healthy living/running blogs b/c I find awesome ideas like this!

Protein shake smoothie

I get a little crazy with them. I just want to add everything. So I do.

In this one went:

1/2 cup 2% milk
1/2 cup 0% non-fat plain Chobani
1 banana
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 spoonful of Adams peanut butter
1 easy spoonful of chia seeds
as much ice as I want for volume and chill

Then I top with whatever berries we have at the time. Right now we have awesome raspberries and blueberries


One day I will have awesome lighting in my house and my pics will win prizes. Until then, you get this. Sigh.

Movie Monday- Drive

I didn’t catch this one when it came out in the theaters even though I desperately wanted to. It seemed soooo different, soooo….”2011 cool”. I’m a Ryan Gosling fan as much as anyone, and the feel of the movie from the preview felt fresh, alive. Not something very common in this day and age of sequels, prequels, and 3D-throwaway-2-hour-time-wasters. Wow, that was a mouthful. 

Then I started hearing people talk about it. How great it was. How VIOLENT it was. And I was surprised. It was hard to tell from the preview what it was really about (which I love btw…) so to hear that it was violent was strange and actually made it (weirdly) more intriguing.

When it arrived at our house via Netflix, let’s just say it didn’t last long sitting on the table next to the TV. Like not even a day.

I was not dissapointed.

Ryan Gosling is a nameless stunt car driver by day, and a driver for those who need to be driven…fast(aka bad guys)…by night.  He knows the streets of gritty LA like the back of his hand and drives with a cool calmness that seems unreal but also makes you kind of want to smile. Like, who is this super cool guy?

Driver is a man of few words. Paul and I were constantly amused by how someone would ask him something and then….silence. Kind of looked like this:  “Dude, I’m not telling you anything.” SILENCE. “OK, fine I will tell you everything.” Hysterical.

Interestingly though his silence SCREAMED at you from the screen which only proves to me what we have (hopefully) known all along, Gosling means business as an actor and he is here to stay.

The rest of the cast was perfect as well. Mulligan was sad, sweet, vulnerable and touching as the mother of a boy whose father was absent, re-introduced and then absent again. Cranston is one of my favorites, character actor magic.

The violence doesn’t kick in until 30-45 min into the movie and it gets progressively aggressive. It’s reality violence, not the stuff you see in typical action movies. Its believable which makes it all that more intense.

Another amusing thing I loved about this movie (I love being amused in violent, gritty films) is how Driver sports his bloody jacket around for days after it becomes bloody. I love how a seemingly small, strange detail as this communicates so much. I wish I were as talented to be able to say so much about a character in such a non-verbal way.

This movie is brilliant. Neo-noir at its finest. Subtle, brutal.

Overall Rating: Large Popcorn, Medium Drink
(Click on link for rating description)

Yogurtland fail, golf win and GUACAMOLE

Weeeelllll the five miles on Friday didn’t happen. Just plain ran out of time.  BUT this happened which isn’t so bad.


Yes, that would be seventeen whole seconds less than my last run (for 5k distance). SOOO close to getting under 42 I can almost smell it. And then 40 isn’t far behind. Never thought I’d be so excited to get to 40. BOOM! Play on words, hope it made sense.

This run (although good time-wise) hurt. My hamstrings were super duper deluxe tight from Wednesday’s Bikram session and my shins were hurting every single time I ran. My ankles were kind of hurting too. I haven’t really had this problem before and I am really wondering if it has something to do with the new shoes. I’m really unsure what to do. Does it just take a while to break them in or since I don’t really feel great when I run do I just know automatically that they are wrong? What to do, what to do….#firstworldproblems

After I ran I picked up the Tobesters from the groomer.

Cin toby

The rest of the weekend included some of this:


Baby Shower


A beautiful afternoon by the lake


Some spa time (more on that later)


Look what we found!!!


I was ready to move to California b/c I thought that was the only state that this existed. Not sure how I didn’t realize there was one about 10 min from my work? Either way, I was SLIGHTLY (don’t hate me yogurtland-lovers) disappointed. They had lots of yummylicious flavors, but they had like ZERO nut options. Nuts are my #1 topping for yogurt, so I was pretty disappointed. They did have a little jar of peanuts so I added those even those are my least favorite of all the nuts. Red velvet and pistachio were underneath there. They were both top notch.


Impromptu dinner that I threw together. Yes, the yogurt happened BEFORE dinner.


Chicken and garlic sausage, green bell peppers, spaghetti sauce, pasta, stir and add a little motz to finish. Not to shabs.


Church and lunch and then….

Screen Shot 2012 03 04 at 8 37 39 PM

While it felt (read: chamois insert) a little awkward, no one seemed to care. SCORE. It was a double decker range. DOUBLE SCORE.




Reason #841 why I love this guy.

To end out the weekend, all I wanted was to eat guacamole?? So I whipped up a batch of my famous guac. If you haven’t had it yet, I’m sorry. You haven’t lived yet. And now I share this awesomeness with you. It’s pretty complicated, so get out some pen and paper.


Cinnamons famous Guacamole

  • However many avocado’s you want
  • Garlic Salt to taste
  • 1 or 2 cans of diced green chilies (Hatch is from New Mexico so its hands down the best) depending on how many avocados you use

In this bowl were four small avocados. I just cut them into relatively small pieces and then mash them with a fork by hand. Saves cleaning any sort of processor.  I always add the GS and the chilies according to taste so there are no exact measurements with this one. It’s plain and simple and always gets rave reviews at parties. Try it, you won’t be disappointed (like me sans nuts at Yogurtland)

What do you think I should do about my shoes?

Is there a Yogurtland by you? Do they have nuts there?

Do you like guac?

Bikram aftermath and pot roast

I woke up at five this morning for two reasons:

1) I had a pounding headace

2) I felt like the Sahara desert had invaded my body

Even though I hydrated like crazy last night after I got home, my body apparently is just not used to sweating that much. I got up, peed (I know, TMI) and then drank about 32 oz of water. I knew the headache would go away once I re-hydrated (and it did.)

I went back to sleep and then got up around 6:30 and was feeling much better. I got ready and headed into work and stopped for a perfect oatmeal. Wanna know why it’s perfect?


B/c it fits perfectly on top of my coffee mug! So when I am making my way from my car to elevator #1, heavy door #1 and then and elevator #2, I can balance it perfectly on top and still have one hand free to deal with all the badge-ing in to to the doors and elevators. Perfect indeed.

Throughout the day, my neck and hamstrings became progressively more sore. I understand my hamstrings since we did quite a bit of bending over, but not sure about the neck. Maybe from holding my hands above my head for long periods of time? Or from putting my body in all sorts of poses it hasn’t really ever been in before? No it couldn’t be that. I must have slept wrong. 🙂


I decided to get crazy and make a pot roast in the slow cooker tonight. I looked up a few different recipes on various websites and basically settled on this:

around 2-3 lb pot roast (give or take)
1 can cream of mushroom and garlic soup
1 1/2 can of water (I just used the soup can)

leave in slow cooker all day on low

I had NO IDEA how this would come out b/c I have never made a piece of meat like this before.  I was afraid the top was going to get all dried out. Alas, I was wrong. I know, its shocking, but it does happen from time to time.

When I got home I threw some carrots and potatoes in the juice and let them sit in there until Paul came home. Then I blanched some asparagus and made gravy out of the juice. I heard Martha Stewart is interested in interviewing me about my domestic goddess-ness, I’m not sure if I will accept or not.


I like my asparagus with a smidge of butter and some garlic salt. We actually use garlic salt a LOT, but you couldn’t tell from this container


I’m pretty sure we got this right about when we got married. One of our first Costco trips. So that would be about 9 months ago. Even though we use it all the time, it still obviously isn’t depleting very fast. At this rate we will have it for at least another 5 years. That could be a problem based on the expiration date.


Then I noticed the nutrition facts and it made me LOL. ALL sodium. Duh, its garlic SALT dummy.


I chose NOT to run today b/c of my sore-ness and the fact that I pretty much can’t move my neck. BUT I have 4-5 miles planned for tomorrow. FIVE WHOLE MILES!! Not sure how that will go. For some reason I am interested in torturing myself this week.

I survived Bikram yoga

Well, I did it. I went to Bikram yoga and I lived to tell the story. Thank you for your prayers. 🙂

My besties Peggy and Marjan have been trying to convince me to go Finally, a coupon arrived right in my emailbox thanks to a site called Bloomspot. 5 sessions for $30. My time had come to give in to the peer pressure. It was time to face my fears and get sweaty!!

Luckily I was well prepared. Peggy and Marjan gave the the full run down on what it would be like: TORTURE. Pure and simple. You will sweat like you have never sweated before. You might get dizzy, you might want to leave the room, you might want to puke. You probably won’t, but you might want to. I also had some other people fill me in on their experiences, which can be good and bad, but nonetheless, I was pretty freaked out about it. I even had a nightmare a few weeks ago. I get way to worked up about these things apparently.

I wasn’t too worried about the heat factor since I tend to like/do well with hot things. Some hot things I love:

1) my husband
2) showers (much to the annoyance of my hot husband)
3) food (green chile enchiladas and three star curry…YUM)
4) tubs
5) coffee and tea
6) dogs (j/k, sorry I couldn’t resist)

So needless to say, while I was worried about the 105 degree temp in the room it wasn’t my biggest worry. My biggest worry was that I have never done any sort of yoga before and what if I couldn’t do the poses or fell over or something from my complete utter lack of balance. Who wants to fall on their face in a room full of strangers? Not me. Even though I have done it numerous times in step class, it just doesn’t seem to get any easier.

Throughout the day, I made sure to hydrate like nobody’s business. Granted I drink a LOT of water anyway on a  regular basis, but today I made sure to stay totally on top of the hydration train to ensure I didn’t run out of good sweat during the session.

Water yoga

I also studied up on the 26 poses that we would be doing. Bikram yoga consists of the same 26 poses done in a 90 minute session. And the temperature in the room is around 105. Each pose is done twice. There are a series of standing and sitting poses.

PosesI’m not sure if stuyding up on the poses made me feel better or worse, but regardless, time was a tickin’ and it was time to go!

Peggy drove with me and we made our way to the studio (it was in a large building that I doubt I would have ever found on my own) and got all signed up. The instructor gave me a run down and told me my goal tonight was to just stay in the room. Don’t run out screaming. Oh boy.

I got changed and with my mat, towel and two buckets bottles of water, in we went. BOOM! The smell hits you pretty hard. It’s basically a hot room where 20+ people sweat their brains out in all day for hours on end and it smells exactly like you would imagine.

We sat in the room for a bit to get used to the heat. It wasn’t like sitting in a room of fire, so that was encouraging. I was kind of expecting more of a dry suffocating heat and it wasn’t like that, so I considered it a win.

The class itself was not near as bad as I was expecting. I actually think it was good that I was almost over prepared for it. I wasn’t really surprised by anything. I was certainly impressed with just how much you sweat. I was also impressed with the fact that my heart could beat so fast just from basically laying on the ground. Weird.

I was able to do most of the poses and of course some of them I did like a “lower” version of the pose, not the full out thing. Some of them where you had to grab your feet were tough b/c my hands and legs/feet were so sweaty that my hands just slipped off and I couldn’t get a good grip.

These are the ones I couldn’t really do.

Yoga poses2

I was able to do the laying down one really well. 😉
I found that on some of them where you have to sit on your legs, my toes instantly cramped up to the point where I couldn’t sit like that at all. Had to go cross legged instead.

By the end, I was pretty ready to be done. I didn’t really have any nausea but did feel a little dizzy from time to time. Nothing that freaked me out though.

Afterward we were all sweaty smiles!


Peggymemarjan yoga

Afterward, I decided I need a better system for all of my stuff

Bags yoga

Somehow I managed to carry all of that and we headed out into the pretty lobby…

Yoga inside

to find Peggy’s husband Adam. Look there he is!!

Adam lobby yoga

On my drive home, my jaw started hurting something fierce. This happened to me after my first triathlon as well. I think I do some serious clenching when I get stressed or really focused. Not sure if I can do something to stop that from happening b/c man it does hurt. Doesn’t stick around for long, but still.

Overall, I really did enjoy the experience and I am looking forward to my remaining four sessions. Thank you Peggy and Marjan for convincing me to go already and for being a great support system for me in my new yoga adventure!!

Have you ever done Bikram? What was your experience like? 

thanks for nothin’ Google Earth

So did I mention how our landlord wants his house back on June 1st and since our orders got deleted, we probably won’t be moving anywhere until well into the summer and that means that pretty soon we will be homeless? No?

Well yep, that’s happening.

Soooo…I’ve been craigslist house hunting.

Anytime I see something interesting, I Google Earth it. It’s a way to at least get somewhat of a “feel” for the immediate neighborhood.

This is what I saw today

Screen Shot 2012 02 28 at 9 46 01 PM

scroll around to the right….

Screen Shot 2012 02 28 at 9 45 40 PM

and a little more to the right….(directly across the street from the rental house)

Screen Shot 2012 02 28 at 9 45 21 PM

and even if it’s not. PASS.

I mean I know its just trash, but still. Struck me as HI.lari.ous b/c its just not something you expect to see when you are trolling around on GE spying on people when they are totally unaware.

I wonder what the guy driving around in the Google Earth car thought about this at the time. They must see the craziest things. I don’t know why I think about these things but I do.

And in a totally unrelated side note:
I am hitting up Bikram yoga for the first time ever after work on Wednesday. Hopefully I will not melt away and will live to blog about it. Say a prayer that I make it through to tell the story? Thx.

PR and Fro-Gro

Two awesome things happened this weekend.

#1- Paul and I saw this at Costco.


We decided it needs to be called Fro-Gro. We are brilliant and will be millionaires soon we just know it. So don’t you all go and try to steal our idea.

#2- I PR’ed my 5k time by 26 seconds. Granted it was on the T-Mill and not an actual race, but still it is the fastest I have run 3.1 miles since I have really been keeping track. High five.


Sorry for the blurry. I stopped Mr T as soon as I hit the time to take a pic, so I was panting and pretty much dying since I hadn’t done my cool down yet. I haven’t quite mastered this talent yet but I have high hopes for myself.

For mile #1 I alternated 1 1/2 min run/walk and then for mile #2 and #3 I pumped it up to 2 min run/ and 1 1/2 min walk. I did all running at a 12 min per mile pace. At the end I did some sprints to ensure I made the time. Felt GREAT and am very excited to be on my way to running three 12 min miles consecutively.

For the past two runs I have been using my Superfeet insoles as opposed to the custom made ones they gave me to try. I think I actually prefer them so I am going to take the other ones back. Still not totally sold 100% on the shoes yet, but I’m going to give them another week or so and see how I feel before deciding on keeping them or taking them back and trying something else.