Cast and Crew

The hubbs…aka..honey…aka…honeybunches…aka….honeykins…aka…buddy…aka Paul.


aren’t we adorable?
This guy right here is the best gift from God ever. He seriously is the best friend, supporter and encourager that a girl could ever ask for.

Release the hounds!!

Chloe Chloes aka Chloe girl...shes "special"

Guinness...aka...Bubbs..aka...The Muffin Man...the smartest dog ever to have walked on all fours, seriously, the cure for cancer is coming any day now we just know it.

Toby Tobes

You know how I said Guinness was so smart….yeah Toby is the exact opposite. In every way. I keep trying to give him away, but haven’t had any takers yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

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