New (new) Kicks and a New Race

Well even though we didn’t get to do this run due to our hacking and coughing


never fear, I made sure to find another one right away! My 2nd Virtual race!! Hosted by Jess, its the….

Jelly Bean race logo SML

I had a great time on my first virtual race, so I am very excited for this next one and am already thinking about where I want to go and run it the first week of April.

Another thing I am looking forward to using during this run…drumrolllll please…..

Screen Shot 2012 03 17 at 9 30 26 PM

My new kicks!

I returned my shin-hurting Saucony’s and went and tried on a few other pairs at Road Runner Sports and settled on these Mizuno Wave Nirvana. They feel really good on my feet and I am so pumped to take them out for a spin!



Like my fancy socks? I usually wear ankle socks, but I had to represent on St. Patty’s day with something green…

Hopefully my lungs will be open enough to at least take these out for a short run/walk tomorrow. I haven’t done any running in almost a week and I miss it!

One more pic just for fun

I got a PR and am so MAD! (and protein shake)

Wanna know why I am SO MAD!! I ran my 3.1 miles today in 41:28 and I didn’t get a picture to prove it!!!!


41:28 is a 34 second “treadmill” PR. I was all excited about being in the forty one’s and I hit stop but couldn’t tell if it actually stopped, so I hit it again and it cleared the treadmill!!! ARRRGHHHH! I was so upset. BUT not enough to ruin my moment. This was a great run. It felt GREAT. I felt rested, strong, energized and excited to run. Nothing hurt while I was running and my breathing was spot on. One of those runs that you wish they could all be like.

This was my strategy:

mile 1
alternated running 2 min and walking 1:30

mile 2
alternated running 2:30 min and walking 1:30

mile 3
alternated running 3 min and walking 1:30

sprinted last .10 of a mile

All runs were at 5.0 (12 mile pace) and walking at 3.5 with the exception of the last sprint which I did at 6.2

During mile 3 I ran a few times for 4 minutes b/c I just felt like I could run longer so I did. It felt GREAT.

One thing that I do think contributed….look who’s back…..

Shoes reebok

I was just not liking my new shoes. I think I might be kicked out of girl-dom b/c what girl says that??? I realized that I was dreading runs b/c I didn’t want to run in them. And then I woke up and realized that I don’t HAVE to run in them. I know, shocker right? I do have other shoes and can run in those. So I did. I DO think that I probably shouldn’t be running all the time in these shoes, so I’m going to take the Saucony’s back and see what I can find that is somewhere in the middle of lightweight and stability. With the amount of choices they have I am sure they will have something that feels right.


Don’t be fooled, I look all sweet and happy, but inside I was wanting to kick that stupid treadmill for resetting on me. Doesn’t it know I have a blog to write and I need pictures. Sheesh!!

Yesterday I made the yummiest protein shake. I have found that if I have one of these in the morning I stay full for a looooooong time. And the best part is I can drink it on my loooooooong commute so it saves me time. Why I have never thought of this before beats me, but its one (of the many) reason that I enjoy reading healthy living/running blogs b/c I find awesome ideas like this!

Protein shake smoothie

I get a little crazy with them. I just want to add everything. So I do.

In this one went:

1/2 cup 2% milk
1/2 cup 0% non-fat plain Chobani
1 banana
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 spoonful of Adams peanut butter
1 easy spoonful of chia seeds
as much ice as I want for volume and chill

Then I top with whatever berries we have at the time. Right now we have awesome raspberries and blueberries


One day I will have awesome lighting in my house and my pics will win prizes. Until then, you get this. Sigh.

PR and Fro-Gro

Two awesome things happened this weekend.

#1- Paul and I saw this at Costco.


We decided it needs to be called Fro-Gro. We are brilliant and will be millionaires soon we just know it. So don’t you all go and try to steal our idea.

#2- I PR’ed my 5k time by 26 seconds. Granted it was on the T-Mill and not an actual race, but still it is the fastest I have run 3.1 miles since I have really been keeping track. High five.


Sorry for the blurry. I stopped Mr T as soon as I hit the time to take a pic, so I was panting and pretty much dying since I hadn’t done my cool down yet. I haven’t quite mastered this talent yet but I have high hopes for myself.

For mile #1 I alternated 1 1/2 min run/walk and then for mile #2 and #3 I pumped it up to 2 min run/ and 1 1/2 min walk. I did all running at a 12 min per mile pace. At the end I did some sprints to ensure I made the time. Felt GREAT and am very excited to be on my way to running three 12 min miles consecutively.

For the past two runs I have been using my Superfeet insoles as opposed to the custom made ones they gave me to try. I think I actually prefer them so I am going to take the other ones back. Still not totally sold 100% on the shoes yet, but I’m going to give them another week or so and see how I feel before deciding on keeping them or taking them back and trying something else.


New kicks (not pumped up, just regular)

On Monday (President’s Day), Paul and I decided to go and find a place to spend all of the leftover money that we didn’t spend at Target and see if we could find any awesome specials on some new kicks.

Paul has been running in his Nike Free’s for a while now and I have been in the Reebok version. I forget what they are called. And I am too lazy to Google it right now. But I have had the feeling that I need to be running in something a little more stable so we decided to do the whole shebang and get our feet and gait looked at and assessed and get some good shoe recommendations from someone who knew what they were talking about.

We hit up the internet and discovered this little huge gem of a store that was surprisingly only about 15 min away from our house, in a outdoor shopping mall that we frequent often but have never seen before. We are obviously oblivious to our surroundings very observant.

Screen Shot 2012 02 21 at 9 42 15 PM

They had this awesome system called Shoe Dog (I never really understood the dog tie in, but it was cute to see the colorful spotted puppies all over the place) that would size up our arches, analyze our gait and pop out awesome recommendation for fantastic new kicks that would change our lives forever. Ok, maybe not that last part but you catch my drift.

Screen Shot 2012 02 21 at 9 42 02 PM

I am a bad blogger and somehow spent about TWO HOURS in the store doing all this and didn’t manage to take ONE picture of the whole experience. I think I was too mesmerized with the number of choices, the constant back and forth on the treadmill to try everything out, and I had to pee. Thankfully they had a bathroom so that last thing was only a problem for a little while. But still.

An awesome associate named Justin took Paul and I through the whole process. I’ve been through a little bit of a similar process before back when I had some issues with plantar fasicitis but this was really extensive and pretty cool.

They even fitted us with custom inserts that we could try out for a while and bring back if we just weren’t feelin them.

We both tried on what seemed like a hundred pair of shoes. It is pretty difficult to really get a feel for the difference. I found some a little more comfortable which had less stability so it was pretty hard to figure out which ones would really make me into the running champion that I aim to be help me to stay injury free as I continue to train.

In the end, I settled on these: Saucony Hurricane 13



Paul ended up with his faves: Nike’s. That guy probably would have married Nike if I hadn’t come along. He loves them with all his soul.



These are my custom inserts that they made for me


and these are the Superfeet that I also got to try out.


I had been in the green superfeet for a few years, but Justin said that they were probably a little much for me and that the blue or berry would be better. I’m gonna give these a whirl to see how they go.

We also got a ginormous bottle of Body Glide. I have found that I can’t run with out it. Miracle stuff.


After our hours spent figuring out what shoes to get, we went to the 3rd happiest place on earth, IKEA.


We had lunch and browsed around at some containers and such for moving, but amazingly enough didn’t buy anything. I think that was mostly due to the fact that we were kind of crunched for time since we had to get home. We did however have enough time to get the $1 frozen yogurt cone. Can’t leave IKEA without one it seems.


WARNING: Don’t drive and ice cream. Dangerous stuff. Paul is a professional, don’t try this at home.

Later that day we made it to the gym for a run in our new kicks. We both did an interval workout for around 2-3 miles for 30 min. I had some pain in my left heel and my right ankle was also hurting. I haven’t had either of these issues before so I am a little confused about whether or not it was the new shoes, or the new inserts, or just an off day. I’m going to keep trying though to see if the issues continue. Also going to try the berry Superfeet to see if there is any difference.

Paul wasn’t a HUGE fan of his either, but is also gonna give them a bit just to see if it’s just an adjustment thing.

The awesome thing about RoadRunner Sports where we got them is that we can return them within 90 days for a full refund if we don’t like them. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Have you ever had your feet analyzed?

What was your last pair of new shoes? 

Do you love IKEA with all your heart and soul?