Reverse Straddle Lunge Exit

Yesterday was step class. Hence the title. Looks something like this:

Minus that big smile

or maybe this?

minus the leotards and tights? C'mon people this is not Flashdance. Or the 80's.

so in reality, we all really look much more like this:


ding ding ding, that's a perfect replication of our class

right down the the matching outfits.

Seriously though, I love step class. I used to do it all the time with I lived in the Q and started taking an awesome class a couple of years ago when the gym by my house opened. Unfortunately due to all of my wedding planning and general laziness time constraints, I haven’t been in a while. I thought I would have forgotten a lot of the stuff, but it turns out that step class is right up there with riding a bike and…well…anyway….you just don’t forget. However I did manage to “two knee repeater, reverse straddle lunge, hop step home” my way in to barely being able to walk today.

All day today I kept wondering if it was physiologically possible for my calves to actually turn to stone. Google said NO, but I’m still not convinced. I mean, what does Google know anyway? Only everything, Not much the last time I checked.

So what is the last thing you want to see when you somehow manage to get out of your desk and hobble like your legs are broken walk to the bathroom?


What to do, what to do?

1)Hobble all the way back to the desk, wait five min and then hobble all the way back? I think not.

2)Go down/up the one flight of stairs to the bathroom there? Ummm yeah, no, that’s not happening in my condition.

3)Take the elevator up/down the one floor to the bathroom there? And be that guy? You know, the one who takes an elevator down or up one floor?  Psshhhhh….no way.

4)Hang out like a creep in front of the bathroom and take pictures and wait until it opens again? Yeppers. Sounds like the perfect plan to me.

Today was a long day at work and obviously a rest day with regard to working out (how did you know?) So we made a trip out for Pho for din. I like to say PHO FO SHO! Even though that’s not really how you are supposed to say it, I think I am hysterical when I do, so humor me.



I hit a milestone during my workout today. I ran for 30 min! Not all in a row mind you, (let’s not get crazy here) but I ran for a TOTAL of 30 minutes during my run workout. I don’t honestly know if I have ever done that before.

It was one of those days where even before I started, I knew it was going to be a good workout. Love those days. Those are the days that help me keep going.

I did a 5 min warm up walk and then ran 10 min, walk 3, ran 10, walk 3 and finished with ANOTHER 10 min run. Whew! I know right? Craziness. Please save your applause until the end of the post. Cool down walk and I was done in 45 min. 3.14 miles covered.

Red face and all. Yowza that's a big fivehead!

So much of me wants to just run faster so I can cover more ground more quickly and be done faster…that is just so logical right? And efficient. However, my body is not ready for that yet so I have to pace myself and keep telling myself that I will get there. No one just wakes up and can run like that right? Well, OK probably lots of people can but those people are awesome mean and we don’t want to be like them anyway right? I just tell myself that to feel better…what?

Boom. True.

The album that I have absolutely been digging lately for my fun run workouts is Torches by Foster the People. Not a typical run music I would say, but they have some really catchy tunes and I like to turn their lyrics into inspiration to keep me going.

Houdini: Focus on your ability, focus on your ability, now focus on your ability, Focus on your ability

Cinnamon version: same, you can’t go wrong singing that while you are dying on the treadmill sweating it out

I would do anything for you: Ohhhh lala, I’ve fallen in love and its better this time than ever before
Cinnamon version: Ohhhh lala, I’ve fallen in love (with running)and its better this time than ever before

Waste: When the muscles in our legs aren’t used to all that walkin’
Cinnamon version: When the muscles in our legs are used to all that runnin‘!

Color on the Walls: One shoe, two, gonna kick with my new shoes I’m gonna kick until I need new shoes
Cinnamon version: One shoe, two, gonna run with my new shoes, I’m gonna rununtil I need new shoes

Color on the Walls: Don’t stop, Don’t stop, Don’t stop talking to me
Cinnamon version: Don’t stop!, Don’t stop!, Don’t stop! (this song is particularly helpful at the end)

Color on the Walls: I run, they run, everybody run run, and we’re all just having fun
Cinnamon version: same…too fun to change!

As you can see Color on the Walls is a great running song!

and my favorite….

Life on the Nickel: yet again I’m hustling, hustling, hustling
Cinnamon version: then again I’m awesome, awesome, awesome

SERIOUSLY it sounds like that is what they are saying. Check it out, you will agree with me.

I started the day with some chocolate oatmeal that I got from here.
Then I whipped up this baby for lunch.
Spinach, avocado, tomatoes, bell pepper for crunch, scoop of cottage cheese and some S&P and splash of balsamic vinegar.

Taco soup in the crock pot for din. Tuesday success!

What songs/albums do you love to listen to for motivation?


Alright…don’t go all crazy thinking that is a really inappropriate title considering that my husband just came back on Friday after being gone for a month…. 😉 I know, I know, I just couldn’t resist!

Here is someone else who was pretty excited about him being home.

She snuggled right into his pile of clothes and then looked at us like “what”? (Don’t mind hubbys oddly left leaning toe)

Saturday was for sleeping in and gym time with my returned workout partner. We busted out a ridiculously slow quick mile on the TM and did a killer upper body workout that I am paying for today. Yowzas!

Then we were booked for Christmas parties on both Sat and Sun. Bring on the white elephant baby!! This is where the scoring comes in….

Christmas party #1…we scored this beauty thanks to our strategy of working together to get it stolen for the 3rd time, (thus rendering it ineligible from being stolen again)…we were both amazed with our brilliance in the heat of the moment

Yes, you read right, Cotton Candy Vodka. mmm hmmm…

Then we scored this beauty today

I foresee a game of drunk darts in our near future?

I also got my new BIC Bands in the mail this weekend! SCORE indeed! I got this one and this one. I’ve heard about these on numerous blogs and they are indeed amazing. I have never been able to find a headband that won’t slip off my head so I was a little weary, but these really came through. Stayed right on my head and comfortable to boot. I usually wear a hat when I run but I’m thinking that is forever retired now!

What did you score this weekend? 

6 mo

Six months ago today a little bit of this was going on….

Unfortunately, next week we are NOT headed here like we were six months ago

ahhhh Jamaica...we miss you!

Hard to believe its been 6 months since our wedding. That day seemed to take forever to come and the six months has just flown by!

How thankful and blessed we are and are on the edge of our seats excited for the next 6 months (and many more) to come! Happy Anniversary buddy!

oh and btw…thanks to Jamie over at Roural Route Life for the mention! Check out her blog, she is a newfound blogging buddy who is as new to all this as I am!

Opening Ceremonies

What am I getting myself into? Starting blog=freaked out Cinnamon.

The blogs I have been addicted toobsessed with, reading lately are impressive. Like seriously intimidating. I mean I am reading some really cool stuff. Its like reality TV, but completely opposite b/c its REAL and not on TV.

These chicks (and some dudes) are legit. They are f.u.n.n.y, like I LOL (a lot) funny.  They have all these awesome accomplishments (1/2 marathons, back to back weekend marathons, major poundage lost,  Iron Man Tri’s, etc…) And did I mention, they are funny?

The longest I have run (last week) was 1.5 miles. I dream of running 3. In a row. Without stopping to walk. Or puke. Seriously, that’s my goal for right now. How can I even compare myself or compete with this newfound blogging world (which is like its own little private secret community…everyone knows each other it seems, seriously…but more on that later…)

But I keep telling myself, I’m not trying to compete with anyone but myself. My goals and accomplishments are just as important b/c really doing anything is better than nothing right? And really, this is just the beginning. I know I can meet my goals. I know b/c I have done it before. I have never been what I would describe as “athletic” but I have walked 60 miles, rocked a triathlon and learned to ride a bike in my 30’s (without training wheels.) Not to shabby if I do say so myself. Plus, I have Philippians 4:13 in my head at all time. So I say to my goals- Hey goals…BRING IT.

And you know what else goals…? I’m gonna write this all down in a very public way in order to stay accountable. ohhhhh burn! (or FACE if you were a kid in the 80’s) Yep, that just happened.

Let’s do this.

Could I GET any cheesier? Probably.