Bikram aftermath and pot roast

I woke up at five this morning for two reasons:

1) I had a pounding headace

2) I felt like the Sahara desert had invaded my body

Even though I hydrated like crazy last night after I got home, my body apparently is just not used to sweating that much. I got up, peed (I know, TMI) and then drank about 32 oz of water. I knew the headache would go away once I re-hydrated (and it did.)

I went back to sleep and then got up around 6:30 and was feeling much better. I got ready and headed into work and stopped for a perfect oatmeal. Wanna know why it’s perfect?


B/c it fits perfectly on top of my coffee mug! So when I am making my way from my car to elevator #1, heavy door #1 and then and elevator #2, I can balance it perfectly on top and still have one hand free to deal with all the badge-ing in to to the doors and elevators. Perfect indeed.

Throughout the day, my neck and hamstrings became progressively more sore. I understand my hamstrings since we did quite a bit of bending over, but not sure about the neck. Maybe from holding my hands above my head for long periods of time? Or from putting my body in all sorts of poses it hasn’t really ever been in before? No it couldn’t be that. I must have slept wrong. ūüôā


I decided to get crazy and make a pot roast in the slow cooker tonight. I looked up a few different recipes on various websites and basically settled on this:

around 2-3 lb pot roast (give or take)
1 can cream of mushroom and garlic soup
1 1/2 can of water (I just used the soup can)

leave in slow cooker all day on low

I had NO IDEA how this would come out b/c I have never made a piece of meat like this before.  I was afraid the top was going to get all dried out. Alas, I was wrong. I know, its shocking, but it does happen from time to time.

When I got home I threw some carrots and potatoes in the juice and let them sit in there until Paul came home. Then I blanched some asparagus and made gravy out of the juice. I heard Martha Stewart is interested in interviewing me about my domestic goddess-ness, I’m not sure if I will accept or not.


I like my asparagus with a smidge of butter and some garlic salt. We actually use garlic salt a LOT, but you couldn’t tell from this container


I’m pretty sure we got this right about when we got married. One of our first Costco trips. So that would be about 9 months ago. Even though we use it all the time, it still obviously isn’t depleting very fast. At this rate we will have it for at least another 5 years. That could be a problem based on the expiration date.


Then I noticed the nutrition facts and it made me LOL. ALL sodium. Duh, its garlic SALT dummy.


I chose NOT to run today b/c of my sore-ness and the fact that I pretty much can’t move my neck. BUT I have 4-5 miles planned for tomorrow. FIVE WHOLE MILES!! Not sure how that will go. For some reason I am interested in torturing myself this week.

I survived Bikram yoga

Well, I did it. I went to Bikram yoga and I lived to tell the story. Thank you for your prayers. ūüôā

My besties Peggy and Marjan have been trying to convince me to go Finally, a coupon arrived right in my emailbox thanks to a site called Bloomspot. 5 sessions for $30. My time had come to give in to the peer pressure. It was time to face my fears and get sweaty!!

Luckily I was well prepared. Peggy and Marjan gave the the full run down on what it would be like: TORTURE. Pure and simple. You will sweat like you have never sweated before. You might get dizzy, you might want to leave the room, you might want to puke. You probably won’t, but you might want to. I also had some other people fill me in on their experiences, which can be good and bad, but nonetheless, I was pretty freaked out about it. I even had a nightmare a few weeks ago. I get way to worked up about these things apparently.

I wasn’t too worried about the heat factor since I tend to like/do well with hot things. Some hot things I love:

1) my husband
2) showers (much to the annoyance of my hot husband)
3) food (green chile enchiladas and three star curry…YUM)
4) tubs
5) coffee and tea
6) dogs (j/k, sorry I couldn’t resist)

So needless to say, while I was worried about the 105 degree temp in the room it wasn’t my biggest worry. My biggest worry was that I have never done any sort of yoga before and what if I couldn’t do the poses or fell over or something from my complete utter lack of balance. Who wants to fall on their face in a room full of strangers? Not me. Even though I have done it numerous times in step class, it just doesn’t seem to get any easier.

Throughout the day, I made sure to hydrate like nobody’s business. Granted I drink a LOT of water anyway on a ¬†regular basis, but today I made sure to stay totally on top of the hydration train to ensure I didn’t run out of good sweat during the session.

Water yoga

I also studied up on the 26 poses that we would be doing. Bikram yoga consists of the same 26 poses done in a 90 minute session. And the temperature in the room is around 105. Each pose is done twice. There are a series of standing and sitting poses.

PosesI’m not sure if stuyding up on the poses made me feel better or worse, but regardless, time was a tickin’ and it was time to go!

Peggy drove with me and we made our way to the studio (it was in a large building that I doubt I would have ever found on my own) and got all signed up. The instructor gave me a run down and told me my goal tonight was to just stay in the room. Don’t run out screaming. Oh boy.

I got changed and with my mat, towel and two buckets bottles of water, in we went. BOOM! The smell hits you pretty hard. It’s basically a hot room where 20+ people sweat their brains out in all day for hours on end and it smells exactly like you would imagine.

We sat in the room for a bit to get used to the heat. It wasn’t like sitting in a room of fire, so that was encouraging. I was kind of expecting more of a dry suffocating heat and it wasn’t like that, so I considered it a win.

The class itself was not near as bad as I was expecting. I actually think it was good that I was almost over prepared for it. I wasn’t really surprised by anything. I was certainly impressed with just how much you sweat. I was also impressed with the fact that my heart could beat so fast just from basically laying on the ground. Weird.

I was able to do most of the poses and of course some of them I did like a “lower” version of the pose, not the full out thing. Some of them where you had to grab your feet were tough b/c my hands and legs/feet were so sweaty that my hands just slipped off and I couldn’t get a good grip.

These are the ones I couldn’t really do.

Yoga poses2

I was able to do the laying down one really well. ūüėČ
I found that on some of them where you have to sit on your legs, my toes instantly cramped up to the point where I couldn’t sit like that at all. Had to go cross legged instead.

By the end, I was pretty ready to be done. I didn’t really have any nausea but did feel a little dizzy from time to time. Nothing that freaked me out though.

Afterward we were all sweaty smiles!


Peggymemarjan yoga

Afterward, I decided I need a better system for all of my stuff

Bags yoga

Somehow I managed to carry all of that and we headed out into the pretty lobby…

Yoga inside

to find Peggy’s husband Adam. Look there he is!!

Adam lobby yoga

On my drive home, my jaw started hurting something fierce. This happened to me after my first triathlon as well. I think I do some serious clenching when I get stressed or really focused. Not sure if I can do something to stop that from happening b/c man it does hurt. Doesn’t stick around for long, but still.

Overall, I really did enjoy the experience and I am looking forward to my remaining four sessions. Thank you Peggy and Marjan for convincing me to go already and for being a great support system for me in my new yoga adventure!!

Have you ever done Bikram? What was your experience like? 

thanks for nothin’ Google Earth

So did I mention how our landlord wants his house back on June 1st and since our orders got deleted, we probably won’t be moving anywhere until well into the summer and that means that pretty soon we will be homeless? No?

Well yep, that’s happening.

Soooo‚ĶI’ve been craigslist house hunting.

Anytime I see something interesting, I Google Earth it. It’s a way to at least get somewhat of a “feel” for the immediate neighborhood.

This is what I saw today

Screen Shot 2012 02 28 at 9 46 01 PM

scroll around to the right….

Screen Shot 2012 02 28 at 9 45 40 PM

and a little more to the right….(directly across the street from the rental house)

Screen Shot 2012 02 28 at 9 45 21 PM

and even if it’s not. PASS.

I mean I know its just trash, but still. Struck me as HI.lari.ous b/c its just not something you expect to see when you are trolling around on GE spying on people when they are totally unaware.

I wonder what the guy driving around in the Google Earth car thought about this at the time. They must see the craziest things. I don’t know why I think about these things but I do.

And in a totally unrelated side note:
I am hitting up Bikram yoga for the first time ever after work on Wednesday. Hopefully I will not melt away and will live to blog about it. Say a prayer that I make it through to tell the story? Thx.

A case of LPS (loose pants syndrome)

News alert! Stop the presses!

My pants are loose. Winning.

I’m not a huge fan of weighing myself and obsessing over numbers. I’ve actually contemplated getting that zero scale. You know the one that doesn’t tell you what your actual weight is, it just tells you how much you’ve lost or gained since the first reading? Seems interesting to me, but haven’t really seriously thought about it, so still just kind of going off of how my clothes feel and how I feel in general.

So it looks like I’m coming down with a case of LPS. Much better than its counterpart, TPS (tight pants syndrome.) Hopefully we won’t have a case of that until I’m down to size 6’s AND it’s holiday season AND I have a broken foot so I can’t workout. I think I could deal with that. Maybe.

Today I worked from home b/c I woke up with a killer migraine. Nothing worse than waking up with a headache. I’m convinced it was due to the nightmare I had about the bikram yoga class I signed up for. NIGHTMARE. It was bad.I really need to just do it and get it over with so I can stop freaking out about how awful it’s going to be. Sucker for torture,¬†that’s¬†me.

So in addition to all the “work-work” I did at home (which also included two loads of dishes and about 6 loads of laundry…fun!) all my meals were in bowls today. I didn’t even try to do that, it just happened.

Talented, I know.


Oatmeal, a huge chopped up apple, sunbutter and chia seeds. I promise there is oatmeal under there.


Romaine, tomatoes, sprouts, tuna, g-banzos, more chia, awesome homemade dressing that a friend made and left here after small group on Monday. Score!

Taken on the windowsill…we actually had some nice light today.


Creamy potato soup. In the crock-pot all day. Fab.  Big hit with the boys too, so double win!

I mean really….look at that. I want more.¬†Recipe¬†to come lata…

Workout was simple but successful. Paul and I hit up the gym when he got home. I ran two miles, in a row, again, without stopping. I felt like I could have done more had it not been 8 at night and we had to still go home and eat dinner. Blech. Why can’t there be 30 hours in a day?

Paul was still running, but I made him take a picture anyway. Thus the blur. I mean really, whats more important, his run or pics for my blog? C’mon, we all know the answer to that.

I think that’s his “I will appease you and let you take a pic of me even though I am a sweaty monster” look. Cute, huh?

What are you having right now LPS or TPS? Or neither? 

How many hours do you wish there were in a day?