Costco stole our money and freezer party!!

Last night we went to the happiest place on earth aka…Costco. It was even more enjoyable than usual b/c Kyle wasn’t there begging us for a wild berry smoothie the whole time.

Paul and I decided that we should stock up on tuna for our lunches. They didn’t have the normal 5oz cans we usually get at the grocery store so we got these instead. Do you think this will fit in my lunch bag? The more protein the better right?

We also scoped out the treadmills. Since we put that one together last weekend for our friends we have both been thinking about getting one. Prob won’t happen in forev, but hey we can dream right?

What is that little thing taped to the side of it you ask?

We counted one treadmill. Then we moved on. No idea. ?

Bye bye money! We will miss you!!!!

After emptying our checkbook, we went home and made this:

Don’t you love the lovely yellow lighting? And why is there a Slinky and a ruler next to my food?

Then we went out and had this!

Mine had red velvet, thin mint and vanilla bean under those berries and nuts. Pauls had….well I don’t know, I was too interested in mine to really pay attention.

Overall, pretty much the best way to end a week with the exception of Jack Daniels or tequila.

Today was crazy busy. We were items-crossed-off-the-never-ending-list monsters.

We sold this (finally!)

and got this (finally!)


We have wanted an upright freezer for the garage pretty much since we got married. Its funny the things you get excited about buying when you get older.

We are ALREADY well on our way to fill this bad boy up b/c we went to a “let’s make a bunch of meals all in one day and then freeze them for later party.” Again, the things you do that excite you when you get older continually entertains me.

This is how it went down.

There were four of us and we all chose a recipe. Then each of us brought ingredients for that recipe X 4. Then when we got there, we all made each recipe at the same time and each ended up with four full meals to put in the freezer for later. Brilliant!

First up, Ziti with sausage and peppers

Next up….chicken and pesto stuffed shells

then on to the spaghetti pie

and last but not least, chicken enchiladas!

This was the total result of our three hour labor session

Not bad for three or so hours of work. And sadly that is NOT my kitchen. BOO.

After all that awesome cooking you would think we would be inspired to go home and make an awesome home made delicious lunch right?

C’mon, I think not.

Chipotle. Yep. Hit the spot.

I don’t know how those burritos don’t bust open every time. Fo’ realz.

In addition to all this awesome stuff we got done today, this is what it looked like outside.

Gorg. It was like summer. Which means I think it hit 60. We wanted to lay out. Vitamin D does funny things to you.

Do you like tuna? (We have lots if you need some)

Have you ever been to a freezer party?