What day is it again?

Sorry for the random post last night that had no context whatsoever.

I’ve learned my lesson: Don’t drink and blog when you have worked a full day and then taught a class afterward and are super duper tired.

Anywho…some random nonsense that is somewhat Valentines related….

I haven’t talked a lot about my class, but I LOVE it. It’s super stressful the day before b/c its basically all I think about, but when I get there and we start discussing, its so much FUN! I’ve had quite a few of the students tell me how much they are enjoying the class and that just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.

I’ve been meaning to take a pic of the sign in front of the class but kept forgetting, but I remembered last night. And then realized that the date on the sign was wrong. I guess whoever made it just didn’t want Valentines day to end? Or they are incompetent. 

Class sign

Other than our valentines celebration on Sunday, I didn’t really talk about the actual day itself.

I started the day off by taking a pic of something else I have been meaning to take a pic of for.ev.er.

This is in the wall next to the elevator I go up every day to go to work and every day I see it and think, “how cute is that little heart hole in the wall?” What better day than V-Day to finally snap a shot to remember it forever and ever. Geeze could I get more lame? Don’t answer that. 

I came home after a long day to these:

awwww so pretty.

But not as pretty as this!!

Guinn bow

I think we might have to use that bow from the chocolates as his every day collar. He looks so handsome. Buuut I’m pretty sure he hates me. Can’t you see it in his eyes?

Do you ever drink and blog?

Does your pet hate you?