ABC’s of EPT

I realized after I chose my blog name what acronym-izing it would look like. EPT. The pregnancy test thingy. Great. Juuust great.

Anywhoooo…its survey time! This one has been floating around and it looks fun and I love singing the ABC song (as well as the Greek alphabet much to the dismay of the hubs) so here goes!!

A is for age: Do I have to tell? Ok fine.

but in case you didn’t know….

so there you go

B is for breakfast today:

Protein smoothie: Vanilla protein powder/Greek yogurt/milk/banana/PB/ice= delish

C is for currently craving:

I’m pretty much always craving Dions from Alb or Sonic. or both.

pretty sure this is the one on Academy & Wyoming? I know my Dions.

D is for dinner tonight:

We have small group on Monday nights and since it’s three couples we usually alternate main dish, side dish and desert. I’m in charge of desert tonight so I have no idea what we will be having for dinner, but I know desert will be good *cough* cookies!

E is for favorite type of exercise:

Probably swimming b/c it is the only thing that I feel like I am actually pretty good at. But I do love biking and am liking running more and more…so we will just say that triathlon-ing is my fave exercise. That’s allowed right?

F is for an irrational fear:

Maybe cockroaches? I’ve had one in my shoe and in my bed before and I pretty much hate all of them  with the depths of my soul since then. They are fast and creepy and crunchy. And evil.

G is for gross food:

Coconut. Gross. And carrot cake. Disgusting.

H is for hometown:

The “Q”, ‘Bourque, Albuquerque, NM

I is for something important: There really is only one thing important and that is my relationship with Jesus Christ. He is the reason I exist and He makes life make sense. In every way.

J is for current favorite jam:
food jam: my homemade strawberry freezer jam
music jam: I’m currently digging “Glad you Came” by The Wanted

K is for kids:
Living with us: Kyle the wonder step-son, and Guinness, Chloe and Toby the wonder-pups

not living with us: Kaylee the wonder step-daughter. We miss her!

L is for current location:
M is for the most recent way you spent money:
Screen Shot 2012 03 17 at 9 30 26 PM

N is for something you need:


yeah. i need that. just a little. sorry for yelling.

O is for occupation:

83945642 250x250 Front padToSquare true

Part time research, part time regulator, part time mommy, part time police, part time step stool, part time adviser/counselor, part time strategic business partner= full time awesome

P is for pet peeve:

when people don’t do what they say they are going to do

also when people leave open doors, cupboards,, lockers etc…

Q is for a quote:
I have a few
R is for random fact about you:
When I am working on my computer, I have to be doing something with my hands when I’m not typing. Currently I play with a slinky and I think it’s drives Paul bonkers. Thank goodness he loves me.
S is for favorite healthy snack:

maybe a tomato or bread with PB and banana

T is for favorite treat:

Fro-Yo with all the goodies on top.  Is there any other kind of treat?

U is for something that makes you unique: 
I’d say my name makes me pretty unique!
V is for favorite vegetable:

toss up between green bell peppers and broccoli. Both are green and crunchy and delish!

W is for today’s workout:

didn’t happen on account of my hacking lungs. BOO.

X is for X-rays you’ve had:

teeth, ankle, I feel like there have been more but I can’t remember?

Y is for yesterday’s highlight:

Paul made dinner!! Wooo Hooo!!

Z is for your time zone:

V-Day celebration! (and I should have had the baked chicken)

Hubs and I decided to go against the flow and celebrate Valentines Day on Sunday instead of Tuesday this year. We are so cutting edge. Outsmarting people across the country. That’s us. Deal.

Paul is pretty cautious when it comes to planning “celebrations” mostly b/c I am crazy planner girl who thinks of everything and plans stuff out like six months in advance. Also because of this.

So to compromise, we made a deal that we would switch off years. I would plan V-day one year, he would plan the next. We didn’t remember who planned last year me so I took the reigns and planned this year again.

In addition to being crazy planner girl, I am crazy Groupon girl, so our afternoon/evening out was planned around next to expire Groupons that we had. So romantic right?

First up. The Vow. I originally asked him if he wanted to see this or Safe House and then immediately realized how stupid that sounded coming out of my mouth. Then we had the opportunity to see a movie on Friday night and it was actually HIS idea to see Safe House Friday instead of Sunday since Sunday was our V-Day date and The Vow would be more appropriate. Swoon. Back off girls, hes mine!!

I will save you details of the movie, movie review soon to follow. Needless to say we had a good make-out session in the car afterward. What? We are married and fully allowed to kiss in public.

Then on to dinner. Oh boy, here we go.

So I will start out by saying we have been to this restaurant plenty of times and this experience is pretty a-typical. So much so that I don’t even want to say the name of the place b/c I don’t want it to tarnish anyone’s opinion or prevent them from going there. I’m sure it was a one off experience but an experience nonetheless.

We sat at the table for a good 15 min before anyone even came over and acknowledged us or took a drink order. IMO that is just WAAAY to long to wait. By the time the waiter came over we had decided what we wanted to eat like 12 min ago and luckily he didnt run away after taking our drink order so we were able to get it all done right away.

We had decided to get a salad and pasta and share both. I ordered the special “baked Alfredo” and Paul got the chopped salad. When I said “baked Alfredo” the waiter looked at me strange and said “baked chicken?” So I pointed to it on the menu and he then he seemed to understand.

When the waiter brought our drinks, (Iced -T) he said to me, “you had the baked chicken right?” I said, “no the baked alfredo” and he was like, “oh right! ok got it”

Then we asked for sweetener and were lucky enough to get the pre-opened stuff. Thank goodness b/c we all know that opening sweetener is really just time-consuming and tiresome and any good restaurant will make sure all your sweetener is opened beforehand so you just don’t have to worry about it!

Then about halfway through the meal, we had to deal with this.

We were trying to subtly send a message that we were dying of thirst. Didn’t work. When he came to take our plates (b/c by this time we were done with dinner) he asked, “can I get you anything else?” Didn’t even acknowledge the (by then) FOUR empty glasses on the table.

We asked for more tea and water and its a good thing, b/c we ended up staying at the restaurant for another 45 min or so.



He brought the bill and I told him I had a coupon. He wrote the number down and off he went and we thought everything would be dandy. We are obvs not that smrt.

He dropped the bill back off about 5 min later and when I opened it, it  said we still owed $45. This seemed odd since our dinner only totaled probably less than $40 and that was the amount my coupon was for anyway. I then realized that none of the food on the bill was ours and he gave us the wrong bill. And applied our coupon to it. Lovely. It also had baked chicken on it. What is it with this guy and the baked chicken?

He came back and I told him it wasn’t our bill and he scurried away to take care of it.

About 15 min later he came back and said, “Ok all taken care of now” and left. I reopened the bill and it was the EXACT SAME one he had left me 20 min earlier.



We flagged him down again and he mumbled something about how Steve the manager was supposed to take care of it and mumble mumble mumble and off he went again.

He came back about 10 min later and said your coupon is more than your meal and we can’t give you the money back so do you want to order something else? We were highly annoyed amused at this point so we just said, no we are good.

He came back about 5 min later with a fresh new bill and what do you know? It wasn’t the one before, but it was still wrong. It had Paul’s salad, some other random dish (surprisingly NOT baked chicken) and no drinks. And we owed $2 in tax. I was not willing to wait around for receipt attempt #4 so we just said forget it, lets just pay the tax and go.

I went to the bathroom while Paul took care of the $2. I came back to the table and Paul tells me that while I was gone the guy told him that he was sorry and that it was his first night. WHAT? Now he tells us? Plus I think I have seen him there before, but that could be just my imagination.

Afterward, we had a long intellectual conversation about tipping for something like this and should we accept the fact the he said it was his first night and tip big b/c we knew he was struggling? Or do we not reward his obviously terrible service? Stew on that one for a while.

Finally we left. On to a much happier experience.

Always a good time.

All in all, it was a great V-Day celebration. My cheeks hurt so bad at the end of the night from all the laughing, smiling and kissing. #marriedpeopleproblems.

If you have a sweetie, who plans your celebrations?

Have you ever had a waiter get your bill wrong 4 times?

Do you kiss in public?

Costco stole our money and freezer party!!

Last night we went to the happiest place on earth aka…Costco. It was even more enjoyable than usual b/c Kyle wasn’t there begging us for a wild berry smoothie the whole time.

Paul and I decided that we should stock up on tuna for our lunches. They didn’t have the normal 5oz cans we usually get at the grocery store so we got these instead. Do you think this will fit in my lunch bag? The more protein the better right?

We also scoped out the treadmills. Since we put that one together last weekend for our friends we have both been thinking about getting one. Prob won’t happen in forev, but hey we can dream right?

What is that little thing taped to the side of it you ask?

We counted one treadmill. Then we moved on. No idea. ?

Bye bye money! We will miss you!!!!

After emptying our checkbook, we went home and made this:

Don’t you love the lovely yellow lighting? And why is there a Slinky and a ruler next to my food?

Then we went out and had this!

Mine had red velvet, thin mint and vanilla bean under those berries and nuts. Pauls had….well I don’t know, I was too interested in mine to really pay attention.

Overall, pretty much the best way to end a week with the exception of Jack Daniels or tequila.

Today was crazy busy. We were items-crossed-off-the-never-ending-list monsters.

We sold this (finally!)

and got this (finally!)


We have wanted an upright freezer for the garage pretty much since we got married. Its funny the things you get excited about buying when you get older.

We are ALREADY well on our way to fill this bad boy up b/c we went to a “let’s make a bunch of meals all in one day and then freeze them for later party.” Again, the things you do that excite you when you get older continually entertains me.

This is how it went down.

There were four of us and we all chose a recipe. Then each of us brought ingredients for that recipe X 4. Then when we got there, we all made each recipe at the same time and each ended up with four full meals to put in the freezer for later. Brilliant!

First up, Ziti with sausage and peppers

Next up….chicken and pesto stuffed shells

then on to the spaghetti pie

and last but not least, chicken enchiladas!

This was the total result of our three hour labor session

Not bad for three or so hours of work. And sadly that is NOT my kitchen. BOO.

After all that awesome cooking you would think we would be inspired to go home and make an awesome home made delicious lunch right?

C’mon, I think not.

Chipotle. Yep. Hit the spot.

I don’t know how those burritos don’t bust open every time. Fo’ realz.

In addition to all this awesome stuff we got done today, this is what it looked like outside.

Gorg. It was like summer. Which means I think it hit 60. We wanted to lay out. Vitamin D does funny things to you.

Do you like tuna? (We have lots if you need some)

Have you ever been to a freezer party?