Yogurtland fail, golf win and GUACAMOLE

Weeeelllll the five miles on Friday didn’t happen. Just plain ran out of time.  BUT this happened which isn’t so bad.


Yes, that would be seventeen whole seconds less than my last run (for 5k distance). SOOO close to getting under 42 I can almost smell it. And then 40 isn’t far behind. Never thought I’d be so excited to get to 40. BOOM! Play on words, hope it made sense.

This run (although good time-wise) hurt. My hamstrings were super duper deluxe tight from Wednesday’s Bikram session and my shins were hurting every single time I ran. My ankles were kind of hurting too. I haven’t really had this problem before and I am really wondering if it has something to do with the new shoes. I’m really unsure what to do. Does it just take a while to break them in or since I don’t really feel great when I run do I just know automatically that they are wrong? What to do, what to do….#firstworldproblems

After I ran I picked up the Tobesters from the groomer.

Cin toby

The rest of the weekend included some of this:


Baby Shower


A beautiful afternoon by the lake


Some spa time (more on that later)


Look what we found!!!


I was ready to move to California b/c I thought that was the only state that this existed. Not sure how I didn’t realize there was one about 10 min from my work? Either way, I was SLIGHTLY (don’t hate me yogurtland-lovers) disappointed. They had lots of yummylicious flavors, but they had like ZERO nut options. Nuts are my #1 topping for yogurt, so I was pretty disappointed. They did have a little jar of peanuts so I added those even those are my least favorite of all the nuts. Red velvet and pistachio were underneath there. They were both top notch.


Impromptu dinner that I threw together. Yes, the yogurt happened BEFORE dinner.


Chicken and garlic sausage, green bell peppers, spaghetti sauce, pasta, stir and add a little motz to finish. Not to shabs.


Church and lunch and then….

Screen Shot 2012 03 04 at 8 37 39 PM

While it felt (read: chamois insert) a little awkward, no one seemed to care. SCORE. It was a double decker range. DOUBLE SCORE.




Reason #841 why I love this guy.

To end out the weekend, all I wanted was to eat guacamole?? So I whipped up a batch of my famous guac. If you haven’t had it yet, I’m sorry. You haven’t lived yet. And now I share this awesomeness with you. It’s pretty complicated, so get out some pen and paper.


Cinnamons famous Guacamole

  • However many avocado’s you want
  • Garlic Salt to taste
  • 1 or 2 cans of diced green chilies (Hatch is from New Mexico so its hands down the best) depending on how many avocados you use

In this bowl were four small avocados. I just cut them into relatively small pieces and then mash them with a fork by hand. Saves cleaning any sort of processor.  I always add the GS and the chilies according to taste so there are no exact measurements with this one. It’s plain and simple and always gets rave reviews at parties. Try it, you won’t be disappointed (like me sans nuts at Yogurtland)

What do you think I should do about my shoes?

Is there a Yogurtland by you? Do they have nuts there?

Do you like guac?

Bikram aftermath and pot roast

I woke up at five this morning for two reasons:

1) I had a pounding headace

2) I felt like the Sahara desert had invaded my body

Even though I hydrated like crazy last night after I got home, my body apparently is just not used to sweating that much. I got up, peed (I know, TMI) and then drank about 32 oz of water. I knew the headache would go away once I re-hydrated (and it did.)

I went back to sleep and then got up around 6:30 and was feeling much better. I got ready and headed into work and stopped for a perfect oatmeal. Wanna know why it’s perfect?


B/c it fits perfectly on top of my coffee mug! So when I am making my way from my car to elevator #1, heavy door #1 and then and elevator #2, I can balance it perfectly on top and still have one hand free to deal with all the badge-ing in to to the doors and elevators. Perfect indeed.

Throughout the day, my neck and hamstrings became progressively more sore. I understand my hamstrings since we did quite a bit of bending over, but not sure about the neck. Maybe from holding my hands above my head for long periods of time? Or from putting my body in all sorts of poses it hasn’t really ever been in before? No it couldn’t be that. I must have slept wrong. 🙂


I decided to get crazy and make a pot roast in the slow cooker tonight. I looked up a few different recipes on various websites and basically settled on this:

around 2-3 lb pot roast (give or take)
1 can cream of mushroom and garlic soup
1 1/2 can of water (I just used the soup can)

leave in slow cooker all day on low

I had NO IDEA how this would come out b/c I have never made a piece of meat like this before.  I was afraid the top was going to get all dried out. Alas, I was wrong. I know, its shocking, but it does happen from time to time.

When I got home I threw some carrots and potatoes in the juice and let them sit in there until Paul came home. Then I blanched some asparagus and made gravy out of the juice. I heard Martha Stewart is interested in interviewing me about my domestic goddess-ness, I’m not sure if I will accept or not.


I like my asparagus with a smidge of butter and some garlic salt. We actually use garlic salt a LOT, but you couldn’t tell from this container


I’m pretty sure we got this right about when we got married. One of our first Costco trips. So that would be about 9 months ago. Even though we use it all the time, it still obviously isn’t depleting very fast. At this rate we will have it for at least another 5 years. That could be a problem based on the expiration date.


Then I noticed the nutrition facts and it made me LOL. ALL sodium. Duh, its garlic SALT dummy.


I chose NOT to run today b/c of my sore-ness and the fact that I pretty much can’t move my neck. BUT I have 4-5 miles planned for tomorrow. FIVE WHOLE MILES!! Not sure how that will go. For some reason I am interested in torturing myself this week.