Spa day: Men vs. Women

The first time Paul and I went to the spa was for his birthday last year. I had a Groupon (of course) for half off facials. So I booked us for that plus massages. I love birthday presents that benefit you as much as the receiver. #selfish.

We went to a swanky spa in swanky Kirkland. We have been back there twice since then (apparently they love offering Groupons) and every time we notice something new about how they totally cater to women as opposed to men.

Our evidence:

Exhibit A:

Greeter to me: “Hi, let me show you where to go, and how to work the lock and explain the awesome bathroom to you” with a giant smile

Greeter to Paul: “Hi, how are you? Do you know where to go? Yes? Great, see ya”

Exhibit B: 

Greeter to me while showing me awesome bathroom: “Can I get you a water or tea? Yes? Ok perfect, I will leave it in the relaxation room with a napkin over it.”

I get to the relaxation room and Paul is there with his glass of water. That he had to get himself.

Exhibit C: 

What the womens bathroom looks like:

What Paul says the mens bathroom looks like:

Exhibit D: 

The lockers in the womens bathroom have keyless locks. All you have to do is remember any four digit code and viola! You are golden.

Paul’s description of the locker (yes, locker not lockers, ) in the mens bathroom.

Exhibit E: 

Women get nice, comfy cotton slippers

Paul gets boring plastic-y, uncomf slippers

Exhibit F:
Everyone gets chocolate covered strawberries, but somehow Paul’s had a hair in it? They couldn’t have planned THAT could they???

The services themselves are equal. Although Paul will never get a facial again after all the horrid extractions that made him cry. I cried from mine too, so we know they weren’t just trying to torture him b/c he is a dude.

buuuuut, this is what you end up with, so it’s pretty worth the tears

I got some big payback though for being a woman during our last visit a few weekends ago. I lost part of my awesome necklace down the drain. Sadness. I love this necklace. It has three charms, one says “W” one says “P&C” and one said “6.10.11” (our wedding date). I was putting my necklace on over the sink and it slipped out of my hands and 6.10.11 went sliding right down the drain.

(could I look more like a weird ugly fish? I think not)

I did get to shower off in a 18 head shower and sit in the sauna so I guess we are even?