I got a PR and am so MAD! (and protein shake)

Wanna know why I am SO MAD!! I ran my 3.1 miles today in 41:28 and I didn’t get a picture to prove it!!!!


41:28 is a 34 second “treadmill” PR. I was all excited about being in the forty one’s and I hit stop but couldn’t tell if it actually stopped, so I hit it again and it cleared the treadmill!!! ARRRGHHHH! I was so upset. BUT not enough to ruin my moment. This was a great run. It felt GREAT. I felt rested, strong, energized and excited to run. Nothing hurt while I was running and my breathing was spot on. One of those runs that you wish they could all be like.

This was my strategy:

mile 1
alternated running 2 min and walking 1:30

mile 2
alternated running 2:30 min and walking 1:30

mile 3
alternated running 3 min and walking 1:30

sprinted last .10 of a mile

All runs were at 5.0 (12 mile pace) and walking at 3.5 with the exception of the last sprint which I did at 6.2

During mile 3 I ran a few times for 4 minutes b/c I just felt like I could run longer so I did. It felt GREAT.

One thing that I do think contributed….look who’s back…..

Shoes reebok

I was just not liking my new shoes. I think I might be kicked out of girl-dom b/c what girl says that??? I realized that I was dreading runs b/c I didn’t want to run in them. And then I woke up and realized that I don’t HAVE to run in them. I know, shocker right? I do have other shoes and can run in those. So I did. I DO think that I probably shouldn’t be running all the time in these shoes, so I’m going to take the Saucony’s back and see what I can find that is somewhere in the middle of lightweight and stability. With the amount of choices they have I am sure they will have something that feels right.


Don’t be fooled, I look all sweet and happy, but inside I was wanting to kick that stupid treadmill for resetting on me. Doesn’t it know I have a blog to write and I need pictures. Sheesh!!

Yesterday I made the yummiest protein shake. I have found that if I have one of these in the morning I stay full for a looooooong time. And the best part is I can drink it on my loooooooong commute so it saves me time. Why I have never thought of this before beats me, but its one (of the many) reason that I enjoy reading healthy living/running blogs b/c I find awesome ideas like this!

Protein shake smoothie

I get a little crazy with them. I just want to add everything. So I do.

In this one went:

1/2 cup 2% milk
1/2 cup 0% non-fat plain Chobani
1 banana
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 spoonful of Adams peanut butter
1 easy spoonful of chia seeds
as much ice as I want for volume and chill

Then I top with whatever berries we have at the time. Right now we have awesome raspberries and blueberries


One day I will have awesome lighting in my house and my pics will win prizes. Until then, you get this. Sigh.

Race Recap: Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k

Did my first virtual 5k thanks to The Boring Runner and it was epic!!

If you don’t know what a virtual race is you should be ashamed of yourself (just like I didn’t up until about a month ago) its basically where a blogger hosts a virtual race and everyone who wants to participate just does the race on their own and then reports back on the experience. You can pretty much do it whenever and where ever you want as long as it is the general timeframe of when it’s being held.

This sounded like a great plan to me so I signed up (great news, virtual races are FREE!) Running on the street outside doesn’t have to cost you $30+! HA!

I can say now that for the first time I actually feel like a runner.

I’m about to bust out some #runnerterms just to prove how runner-ish I am actually feeling.

Friday night we unintentionally #carb-loaded for dinner on the way to Paul’s work to find his wallet. (Don’t worry, we found it. But it was after I had to pay for dinner. Hmmmmm.) He forgets its all the same account. 

Then I unfortunately had some pretty serious #GIissues during the night so our planned run for the morning was thwarted until the afternoon.

We went to a friends house and built this

but decided we wanted to do an outside run and really freeze our thorns off instead of spending time on the #dreadmill.

We made our way to the Cedar River Trail but we had to wait to get started so I could #locatesatellites on my #Garmin405

We did a #downandback and turned around at 1.60 so we could have a .10 cool down before we got back to the car.

I ran the entire time until we turned around. When I say run I mean more like a jog/bounce but it wasn’t walking and that is all I cared about.

When we turned around I walked for .10 of a mile so I could blow the nose but then I wanted to get going again. I was bound and determined to get this thing done running the majority of the time.

My legs felt good. My breathing felt good. If I started to get a little uncomfortable, I backed off a little and slowed down. My goal wasn’t speed, it was consistency in finishing the whole thing without walking again.

Paul stuck with me the whole time. He did some #fartlek’s while I trudged along.  Husband of the year. It felt so good to have him there with me. He kept telling me how proud he was of me. It was very motivating. Sheesh I love that guy.

At about 2.80 I couldn’t believe it. I knew I could finish out the whole thing running. I wasn’t going to die. Bring on the #runnershigh.

Finished in 44:49 with an average pace of 14:29. Two minutes slower than the last 5k, but I feel like I walked at least half of that one so I am really proud of this one.

Even celebrated with a practice #snotrocket


Here are my #splits

Mile 1: 14.07
Mile 2: 15.25
Mile 3: 14.14

Slow as molasses, but seriously I don’t care.  I consider today the first day I really feel like a runner.

Next race is Feb 11th. Can’t wait to see what that one brings!

When did you first feel like a runner? (If you run of course) 🙂