Secrets and Sickness (update)

We are in Idaho.


Ok, Ok, that picture is not actually from Idaho, I think we were somewhere near Moses Lake when I took it, but I liked it and couldn’t think of a better way to get it included. I’m not that clever.

More details on why we are in Idaho later, but we are at a place that has a lot of significance for us as a couple. Mostly b/c of this:


ohhhh don’t you just love the suspense?!?!

Sickness update:

Most of the bronchial issues have subsided!! I can breath and talk again without immediately collapsing into a writhing coughing fit and convincing people who are pretty much 2 seconds away from calling an ambulance, “no, really I’m OK”.

The mornings are still pretty rough. Lots of time for all of that slimy mucus to just set up an apartment in my chest and nose and invite all of their friends and family over for a BBQ. When I wake up in the morning its EVICTION time and it’s really not pleasant for anyone. BUT, every day is better and better and easier to kick all that non-rent-paying mucus us to the curb never to return again.

In other nail-biting news…I’m turning into a fancy schmancy self-hosted blogger on Monday. There (crossing-fingers) shouldn’t be any difference to those of you who miraculously (and I am incredibly thankful for that miracle) come and visit my little spot on the web. However, if you notice any issues, please feel free to let me know.

Till then…I hope your weekend is filled with laughter, fun and a little something else that starts with Hunger and ends with Games. I know mine will be!